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Boulder sued Big Oil for weather damage, then the Marshall fire happened

Marshall Fire from Broomfield, Colorado, 6:00 p.m. MST on 12/30/2021. Credit: NOAA/NWS Boulder By Elliott Negin Four years ago, Boulder, Colorado sued ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy — owner of the state’s only oil refinery — for climate change damages and adaptation expenses. Boulder and its co-plaintiffs, Boulder County and San Miguel County, where Telluride is […]

The climate threat demands more ambitious global action

In 1785, Robert Burns reflected on how mankind came to dominate our planet: “I am truly sorry that the domination of man has broken the social union of nature” he wrote. The words of the Scottish poet still ring true two centuries later. Human-caused climate change threatens our planet’s ecosystem and the lives and livelihoods […]

“Rewilding” asks: what will you do after the climate apocalypse?

The roads have become so hot in the Pacific Northwest last summer that the sidewalk cracked and buckled. The hurricane season is getting longer every year. As the polar ice recedes and wildfires level suburban backyards, it’s not terribly hard to imagine life as it exists in the game. Re-wild– scorched, smoggy and devoid of […]

SoCalGas faces $10 million fine for fighting climate action

Shareholders of the nation’s largest natural gas utility could be forced to pay nearly $10 million after using customer money to fight public policies that could slow the climate crisis. California authorities are set to impose the fine on Southern California Gas Co., which sells natural gas to millions of homes and businesses for heating […]

Carl Bernstein on the political climate in Washington – “The Takeout”

Author Carl Bernstein, best known for uncovering the Watergate scandal with Bob Woodward, looks back on his long career in journalism in his new memoir, “Chasing History: A Kid in the Newsroom.” Bernstein, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Watergate, recalls his lifelong interest in journalism, covering the presidency of John F. […]

For the 280th time, a senator urges the United States to “wake up” on the climate

Published on: 02/02/2022 – 22:32 Washington (AFP) – U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse dusted off his dog-eared ‘It’s time to wake up’ poster on Wednesday to deliver his 280th climate speech in the upper house – ending a year-long hiatus in weekly speeches urging lawmakers to stand up. mobilize against global warming. Until last year, Whitehouse […]

Don’t look up and read this or other climate change mythologies

What are cookies As is common practice with almost all professional websites, (our “Site”) uses cookies, which are tiny files downloaded to your device, to improve your experience. This document describes what information they collect, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you […]

Winter Olympians face climate change as snow takes center stage

A few months before the start of the 2022 Winter Games, more than 100 Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls converged in the Swiss village of Saas-Fee, nestled in the Alps. For professional snowboarders and skiers, the glaciers here often serve as a winter retreat here in late summer or early fall – a key training opportunity, […]

Could Tonga’s major volcanic eruption produce global climate change?

An underwater volcanic eruption near Tonga is visible in this image taken by the Himawari weather satellite and posted on the Japan Meteorological Agency website. TOKYO – Major volcanic eruptions have often resulted in temporary climate changes on a global scale. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 would have caused a […]

Danny De Gracia: Enough about climate change. It’s time to act

One of the tragedies of our modern governance system is that we spend more time talking about problems than solving them. We’re great at predicting future threats, but terrible at being ready when the threat actually manifests. This problem is not unique to Hawaii, but has become, in recent decades, symptomatic of a greater malaise […]

Motorsport must help slow climate change

Nico Rosberg is in a race against time. The former Formula 1 champion has moved away from growing industry pressures, including those involving being teammates with Lewis Hamilton, to focus on other pursuits. Like climate change. Rosberg’s schedule remains reserved. Nico Rosberg: “It’s a big deal and motorsport can play a part, as always, in […]

How a record heatwave fueled climate anxiety

As a record-breaking heatwave scorched the Pacific Northwest last summer, anxiety grew with the temperatures. Polls of residents in British Columbia – where the heat in some places exceeded 120 degrees Fahrenheit – suggest the disaster has caused an increase in negative mental health linked to climate change. The results of the surveys, recently published […]

Oil demand has yet to peak

Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter straight to your inbox, along with the latest news, surveys and additional bulletins on key events Climate action is imperative regardless of oil prices, and market volatility is a strong case for investing in clean, stable energy. But prices affect the calculation of decisions made at all scales, […]

The climate of the Grampians is changing, how will we adapt? | Bendigo Advertiser

news, local news, Community-led action will be essential for the Grampians region to adapt to climate change, a new five-year strategy reveals. The Grampians Region Climate Adaptation Strategy 2021-2025 was released in December, one of six strategies developed for the state. “Community cohesion and behavior change are necessary for successful adaptation in the region,” the […]

2020 a COVID year of major energy job losses » Yale Climate Connections

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant job losses in the energy industry in 2020. But the rate of job loss was very uneven across the wide range of jobs in the sector Energy. Fossil fuel jobs have suffered significant losses, but four energy sectors have managed to increase their workforce: wind, electric vehicles, […]

Winter Olympics will test China’s commitments to climate change

In the summer of 2008, Beijing did what seemed impossible: it brought blue skies to the notoriously polluted city for a month as part of a commitment to tackling pollution for the Olympics. Now, as China prepares for the winter games, the stakes are arguably even higher, as global attention to climate change puts the […]

Climate change: Biden’s next big political bet?

France Media Agency January 25, 2022 | 11:51 a.m. MANILA, Philippines — After a series of setbacks to push his priorities through the deeply divided U.S. Congress, U.S. President Joe Biden may turn his attention to climate change in a bid to save the planet — and his legacy in jeopardy. Last week, the president […]

Thinking and acting globally to solve the climate crisis

Humans have demonstrated a seemingly limitless capacity for innovation. We have domesticated fire, mastered flight, mapped our own genome and invented the wheel, the telescope and the Internet. So why are we so listless, so incompetent to deal with the climate crisis, the greatest existential threat we have ever faced? It is not because we […]

In the red and on something vital: the climate cause

We should think win-win, no compromise Regarding “Into the Red: Climate and the Fight of Our Lives”: Thank you for committing to expanding and rethinking your climate coverage in the face of widespread denial and inaction (“A Sharper Focus on the Issue of Our Time “, Page A1, January 20). Climate activists around the world […]

Coming out of the cave: climate change in an election year

On climate change politics, Australia is slowly crawling out of the cave. To mix up the cave metaphor, we moved on to the troglodyte peak. The light pierced the darkness. The troglodytes are always growling and watching, but those who ignore or deny science have waning power. Skeptical language still shapes climate politics. Yet the […]

Hard times ahead, warns UN secretary

As he begins his second term as UN secretary-general, Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that the world is worse off in many ways than it was five years ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 19, the climate crisis and geopolitical tensions that have sparked conflict everywhere – but unlike US President Joe Biden, he believes […]

No new oil and gas lease! Hearing on climate and offshore drilling

By Valerie Cleland At a House Natural Resources Committee hearing this week, committee members focused on the connection between offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and U.S. climate goals. It’s clear: continuing to lease offshore oil and gas “business as usual” simply doesn’t put us on track to meet our climate goals. Every decision […]

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: economy, energy and jobs | News, Sports, Jobs

There are certain demographic and economic trends that have been evident for decades in this region of Appalachia that can be addressed given the opportunities presented by the investment of federal funds now available. Included in these issues are: * The continuing and inexorable trend of population decline and aging (due to the departure of […]

America’s No. 2 climate diplomat leaves after a year under Biden

Washington – The Biden administration’s second climate diplomat is leaving his government post after a year, US climate envoy John Kerry said on Friday. Jonathan Pershing is a veteran of decades of US government climate efforts, whose work notably helped negotiate the 2015 Paris Agreement under the Obama administration. Pershing had returned to government to […]

Will climate action happen now?

Politicians, journalists and activists all like to use the phrase “last, best chance” when talking about the climate. A sin: The Glasgow Climate Conference is the world’s last and best chance to avert terrible climate destruction. Or: The United States now faces its last and best chance to deal with the climate crisis. It’s a […]

Climate change will force 45% of fish stocks to move by 2100: study

As climate change increases and the oceans warm, it could have a huge impact on the fishing industry due to the displacement of fish populations from one country’s waters to another, according to a new Canadian study. . In a study published Tuesday in the journal Global Change Biology, researchers from the University of British […]

Climate Coalition sues Murphy administration for inaction

Climate Coalition sues Murphy administration for inaction Trenton, NJ – EmpowerNJ today sued the Murphy administration for its failure to take enough meaningful action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the face of an escalating climate crisis and to follow the law of the state and its own policies. Today’s appeal to the Superior […]

The world’s farms have reached a ‘breaking point’ » Yale Climate Connections

Nearly 10% of the world’s 8 billion people are already undernourished, 3 billion lack healthy diets, and the land and water resources that farmers rely on are stressed to “a point a break “. And by 2050, there will be 2 billion more mouths to feed, warns a new report from the Food and Agriculture […]

In Tajikistan, a new type of deadly climate crisis has already arrived

Bakhton Doniyor, 50, lights a fire with pieces of charcoal and dried manure in the wood-burning stove of his home in Bulunkul, a village in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in eastern Tajikistan. Her husband Bulbulov Doniyor, 55, pours instant coffee into a glass cup and kneels at the end of a colorful mop, covered in plates […]

Climate change not front and center enough for legislature so far

At the start of the new legislative session, Coloradans got a taste of what state lawmakers are prepared to prioritize. There are many good things: education, public safety and the economy. Sadly, of the 102 bills and resolutions already before the House and Senate, few seem poised to seriously address the root cause of climate […]

Egyptian and UK ministers discuss climate change agenda ahead of COP27

BEIRUT: Internet services were interrupted in Lebanon on Sunday due to diesel shortages, according to the state supplier, adding another essential service to the list of victims of the snowballing economic crisis in the country.Imad Kreidieh, the head of internet service provider Ogero, tweeted that starting Sunday morning, a major station in West Beirut, Al-Mazraa, […]

Vancouver storm damages climate change ‘wake-up call’

Damage to Vancouver’s scenic seawall in a storm last week could be a sign of things to come as sea levels continue to rise due to climate change. “We know we are vulnerable,” Ian Stewart of the Vancouver Park Board told CTV National News. “We are looking at…long-term solutions.” In a severe storm on Jan. […]

Governors turn to budgets to hedge against climate change

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — With their state budgets overflowing with cash, Democratic and Republican governors want to spend some of the windfall on projects to slow climate change and guard against its consequences, from floods and forest fires to polluted air. Democratic governors such as Gavin Newsom of California and Jay Inslee of Washington have […]

Climate change will lead to more people with kidney stones: study

Cases of kidney stones can be contained if we are able to reduce the rate of global warming. According to researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the US, an increase in global temperature and resulting patterns of climate change will increase the number of people struggling with kidney stones. The research, published in […]

Skiers warn of the dangers of artificial snow

A British skier crashes through a wooden fence on a downhill bend and crashes into a pole, breaking his leg. An American hits a patch of ice at the bottom of a hill and crashes into a fence, breaking one ski and twisting the other, also breaking his leg. Another American, training before a biathlon […]

Here’s how to repay developing countries for colonialism – and tackle the climate crisis | Michael Franczak and Olúfẹ́mi O Táíwò

AActivists who demand global reparations for colonialism and slavery are often accused of asking for the politically impossible. Internationally, however, reparations are more plausible than one might think. Indeed, an international mechanism to transfer resources to the formerly colonized world in a politically feasible way already exists: the policy instrument of “special drawing rights” (SDRs) […]

BTYSTE attendees address climate issues and Ireland’s threatened biodiversity

An environmentally friendly and inexpensive brown algae electrolyte that can be used in a battery to generate green electricity was developed by two students from Carrigtwohill, Co Cork. The algae acts as an electrolyte and is composed of “abundant, thermostable and biodegradable materials”, allowing the production of renewable electricity in a capacitor which stores energy, […]

A Grade 6 Climate Change Perspective | Opinion

Have you ever wondered why days in the middle of winter can make it seem like summer? Climate change is the reason glaciers are breaking, winter is too hot and animals are dying. The planet has a certain temperature to keep us and all living things happy. We get just the right amount of energy […]

Opinion: Want to slow down the climate crisis? Stop wasting food.

Toth is the executive director of the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, an environmental nonprofit in the San Diego area that focuses on waste, water and soil, and lives in Del Mar. Winters is the Director of Marketing and Development of the Solana Center and lives in San Marcos. Every day, a precious resource is […]

Germany presents plan to get back on track to climate targets | News | DW

Germany must take immediate action to address a large backlog in climate protection, Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck said on Tuesday. The country looks set to miss its next annual climate targets, and Green Party co-leader Habeck wants action taken to get Germany back on its “climate target track”. “Gigantic task” to achieve the […]

Biden’s climate ambassador resigns from White House

Biden climate ambassador David Kieve, who is husband of communications director Kate Bedingfield, resigns from the White House David Kieve, a longtime Biden climate aide who worked on the 2020 presidential campaign, leaves administration He is married to White House communications director Kate Bedingfield The reasons for leaving are unclear Another senior climate official left […]

“Don’t Look Up”: Hollywood’s Introduction on Climate Denial Illustrates 5 Myths That Fuel the Rejection of Science

Gale Sinatra, University of Southern California and Barbara K. Hofer, Middlebury Every disaster movie seems to open with an ignored scientist. “Don’t Look” is no exception – in fact, people flatly ignore or deny the scientific evidence. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play astronomers who make a literally heartbreaking discovery, then attempt to persuade the […]

What Netflix Don’t Look Up tells us about the climate crisis

WHEN I first thought of writing about Don’t Look Up, Netflix’s big Christmas Eve release – a climate change allegory that trades global warming for the threat of a “killer comet” planets “heading towards Earth – I thought of this as a relatively light topic for my Christmas week environmental column. But, of course, this […]

Hollywood’s third climate change strike?

You have to take a break from the superb cast and try an A-for-Effort on “Don’t Look Up”. The failures of the film are due to its subject: that the real catastrophe of climate change would make a terrible major film. It’s already done. Twice. Before a few words on “Don’t Look Up”, let’s go […]

Climate matters

During the month of December 2021, two warnings of impending sea level rise were issued by well-respected groups of climatologists. They are professional scientists who do not deal with hyperbole. Rather, it is conservative and serious archetypal scientists who follow the facts. The most recent warning of December 30 concerns deteriorating conditions in the Arctic […]

Climate Change Satire ‘Don’t Look Up’ Sets Netflix Audience Record

Los Angeles, January 7 (IANS): Adam McKay’s climate change satire “Don’t Look Up” topped Netflix’s global audience ratings from Dec. 27 to Jan. 2, totaling 152.29 million hours worldwide over the course of the week. Figures released by Netflix and reported by ‘Deadline’ show that at a time when apocalyptic films are breaking world records, […]

Is the ocean the final platform for the conversation on climate change? Meet the creative collectives who carry their message to the seas

That first evening, after the call to prayer, the inhabitants of Koja Doi gathered on the quay. Young people perform a welcome dance in traditional bright orange costume. When they’re done, it’s Arka Kinari’s turn. The bridge turns into several stages. Nova kicks off, playing the goddess of the Southern Ocean, her ethereal song of […]

A group of public services seeks to give impetus to the climate package

The climate provisions of the Democrats’ stalled reconciliation bill received broad support yesterday when the country’s investor-owned utilities trade group urged lawmakers not to abandon work on the package just yet. The Edison Electric Institute yesterday released a statement saying its members back the more than $ 325 billion in tax credits proposed by Democrats […]

Climate change to hit west coast power grid, 2 NCSU studies warn

RALEIGH – Two new studies by a researcher at North Carolina State University offer insight into what West Coast electricity consumers might experience in two different future scenarios: one where excessive heat from climate change is straining the power supply, and one where the grid shifts to renewables. energy while the climate follows historical trends. […]