Canadian Coast Guard removes dangerous vessel to protect coastal ecosystems

The Canadian Coast Guard has announced that another large, dangerous vessel has been retired and no longer poses a threat to the marine environment, according to the Government of Canada statement.

The F/V Hydra Mariner was a 38 meter steel fishing vessel that ran aground at Wrights Cove near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in adverse weather conditions in January 2021. The vessel was assessed and found to be a risk of pollution for the environment.

Prior to removal operations, a contractor swept the site for unexploded ordnance left over from the Bedford Magazine explosion in 1945. Once the site was deemed safe, another contractor removed any salvageable pollutants of the ship, prepared the site for operations and began dismantling the ship on site.

Marine Recycling Corporation has been awarded the contract to dismantle and remove the F/V Hydra Mariner following a competitive bidding process. The dismantled vessel was transported to the company’s recycling facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia for proper disposal.

In adverse weather conditions on January 16-17, 2021, the F/V Hydra Mariner broke away from its mooring and ran aground on the east side of Navy Island at Wrights Cove near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia .

In May 2022, the Canadian Coast Guard issued a Request for Proposals seeking contractors capable of safely eliminating the pollution threat posed by the F/V Hydra Mariner. This process ended on May 30, 2022.

Following a fair and competitive tendering process, a contract has been awarded to the Marine Recycling Corporation of Nova Scotia for the dismantling and safe removal of F/V Hydra Mariner from Wrights Cover. Marine Recycling Corporation is a marine company specializing in ship recycling. The contract is valued at $1,737,100.00 million.

The Canadian Coast Guard is the agency responsible for responding to ship-source pollution and pollution threats in Canadian waters.

Canada follows the “polluter pays” principle. This means that the polluter is responsible for the costs of the damage caused by his pollution.