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Animal Personalities Can Shape Ecosystems •

A new study published in the journal Borders of ecology and environment discovered that individual organisms have different personalities that shape their ecological roles and therefore their contributions to ecosystem services. Understanding how animal personality affects processes such as pollination, seed dispersal, pest species regulation, or ecotourism can provide management guidance for ecologists to maximize […]

Elisa Loncon Antileo wants Chile to prioritize its ecosystems

AAlong with our thirst for fossil fuels, the destruction of nature by man has triggered the climatic and ecological crises that today threaten our life on this planet. A major goal for COP26 delegates is to improve the relationship of humans with nature: restore forests and wetlands to absorb more carbon; slow the loss of […]

Alongside climate change, COP26 must respond to the crisis of ecosystems

Photo: Pixabay/Nordseher The upcoming COP26, which is due to take place from October 31 to November 12, will focus on global carbon emissions and the daunting challenges of keeping the global temperature rise to a manageable level. It’s already a lofty goal, but delegates gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, and their British hosts are also expected […]

Amazon ecosystems and peoples on the brink – time for a new vision (commentary)

Mercedes Bustamante – professor at the University of Brasilia, member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and lead scientist of the Scientific Panel for the Amazon – says the world must announce a “red code” for the Amazon due to growing threats against the largest rainforest in the world. Bustamante cites evidence gathered in a […]

Environmental justice discourse stresses importance of equity ecosystems The Badger Herald

The intersection of equitable ecosystems and social justice takes on increasing importance as the climate crisis deepens. Jalonne L. White-Newsome, CEO and Founder of Empowering A Green Environment and Economy, understands the importance of these intersections as a strong advocate for environmental justice. White-Newsome brought his perspective to the University of Wisconsin Arboretum Virtual Conference […]

Pre-COVID noise levels can be harmful to plants and animals

At the end of September, 22 animals and one plant officially joined the growing list of extinct species – with most extinctions due to human interference in their lives. And as a biologist specializing in sound and hearing, I wondered if the noise that we humans add to the planet plays a role in the […]

A dive in time to study the evolution of ecosystems

Editor’s note: Arizona State University photographer and videographer Deanna Dent recently joined researchers from the Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center on a trip to southern Arizona, where they collected insects after a heavy monsoon. Here’s what she learned. This year may well be one of the wettest southern Arizona monsoons in recorded history, and that has […]

‘Double standards’: Australia fails to protect ecosystems while supporting global diversity goal | Biodiversity

According to new research, more than 1,500 of Australia’s unique terrestrial and marine ecosystems are not represented in any of the country’s protected areas. The study, by WWF-Australia, comes as countries gather this week for the first leg of the UN biodiversity conference, hosted by China in Kunming. The talks aim to set new goals […]

A new method for predicting the response of ecosystems to marine heat waves developed by an international collaboration — ScienceDaily

Marine heat waves, driven by climate change, are becoming more frequent and intense around the world. Although we know that heat waves kill marine organisms and have devastating effects on ecosystems, there is currently no way to predict these effects or to help ecosystems adapt. An international team of marine scientists from Hong Kong, Japan […]

Parasites may gross us out, but they hold ecosystems together

Many people are completely repelled by parasites, and few would intentionally share their bodies with one. The word “parasite” alone – which comes from the Greek for “to feed on the side” – is enough to give you goosebumps. But parasitism deserves more respect as an “exceptionally successful form of life,” says Jimmy Bernot, an […]