Albanese reaffirms Australia’s commitment to act on climate change

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has written to the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change confirming Australia’s environmental commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Albanese transmitted the “improved“Target to reduce emissions by 43% by 2030.

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“We announced last December what our policy framework would be. At the time, we released the most comprehensive modeling of any policy by any opposition since federation,” he said. “What we haven’t done is set a goal and then figure out how to get there.”

“What we did was figure out what good policy looked like, and it turned out that it turned out to be a target of 43% by 2030. That companies are asking for is investment certainty.

The Prime Minister said Australia is now looking to the future:

“The problem with climate action is that it’s the short-term capital investment that’s needed, but then you get the long-term benefit because cheaper and more energy own flows well into the future”, Albanese told reporters.

“And that’s what sets Australia up for a prosperous future. A future powered by cleaner and cheaper energy, a future in which we make more things here, a future in which we participate in the global effort to meet the challenge of climate change but also seize the opportunity offers us to act on climate change”

Albanese boasted that international leaders had all welcomed Australia’s change of stance after a decade of neglect.

“Our modified position of 43%, up 17% to 15%, from the target of 26% to 28% has remained there since Tony Abbott determined it in 2015”

“What today’s presence of the Australian industry group, the Business Council of Australia, the Clean Energy Council, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and others who could not coming because the president and the leaders of the NFF are overseas but they are also supporting politics, this is an opportunity for Australia to end the climate wars,” the prime minister said.

The legislation is expected to be introduced when parliament sits in July.

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