Agents encouraged to go green this Friday for the climate…

Estate agents are encouraged to go green this Friday to raise awareness of the upcoming World Earth Day.

Jerry Lyons, who runs the Estate Agent Content Club (EACC), suggests agents wear something green to support the global environmental awareness event.

This World Earth Day will mark 50 years since its organizers have urged people to fight climate change and educate the public on ways to create a sustainable future.

Lyons says, “We can all do our part to fight climate change.

From what I see, real estate agencies are moving in the right direction in terms of operation and environmental policies.

“Something as simple as wearing something green on World Earth Day can get people thinking about ways to adapt their lifestyle to live more sustainable and eco-friendly lives. .

“It’s a huge issue that overshadows any local rivalry between agencies and one that we can pull together as an industry and a society to try and turn the tide before it’s too late.”

To help agents do their part, the EACC is offering a free marketing pack including a template article, editable images and a 10-point sustainability backing sheet to all agents who want to get involved.

Some agents are already making efforts to go green.

Taylor Gibbs, an independent estate agency in north London, has ditched its cars in favor of e-bikes for tours.

The decision was driven by the desire to adapt a more environmentally friendly mode of transport and the staff decided to go beyond electric cars and go further by choosing the bicycle as their main mode of transport. .

Zia Taylor, Director of Taylor Gibbs, says, “We all want to be more environmentally friendly and the decision to use e-bikes for our screenings has been welcomed by everyone at Taylor Gibbs.

“Eager to evolve towards as much environmental consciousness as possible, we are all delighted with this transition.

“E-bikes won’t entirely replace car journeys, but it’s safe to say they will reduce costs and the time staff take to get to appointments.” It is also a good business decision associated with ecological benefits. Reduced pollution and traffic jams as well as health benefits are some of the many benefits of this change. »