BBC Weather: Latest forecast shows heavy rain to follow extreme heat amid flood warning | Weather | New

According to the latest BBC weather forecast, heavy rain and thunderstorms will sweep across parched parts of England and Wales early next week. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings of intense thunderstorms and possible flooding following this weekend’s extreme heat wave. It comes just a day after an official drought was declared due to low water levels and dry conditions.

Eight parts of England, including Devon, Kent, East Anglia and Lincolnshire, are affected by the drought.

BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas pointed to a graph which shows London has not seen rain for 22 days, while Odiham in Hampshire has 43 days.

Looking ahead, she said: “We’re looking at a mostly dry weekend with no useful precipitation over the next two days where we could really do some.

“But there are some showers in the forecast for next week.”

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This weekend, temperatures will reach the mid-20s in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where low clouds will appear.

She added: ‘But elsewhere strong sunshine will push temperatures into the 30s in England and Wales, with 36C the high temperature in the South East today.’

The UK is in the throes of extreme heat, with amber warnings in place until Sunday for most of England and Wales.

However, Ms Keith-Lucas suggested a ‘hint that things are starting to change’ is on Sunday.