Back to the real June weather

The heat and humidity are breaking and we are getting a much more normal end of June forecast today. But after a high of 95 degrees (our hottest of the year so far) and a heat index of 109 yesterday, things would be fine!

Temperatures start in the mid 60s under clear skies. We will warm to 82 at noon then peak at 85 this afternoon. Dew points will be in the 60s, so it barely looks “sticky” outside today.

Skies are mostly clear tonight and this is allowing the temperature to drop a bit more, down to 59 this evening.

Friday’s forecast is partly cloudy and a bit warmer with a high of 88 degrees. With extra dry air still in place, you won’t have to worry about humidity anymore!

The weekend forecast will be warmer as highs reach around 90 on both days. It is Sunday that we will have to take showers and thunderstorms into account. A cold front will move through this afternoon bringing scattered showers and thunderstorms. Since it will be hot and humid again, I wouldn’t rule out a low threat or severe weather again.

Jennifer Ketchmark

Sunday thunderstorms are back

Some clouds
Cooler, less humid
Low: 64

Quite sunny
Not as hot or humid
High: 85

Some clouds
Low: 60

Quite sunny
High: 88

Partly cloudy
Low: 65

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