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Playing recordings of a healthy ocean can help restore marine ecosystems | Innovation

A growing body of work shows that marine animals are attracted to the sounds of healthy environments. Giovanni Gagliardi/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images In 2016, Stephen Simpson, a marine biologist at the University of Bristol in England, returned to a study site off Australia’s Lizard Island, part of the Great Barrier Reef. Back-to-back cyclones […]

How heat waves distort ecosystems

Bleached kelp on San Juan Island, Washington during this summer’s heat dome. (Courtesy of Robin Fales) During this summer sweltering heat wave, Robin Fales patrolled the same stretch of shoreline on Washington’s San Juan Island every day at low tide. The stench of decaying sea life increased as temperatures hit triple digits – around 30 […]

How many Minnesota plants and animals can survive in small pockets of old growth forests?

Minnesota’s great lime and sugar maple forests have been cut into smaller and smaller pockets over the past 150 years. The “Big Woods” that once ruled the state are long gone, divided into hundreds of parks and reserves. There are still vestiges of the old forest that have never been mined, or at least have […]

family life | Master Gardener: Plants and Animals Prepare for Winter |

The growing season is drawing to a close and winter is upon us. Nature prepares for winter when the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler. The metabolism of woody trees and shrubs slows down. Water absorption (necessary for photosynthesis) will not be possible when the ground freezes. The leaves of deciduous plants fall off […]

Invasive species threaten fragile Antarctic ecosystems • The Revelator

We tend to think of Antarctica as remote and remote – biologically speaking, that’s true. But the continent is busier than you probably imagine, with many national programs and tour operators criss-crossing the globe to get there. And every ship, every cargo, and every person could harbor non-native species, hitchhiking to head south. This threat […]

How heat waves are warping ecosystems (the lasting legacy of a temperature spike) — High Country News — Know the West

After the Northwest’s “heat dome” this summer, scientists are looking for signs of ecological ruin – or resilience. A kelp bed on San Juan Island photographed a month before the heat dome. Courtesy of Robin Fales A kelp bed on San Juan Island photographed on the second day of the heat dome. Courtesy of Robin […]

Independent digital ecosystems are the future of wealth management

Ask any advisor and they’ll tell you that the biggest complaint they have about their technology solutions is that they don’t work well together and therefore require manual intervention throughout their processes and workflow. For this reason, many businesses lack capacity, cannot scale, and leave growth opportunities on the table. It’s not a new phenomenon […]

Invasive Species Threaten Antarctica’s Fragile Ecosystems as Human Activity Grows and the World Warms

We tend to think of Antarctica as remote and remote – biologically speaking, that’s true. But the continent is busier than you probably imagine, with many national programs and tour operators criss-crossing the globe to get there. And every ship, every cargo, and every person could harbor non-native species, hitchhiking to head south. This threat […]

Growing forests can help heal tropical aquatic ecosystems: study | News | Eco-Enterprise

Scientists have long identified a link between livestock production and deforestation, with extensive research showing the detrimental effect of agricultural activities on natural resources. However, little is known about the impact of these practices on water microbial communities – the tiny organisms that maintain water quality by cycling nutrients and energy. A new study published […]

Young forests can help heal tropical aquatic ecosystems: study

Microbial communities are important indicators of ecological degradation in the tropics, often reflecting levels of disturbance and contamination of rivers and streams. To monitor the ecological status of various waterways in central Panama, researchers from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) assessed the impact of various land uses, such as livestock grazing and secondary forest. […]

These ecosystems could determine our climate future: study

Natural stores of climate-warming carbon are crammed into a small percentage of Earth’s land, according to a new study that identifies the ecosystems humanity must protect to avoid climate catastrophe. The study, published today in the journal Nature Sustainability, found that half of Earth’s ‘unrecoverable carbon’ – defined as carbon that, if emitted into the […]

Carbon reservoirs: three quarters of crucial ecosystems are not protected

Ecosystems such as forests and peatlands are vital stores of carbon, but less than a quarter of these areas globally have protected status Earth November 18, 2021 By Chen Ly A map from a new study showing the locations of ‘sunk carbon’ around the world Monica L. Noon et al. (2021) Only 23% of Earth’s […]

Florida farmers protect natural resources and diverse ecosystems

By Cacee Hilliard @FlaFarmOffice Environmental stewardship is the beating heart of Florida’s Suwannee Valley. Home to the most freshwater springs in the nation, the Suwannee Valley encompasses more than 15 Florida counties and includes the largest agricultural area in the state. For more than 20 years, the Florida Farm Bureau, in cooperation with the Suwannee […]

University of Idaho scientists study energy flow in ecosystems using the role of the Tasmanian devil | Idaho

MOSCOW – Researchers at the University of Idaho are studying the influence of Tasmanian devils on ecosystems. As an apex predator and scavenger, and one of the world’s few bone-consuming carnivores, devils play a vital role in Tasmania’s island ecosystem by recycling essential nutrients back into the soil. These nutrients, including phosphorus and nitrogen, would […]

Building Strong Partner Ecosystems in a Saturated Market

Research shows that modern businesses across all industries can benefit from investing in partner ecosystems, especially as customers expect new products and services. A well-rounded partner program can help businesses increase sales, reach new customer segments, improve existing services, and gain invaluable expertise. However, despite the growing presence of partner ecosystems, an analysis of 57 […]

How Habitat Protection Can Help North Carolina’s Coastal Communities, Fish, and Ecosystems

More rain falling on weathered landscapes. As climate change brings ever-increasing rainfall, the changes people have made to the environment (paving of surfaces, draining of wetlands and clearing of forests) are causing low-lying areas to flood and rivers to overflow. streams, rivers and sounds. Riparian ecosystems that could naturally handle smaller amounts of water are […]

New global mapping analysis identifies major exposure hotspots with unprecedented resolution

A high-resolution mapping analysis, the first of its kind, estimates the amounts of nitrogen and pathogens released to coastal ecosystems from human sewage sources worldwide. Cascade Tuholske (now affiliated with the Columbia Climate School) and colleagues at the University of California, Santa Barbara present this research in the open access journal PLOS ONE November 10, […]

Today, only African reserves show herbivore biomass matching crop production — ScienceDaily

Biological research has repeatedly demonstrated that the relationship between producer and consumer is governed by a law of scale. An international research team has now looked into the possibility of replicating this law of nature in the relationship between the production of plants in an area and the number of large herbivores that browse on […]

Large herbivores must be restored to balance ecosystems •

Ecosystems structured around the relationship between animals and the plants they eat are becoming unbalanced with the disappearance of large herbivores. A new study has found that there are not enough large wild herbivores left on our planet for these ecosystems to function properly. “Large herbivores provide key ecosystem processes, but have suffered massive historical […]

Whales are more important ecosystem engineers than previously thought

From 1910 to 1970, humans killed an estimated 1.5 million baleen whales in the freezing waters surrounding Antarctica. They were hunted for their fat, their baleen – the filtering fringe they have in place of their teeth – and their meat. One would assume that from the standpoint of krill – the tiny shrimp-like creatures […]

Plankton eaters play a key role in transferring offshore resources to coral reef ecosystems

A new analysis suggests that the movement of plankton and plankton-eating fish plays a central role in driving local peaks of extreme biological productivity in tropical coral reefs, creating ‘sweet spots’ of abundant fish. Renato Morais of James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, and colleagues present these findings in a study published November 2n/a in […]

5 Ways Climate Change Will Affect Plants and Animals • The Revealer

Warming temperatures, stronger storms and rising seas present a cascade of challenges that researchers are working to understand. Scientists have reminded us once again that when it comes to climate change, we are all in this together. A to study published last month in Natural climate change concluded that at least 85% of the world’s […]