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After Mother Nature hit us with snow on Sunday and Monday, we received our second reminder of the season when winter arrives every year. Here in the Ohio Upper Valley, that usually means snow, icy roads, and driveways and sidewalks that need to be shoveled.

As we were cleaned up from the last storm, surely many households decided to be better prepared in terms of having shovels, salt and ice scrapers close at hand; and all the gloves, scarves and boots out of the closet.

But coming through our second winter when we were also in the midst of a pandemic, we learned other lessons – whether invoked due to illness or bad weather.

We now know that remote learning and working is possible – and for more people than we thought. Schools and businesses that were able to pivot to operate remotely at the start of the pandemic now have this capability at hand when needed again in other circumstances, such as when roads are unsafe for children. displacements.

When Belmont or Jefferson County are in a Level 2 snow emergency, as they were Sunday and Monday, it means the roads are dangerous and drivers are asked to stay off the roads. Employers now know that many of their employees can do their jobs remotely without putting themselves at risk. No one should have to worry about putting their life on the line to get the job done.

Meanwhile, as we saw on Monday, many of the employers whose businesses depend on in-person work have closed in the morning or during the day to keep their employees safe.

The storm was a good reminder to have a small stockpile of food and necessities in case it snows for a day or two. The same goes for water and medicine. Being prepared can help us avoid the shelf-clearing panic that some stores experienced last weekend.

We go through it every year, folks. We have a few months of winter ahead of us. We’ve learned a lot of lessons about staying safe and taking care of each other over the past year. Let’s remember them, so that Old Man Winter is a little less of a headache for all of us.

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