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Greenwashing is driving our descent into climate catastrophe. But we can stop it | Emma Thompson

gTrips to Ondola are an integral part of visiting Venice for those who can afford the high tourist prices, but I went a bit off-script on a recent visit and chose a different but equally iconic. We Are Here Venice, an NGO that promotes the preservation of a city deeply affected by climate change and […]

Ryan Tedder says climate crisis stress is ‘costing me sleep’

One Republic star Ryan Tedder has said the climate crisis is one of the things keeping him up at night. In a recent interview on the Australian Podcast Smallzy Surgery, the prolific songwriter and producer spoke about “I Ain’t Worried,” the hit single he wrote for Top Gun: Maverick. After discussing topics like independent sensibilities […]

Climate, collectors blamed for decline of succulents in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG — Climate change and rare plant collectors are decimating succulents in South Africa, government researchers said on Wednesday, warning that hundreds of these hardy species are at risk of extinction. According to the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), a government research body, succulents that grow in semi-arid regions of the country are experiencing […]

Chubb, Aviva, Allianz – InsuranceNewsNet

New Jersey, United States — (SBWIRE) — 07/29/2022 — A latest intelligence report released by WADA Research with the title “Climate Change and its Insurance Market Outlook to 2027. A detailed study accumulated to offer the latest insights into the acute characteristics of global climate change and its Insurance Market. This report provides a detailed […]

Rich countries have broken their climate finance pledge, says OECD – POLITICO

Rich countries have broken their key climate promise to developing countries, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development confirmed on Friday. In 2009, high-income countries pledged to provide $100 billion a year by 2020 to help poorer countries reduce emissions and prepare for the effects of global warming. An OECD report on Friday found they […]

Last year’s weather signals climate change even if it wasn’t remarkable, says Met Office | Climate News

There was nothing exceptional about the overall weather in 2021 in the context of climate change, according to the Met Office. Annual temperature, precipitation and sunshine were all close to normal over the past two decades, it said in its annual weather review from the previous year. Still, it was “unremarkable” because “our perception of […]

There is an alternative to disruptive climate protest | Letters

Regarding John Harris’s article (Gossip about climate skeptics is not enough – disruptive protest now seems the only way forward, July 24), it is true that disruptive protest has been invaluable in breaking the crushing stalemate in which mainstream environmental activism got stuck I am proud to have helped launch Extinction Rebellion (XR), which, along […]

BBC Tory debate: Viewers outraged at treatment of climate change issue

VIEWERS were fumed by the BBC’s handling of climate change issues during Monday’s debate between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. Both prime minister candidates faced questions on a wide range of topics from Russia’s war in Ukraine to the economy, taxation, their stance on China, to Truss’ ears. However, many viewers on social media have […]

Climate change will cause migration to Alachua County

Faced with bad news, how do you find hope? The proposed answer is “building a community”. A meeting last month, sponsored by the Interfaith Community of Gainesville, focused on the inevitable impacts of climate change in North Central Florida. The message is that knowing what will happen prepares us to act effectively. Community members from […]

Mother Nature in deep agony, climate crisis may endanger planet’s future: President Kovind in his farewell speech

Outgoing President Ram Nath Kovind, in his farewell address to the nation on Sunday, said “Mother Nature” is in agony and the climate crisis may endanger the future of this planet. President Kovind also said he was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and advised by former President Pranab Mukherjee. “Mother Nature is in agony and the […]

Extreme heat warnings in effect for 28 US states | Climate crisis

The National Weather Service has warned that extreme heat will affect more than 100 million people in the United States this week, with triple-digit temperatures in some states and breaking temperature records in many parts of the country. “Above normal temperatures will continue to prevail across much of the United States through the end of […]


Whether or not you personally believe in climate change is not the issue… the truth is that our children are gravely concerned about it. Viselman is the executive producer of the incredibly timely and imperative new children’s series, MeteoHeroes, the definitive climate education series, already streaming in 145 countries and 22 languages. The MeteoHeroes are […]

New Hawaii Climate Commission Coordinator Announced

COURTESY SERVICE OF THE TERRITORY AND NATURAL RESOURCES Lea Laramee Leah Laramee, who served as Acting Coordinator of the National Commission on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, has officially assumed the role of Coordinator. Laramee took the coordinator job on Monday, the state Department of Lands and Natural Resources said in a news release […]

UK climate chief could quit amid divisiveness over target – Newspaper

LONDON: Britain’s climate minister has indicated he may quit as some Tory leadership candidates waver over the government’s net zero target, ahead of a close televised debate and final rounds of MP ballots this week. COP26 President Alok Sharma’s intervention came as a poll of grassroots conservative members, who will have the final say on […]

New climate protest group vandalizes university research centers

It wasn’t a drill that smashed the glass entrance to the BP Institute with hammersThis is not an exercise A new climate protest group damaged three Cambridge University research centers last week, blaming “the failure of governments and businesses to bring about change”. The new group, called “This is not a drill”, smashed glass windows […]

Write For Earth: Cambridge students doing their part to raise climate awareness

Young people often talk about climate change; the students behind Write For Earth also want to do their partLi-An Lim / Unsplash Climate change, like all socio-environmental issues, is a people-centred problem. It has caught the attention of scientists and policy makers. The academic sphere abounds with articles focused on the climate crisis – there […]

Climate Activists Demand More From State Lawmakers Following EPA Supreme Court Ruling – Waging Nonviolence

Embed from Getty Images On the last day of a consecutive mandate, the Supreme Court has destroyed the federal government’s ability to fight climate change. Hours later, a crowd of New York climate activists gathered in Manhattan’s Foley Square to denounce the June 30 court ruling — and shine a light on state lawmakers’ inaction […]

As climate change hampers Somalia’s path to peace, communities hold the key – Somalia

Bilcil, July 13, 2022 – “He was killed while looking for firewood,” said Abdi, a resident of the drought-stricken town of Bilcil, Somalia. “People fight for trees.” The young man from the village of Abdi was a schoolteacher whose livestock died due to the country’s current drought – the most severe in recent history. He […]

Climate Change in Malaysia – CodeBlue

The UN Secretary General described the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on April 5, 2022 as “a litany of unfulfilled climate promises”, and reminded the world that it is “on the fast track to climate catastrophe”. The Malaysian government has not provided much information on the effects of climate change in […]

Could climate change help unfreeze relations between Beijing and Canberra?

Beyond the persistent sources of tension, new and serious obstacles to the relationship are looming. Loading In addition to the new review of the 99-year lease of the port of Darwin by the Chinese company Landbridge, there is the lingering possibility that the Australian government will reject a major Chinese investment. Then there is the […]

Mitigating the damage caused by record weather events

In just five years, climatologists predict that it may be too late to reverse the devastating effects of climate change. Is this the worst case scenario? Hopefully, but it’s a sign of the challenges we face as a global society. Psychologically, humanity is excellent at dealing with immediate and quick threats. We see a paintbrush […]

Climate change could boost UK wine production •

Over the past two decades, climate change has contributed to significant growth in the UK vineyard – with over 800 vineyards at present – and award-winning wine production. Building on the latest climate projections, a team of researchers led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Vinescapes Ltd have now mapped the potential for […]

Candidates from the Volusia region debate abortion and climate change

DAYTONA BEACH — Volusia County’s Tiger Bay Club promised “A night of political fireworks,” and while the six mini-debates — one-minute intros and three two-minute questions — between the candidates for the Congress and the Volusia County school board candidates remained civilians, a few rockets were thrown and their eyes raised. Here are some highlights. […]

António Guterres: The Caribbean is “Ground Zero” for the global climate emergency – English version

The reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a huge protected area covering around 11% of the national territory, is renowned for its mountains and endless biodiversity – some believed to be unknown – and remains mostly inaccessible and unaffected by human activity. From above, the rainforest canopy was painted countless shades of green, with […]

Outdoor tennis could be the first big casualty of climate change in sport

When Rafael Nadal played his first round at Wimbledon on Thursday, the heat index was considerably lower than it could be in 2050, when July in London could feel like 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images The impending retirements of Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal – combined winners of 65 major singles titles […]

Climate data links devastating floods to record rains

Water is eroding the land of Chitri village of Nabinagar West union in Brahmanbaria as the mighty Meghna river continues to devour the agricultural lands and farms in the area. — Focus Bangla photo Extreme rainfall over a wide region stretching from northeast Bangladesh to its adjacent upstream areas across the Indian border was the […]

Leaking methane is harmful to children, the climate and the economy [column] | Local voices

Pennsylvania is the second largest producer of natural gas in the country. Natural gas heats our homes and cooks our food, but it also has a cost — a very high cost. Methane, the main component of natural gas, is a very potent greenhouse gas that has a near-term warming potential far greater than that […]

Kerry: Despite setbacks at home, US must meet climate goals | PA power and politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said Friday that setbacks to President Joe Biden’s climate efforts at home have “slowed the pace” of some of other countries’ commitments to cut fossil fuels. that destroy the climate, but he insisted that the United States would do it. achieve its own ambitious climate goals on […]

Young street protesters turn to climate ‘villains’

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more than 6 million people took to the streets in 2019 as part of the mass Fridays for Future protests, aimed at forcing governments and businesses to act faster to reduce emissions and curbing climate change. But while the protests have raised public awareness of climate threats, the institutional response […]

John Farrell named the Post’s first climate and weather news video editor

Placeholder while loading article actions Announcement from Editorial Video Director Micah Gelman, Breaking News Senior Producer Nicki DeMarco and Supervising Video Producer Sarah Parnass: We are delighted to announce that John Farrell will become The Post’s first climate and weather news video editor. In this role, John will work closely with the Climate, Weather and […]

Climate change: Current government policy will miss net zero target, report warns | Climate News

According to a new report, the government’s existing policies will fall short of its flagship goal of net zero carbon emissions. The warning was issued by the Climate Change Committee, an independent body charged with assessing the government’s plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Committee chairman Lord Deben said: “The UK is a […]

Climate engagement at christening services a step too far for some

(Photo: Unsplash/Kaleb Tapp) The Bishop of Oxford’s decision to introduce a new question into initiation services in response to what he called “the environmental and climate crisis” is proving controversial. Bishop Steven Croft announced at the Diocesan Synod in Oxford on June 11 that he was allowing a new question for candidates for Baptismal and […]

“How is the G7 different from Putin? asks Ukrainian climate activist – POLITICO

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany — If the G7 really cared about the future, Ukraine or anywhere else, they wouldn’t be scrambling to fund new sources of fossil fuels. That’s the message young climate activist Ilyess El Kortbi brought from Kharkiv, Ukraine, to the G7 in Germany’s pine-covered Bavarian Alps. For El Kortbi, fighting for the future has […]

Climate change activist blocks Sydney Harbor Tunnel causing major traffic delays

A number of streets across Sydney, including the Sydney Harbor Tunnel, were blocked off by climate activists this morning. Police have been forced to respond to reports that a climate activist blocked the southbound lane of the Sydney Harbor Tunnel this morning. The 22-year-old Lismore woman blocked the road with her white car around 8am […]

Less talk, more action from the G7 on climate change – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article It is difficult to persuade developing countries to abandon coal while reopening your own coal-fired power plants. This is the dilemma facing the leaders of the wealthy industrialized countries of the G7 at their three-day summit which begins on Sunday. In the face of gas shortages and the […]

How climate change is making the fires worse

(The Hill) — Federal officials say climate change is intensifying droughts, leading to far worse wildfires than experts or models have predicted. This adds to the danger that accompanies one of the US Forest Service’s primary mitigation methods: prescribed burning. “The fires are beyond our models,” Forest Service Chief Randy Moore said in a statement […]

Small-cap veteran eyes economical ‘powerboats’ in tough climate

According to Amy Zhang of Algiers, companies benefiting from favorable trends, such as cybersecurity, healthcare and aerospace companies, still offer opportunities despite the difficult economic climate. The US small and mid-cap specialist, which was rated AAA by Citywire for most of 2019 and 2020, said Citywire Selector that companies with strong balance sheets and lower […]

Climate change is coming for the dairy industry

Higher average temperatures and more frequent heat waves are likely to occur due to climate change. This week, it is estimated that about 20% of people in the United States are experiencing temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, recent heat waves in India and Pakistan have claimed at least 90 lives and reduced agricultural yields […]

Canada to ban single-use plastics to fight climate change and pollution

Placeholder while loading article actions Canada will ban the manufacture and import of “harmful” single-use plastics by the end of the year, the government has said, in a sweeping effort to tackle pollution and climate change. Most plastic grocery bags, cutlery and straws would be banned, with some exceptions for medical needs, Canada’s Environment Ministry […]

Three tornadoes, record rainfall and scorching heatwaves trigger climate alarm in China – SupChina

Three tornadoes, record rainfall and scorching heatwaves trigger climate alarm in China – SupChina Jump straight to content Search any company based in China Search any company based in ChinaBeijingWeimeng ChuangkeBeijing SohuBaozunTuniu CorporationGenetron ManagementCanton RailwayCNOOCTrip to ShanghaiGuangdong Hybribio BiotechOcean-scale investmentGuangshen RailwayVNET GroupSohuCITICJCET GroupGenetron HealthZhejiang Geely Holding GroupChina Development Bank International InvestmentCASILBYD automaticBeiGene (Beijing)Beijing Pingxin Media […]

10,000 protesters join climate march through Rotterdam

Ten thousand climate demonstrators started a climate march through Rotterdam from the Binnenrotte on Sunday afternoon. After a short program on the podium in the square in front of the Markthal, the demonstrators left around 1.45 p.m. for a tour through the center of the Maasstad. The route will pass through the Blaak, the Coolsingel […]

Infertility, heart failure and kidney disease: how does climate change affect the human body?

Human pressures on the global environment are wreaking havoc on our planet, but they are also a growing threat to human health. Climate change is the ‘the greatest threat to human health in history’, much higher than risks posed by viruses and diseases. We need the same urgency to deal with climate change as when […]

The energy crisis, inflation, refugees and climate wars offer Albanians a choice: good policy or good policy?

On Thursday, Anthony Albanese and Energy Minister Chris Bowen formally updated Australia’s international commitment to its climate change action plan. This is now a 43% reduction in emissions by 2030, in line with the policy adopted by Labor in the election. They were observed by representatives of the business sector, relieved by the prospect of […]

Albanese reaffirms Australia’s commitment to act on climate change

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has written to the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change confirming Australia’s environmental commitments under the Paris Agreement. Albanese transmitted the “improved“Target to reduce emissions by 43% by 2030. Stay up to date with the latest news with The National Briefing – keep up to date […]

Commentary: Why climate clauses in contracts are a powerful tool to reach net zero

A civil servant brings legal documents to the High Court in London. REUTERS/Toby Melville Join now for FREE unlimited access to Register June 14 – The global community has spent decades debating our climate goals. We wondered if climate change was happening, what the targets should be, could they be achieved and who should […]

The United States fights climate disasters

Los Angeles (AFP) – Raging floods, devastating fires, powerful thunderstorms and a dangerous heat wave affecting a third of the population: the United States was beset by climate-related disasters on Tuesday. A series of slow-motion disasters grips the country as it enters summer, with warnings of misery for months to come in some areas. About […]

In the hottest city in the world, mothers are the first victims of climate change

Jacobabad in Pakistan reaches 51 Celsius (124 Fahrenheit) Women particularly vulnerable to oppressive heat – studies Pregnant women even more at risk, scientists warn Photo report WIDER IMAGE: JACOBABAD, Pakistan, June 14 (Reuters) – Heavily pregnant Sonari toils in the scorching sun in fields dotted with bright yellow melons in Jacobabad, which last month became […]

Editorial: Red states are hurting themselves by rejecting climate-conscious investment policies | Editorial

By the editorial board Big investment firms, including those managing billions of dollars in public servants’ retirement accounts, are being sanctioned by various state legislatures simply for refusing to place their investments in fossil fuel companies that contribute to global warming. climatic. Investment firms aptly describe these ventures as a long-term economic risk. But legislatures […]

Mahathir speaks on Pedra Branca, the rule of law and climate change at Oxford Union – Mothership.SG

Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has addressed Malaysian students at Oxford University for the second time. Mahathir addressed the issue of rule of law and used Pedra Branca as an example. He noted that the case of Pedra Branca, which he described as “a rock” […]

Climate change has made scorching heatwave in India and Pakistan ’30 times more likely’

Human-induced climate change has made the scorching heatwave that gripped parts of India and Pakistan 30 times more likely, scientists say. India and Pakistan have suffered extreme heat intermittently since March, which was the hottest in India since records began 122 years ago. Pakistan also reported record high temperatures. Climate experts have repeatedly warned that […]

Climate change is a military problem for the United States

Placeholder while loading article actions The US military has its hands full right now with a vicious war in Ukraine and US-China tensions over issues ranging from human rights to sovereignty over the South China Sea. But it cannot delay action to address climate change, the most persistent strategic threat we face. As a young […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The value of taking climate change advocacy beyond campus walls – The Cavalier Daily

I was inspired by the editorial board column urging the University to take greater institutional action in the fight against climate change. The Council rightly points out that while individual action is meaningful, “it is the institutions that are capable of bringing about the changes we so desperately need”. The University is indeed an important […]

Elon Musk addresses overpopulation ‘myth’ and climate alarmism

Elon Musk, in a series of tweets on Monday, reflected on the future of humanity and also advocated interstellar travel, saying humans are the “stewards of life”. In several tweets posted over the past two days, the Tesla CEO also spoke about his likes and dislikes about environmentalists. Earth could support many times its current […]

PM Modi to Host Climate Session with Sadhguru; Center to start the LiFE movement

Students take part in a yoga program organized to raise awareness about environmental cleanliness, on the eve of World Environment Day, in Moradabad on Saturday. (Photo PTI) The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment aka the Stockholm conference held in 1972 became the first global conference with the environment as its main agenda and […]

Race against time to prevent climate change crises like India’s

India has contributed little to climate change: Home to 18% of the world’s population, it has emitted only 3% of the greenhouse gases that warm the planet. But India is suffering from climate change. Over the past three months, a heat wave has devastated northern India and neighboring Pakistan. Temperatures exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s […]

‘No time to lose’: Climate change action is accelerating the cost of living crisis

Whanganui District Council has prioritized climate change over the cost of living crisis, voting to introduce home recycling and food waste collections. In two separate votes, councilors decided to introduce weekly collections despite a clear message from submissions that food waste collection was not wanted. The council received 284 official submissions on the proposal to […]

Governors see SEC climate disclosure proposal as unprecedented federal override | state government

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ComEd will conduct a study of the impact of climate change on the network

Image: ComEd Changing weather and climate conditions, including sustained wind, heat, flooding and icing, are expected to test the limits of today’s utility infrastructure. For the study, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is partnering with the Center for Climate Resilience and Decision Science at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and the Climate READi Initiative […]

Global crises could drive Africa to seek alternatives for climate finance

By AGGREY MUTAMBO The war in Ukraine and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic could lead African countries to seek alternative sources of financing for their clean energy projects. A new report from the African Development Bank (AfDB) shows that most African countries are recovering from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. However, tough […]

Carbon Dioxide Hits New Milestone and Continues to Impact Climate

Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) has reached a new milestone, mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests. This May, CO2 has reached 421 parts per million (ppm), which means that for every million molecules in the air, 421 are carbon dioxide. That probably seems like a tiny amount, but since […]

Gurugram School and Swedish Embassy Collaborate to Engage Young People in Climate Change Dialogue

The Swedish Embassy has partnered with a leading private school in Gurugram to engage young people in a dialogue on climate change, ahead of Stockholm+50, an international meeting on climate change and environmental protection. environment. To highlight the perspective of young people, Heritage International Xperiential Learning School invited selected students to participate in an interactive […]

A triumvirate of ministers will take part in the G7 climate, energy and environment ministerial meeting hosted by Germany to push for accelerated climate action and the clean energy transition

COP President Alok Sharma will represent the UK government along with Greg Hands, Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, and Zac Goldsmith, Minister for the Pacific and International Environment They will urge G7 member countries and the global community to accelerate the pace of delivering on their commitments under the Glasgow Climate Pact. G7 […]

10 climate change movies to watch in 2022

Discussions about climate change can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking. Therefore, addressing the issue in movies can help reach a wider audience and educate people who otherwise might not be interested in learning more about such a crucial topic. From older documentaries to the latest blockbusters, here’s a list of the best climate change movies […]

ExxonMobil loses bid to quash climate change lawsuit

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts’ highest court on Tuesday rejected a bid by ExxonMobil to dismiss a state lawsuit that accuses the oil giant of misleading the public about the role its fossil fuels in climate change. The 2019 lawsuit filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey alleges that Exxon launched an effort, “recalling the tobacco […]

Colin Barnett is right: Labor can’t deliver climate action while endorsing Scarborough, Beetaloo

Adam Bandt today called on Labor to listen to climate voters and refuse to open up the climate-destroying gas projects of Scarborough in Washington and Beetaloo in the NT. Former WA Premier Colin Barnett is reported today in the Australian Financial Review as saying: “But climate change is what people were talking about and Labor […]

Coldplay and Billie Eilish call for action on poverty and climate change

Coldplay and Billie Eilish are among those calling for an end to poverty and calling on leaders to tackle climate change. In an open letter published by Global Citizen, the stars called on world leaders to break down the barriers that have left millions of people around the world in poverty. The open letter addressed […]

Climate of conflict, the post-COVID return of Davos has plenty of plates

DAVOS, Switzerland — Davos — the hub of an elite annual gathering in the Swiss Alps — is back, more than two years after the coronavirus pandemic sidelined its business gurus, political leaders and activists from high flight. There is no shortage of pressing issues to be resolved for the annual meeting of the World […]

Woodside’s focus on fossil fuels could push our climate over the edge

Climate polluter Woodside is building its business strategy around the absurd notion that the very cause of the climate crisis should continue as part of the emergency response, writes David Ritter. THIS WEEK, a group of executives, politicians, lawyers and others gathered in Brisbane to discuss how to increase human suffering and accelerate the destruction […]

HSBC pushes to fire banker who discredited climate crisis warnings | HSBC

HSBC is under pressure to sack a senior responsible investment banker after a speech in which he called climate crisis warnings ‘unfounded’ and ‘strident’, shed light on flood risks majors and complained about having to spend time “looking at something that’s going to happen in 20 or 30 years”. The bank has since been forced […]

Climate change worsens heat wave in India by 100 times; Monsoon in Kerala next week; 6L affected by Assam floods

Read more Live weather updates: The chances of a record-breaking heat wave in northwest India and Pakistan in April and May have been made more than 100 times more likely due to climate change, a study by the UK Met Office has found. . The year 2010 saw the region’s highest combined average temperature in […]

DOE appeals to small businesses for clean energy and climate innovation projects

The Department of Energy has awarded $53 million to several small companies to develop clean energy materials and systems in support of the Biden administration’s net zero emissions goals. The DOE said Wednesday it would issue the funds through the department Small business innovation research and small business technology transfer programs. The proposals include a […]

Critical climate indicators broke records in 2021, says UN | Climate crisis

Critical global indicators of the climate crisis broke records in 2021, from rising oceans to levels of emissions trapping heat in the atmosphere, according to a UN report. The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said these were clear signs of humanity’s impact on the planet, which was having lasting effects. Extreme weather, which the […]

Iraq Sandstorm Photos Remind Netizens of What the Climate Crisis Looks Like

Iraqi skies have turned orange-red as the country faces its eighth sandstorm since mid-April. Intense weather conditions caused by global warming and the climate crisis have affected the daily lives of Iraqis. According to an Al Jazeera report, the country’s airspace has been closed, while the Ministry of Education and other offices declared an emergency […]

Big Tech climate plans must tackle business travel and flights

But given the wealth amassed by a number of ransomware gangs in recent years, it may not be long before attackers bring in their own AI experts, said prominent cybersecurity authority Mikko Hyppönen. Some of these groups have so much money — or rather, bitcoin — that they could now potentially compete with legitimate security […]

Appalachia Activists Renew Calls for Federal Climate Action as Time Passes in Current Congress | News

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Earth Talk: Is China helping or hurting the fight against climate change? | Lifestyles

Dear EarthTalk: I’m confused: is the Chinese government committed to tackling climate change or just making the problem worse? Paul J., Austin, TX In the wake of the Global Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, nations around the world are not only reflecting, but also expecting others to bear their brunt as we desperately try to […]

The “green conundrum”: long-term strategies to tackle the climate crisis

Your company’s HR may have emailed you asking if you’d like to volunteer. Your state or municipal government could do this on a large scale. Even your favorite sustainable clothing brand promises to plant a tree or three when you step out in that chic outfit you covet. The message is everywhere – plant more […]