BBC Weather: Britons will bask in the Easter weekend sunshine as the mercury climbs ahead of the bank holiday | Weather | News

As the nation looks forward to the Easter weekend ahead, BBC Weather has released forecasts for a ‘hot’ and ‘dry’ bank holiday. Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast she expected a “relatively balmy” start to the morning as the spring weather slowly begins to improve. Ms Kirkwood suggested temperatures on Tuesday afternoon could hit a high of 20C, a drastic improvement on recent storm warnings. Heading into the weekend, the weathercaster confirmed that most of the nation can expect to enjoy a ‘warm’ Easter holiday, but warned of showers and fog along parts coastal.

The BBC’s current weather forecast for the weekend described the Easter holidays as “dry and bright” for the majority of the UK.

However, Ms Kirkwood stressed that there is always a risk of “rain at times”, particularly for those planning to travel to coastal areas for the bank holiday.

She continued, “If you’re thinking of heading to the coast right now, it looks like there’s going to be quite a bit of low cloud, mist and fog.”

Areas along the country’s west coast and the Channel coast have been named as regions that are expected to experience less sunshine and grayer skies.

Ahead of the weekend, Ms Kirkwood described rain for much of the UK despite a largely “mild” and dry start to the day.

Rain covers much of the country as showers continue to “push north” and “come in across the southwest”.

Despite the rain moving north, Ms Kirkwood stressed that ‘the far north of Scotland’ can expect to stay dry as the region avoids wet weather.

As the rain progresses, the forecaster predicted the southwest would “clear up” in the afternoon and the southeast would enjoy “largely dry” weather.

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Sunny spells are expected to break through the clouds for the rest of the week as BBC Weather expressed hope for a continued temperature of 20C in the south.

Heading into the weekend, the North can also expect higher temperatures, with Edinburgh set to hit highs of 16C later in the week.

Coastal regions are expected to remain less bright with heavy clouds forecast along the west coast of the country.

Similarly, Northern Ireland is also expected to largely avoid sunny spells as Belfast is expected to hit highs of 15C over the weekend as conditions remain cloudy.