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Early Animals Developed Complex Ecosystems Before the Cambrian Explosion

The first animals formed complex ecological communities more than 550 million years ago, preparing the evolutionary stage of the Cambrian explosion, according to a study by Rebecca Eden, Emily Mitchell and their colleagues from the University of Cambridge, UK, publishing in the open access journal PLOS Biology. The first animals evolved towards the end of […]

Climate change disrupts ‘the language of life’ in all types of ecosystems

A sign for a closed road protrudes from flood waters (Ben Birchall/PA) (PA Archive) According to new research, climate change is disrupting essential chemical communication processes in all types of Earth’s ecosystems. The opinion piece published this week is the first time researchers have demonstrated that climate change affects the interactions between organisms in different […]

Fish sounds database can help conserve underwater ecosystems •

While the sounds of many animals are already well documented (such as bird calls or whale songs), the enormous variety of sounds emitted by fish have been largely ignored by the scientific community until recently. However, an international team of researchers has now created a website called FishSounds – the first such online interactive repository, […]

Grants to Support Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Workforce Development 

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today announced more than $1,261,859 in Growth and Opportunity Scholarships for Virginia (GO Virginia) for eight projects focused on building critical talent pipelines to support growth regional economy, strengthen workforce development and support collaborative programs between localities, public entities and private companies. “GO Virginia encourages regional collaboration between business, […]

89% of Israel’s ecosystems have lost biodiversity, state comptroller says

Almost all of Israel’s ecosystems are losing their biological diversity, the state comptroller said in a report released Tuesday on preventing damage from invasive species and protecting biodiversity. “About 89% of ecosystems in Israel have declined in terms of biodiversity,” the report said. He also said the state does not have a strategic action plan […]

Dell and Snowflake Show the Importance of Partner Ecosystems

Dell Technologies Inc. recently announced that it will partner with Snowflake Inc., a cloud-based data storage and analytics service called “Data Warehouse as a Service”, to work together to connect the Dell’s storage portfolio at Snowflake Data Cloud. This collaboration will be a first of its kind, providing Dell customers with greater flexibility to manage […]

Ecosystem Effects of Pesticide Reduction

image: INRS Professor Valérie Langlois is an expert in ecotoxicogenomics. to see After Credit: INRS Pesticides affect the health of agricultural soils and waterways. But how do living organisms in our ecosystems react if we reduce the use of these contaminants? Professor Valérie Langlois of the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) is looking for […]

Effects on ecosystems of reducing pesticide use

“This knowledge, so far incomplete or absent for pesticide mixtures, is essential to support and justify the transition to sustainable agriculture that respects the environment,” says ecotoxicogenomics expert Valérie Langlois. “We need to make it clear that reducing pesticide use has significant benefits to an ecosystem’s soil and water and a limited effect on agricultural […]

Master Naturalists Advocate for Ecosystem Diversity, Program

URBANA — Diverse ecosystems are healthy ecosystems. Fauna, plants and fungi are naturally interconnected and dependent on each other. The same goes for those who defend the environment: diversity makes them stronger. The University of Illinois Extension Master Naturalist Program makes intentional efforts to diversify its volunteer workforce and program reach. Extension provides scientific training […]

Indigenous peoples have harvested huge amounts of seafood without harming ecosystems

Eroding archaeological site on the east coast of Maryland. Sites like this contain massive amounts of oysters harvested over 1,000 years ago and were key in forming the basis of this study.Photo: Torben Rick Before the arrival of European colonizers in the Americas and other parts of the world, indigenous peoples had been farming tons […]

Book shows how building biomass ecosystems on degraded land is gaining momentum

A nyamplung tree. Photo credit: CIFOR In recent years, a gradual transformation has taken place in parts of the Indonesian landscape. In East Kalimantan, for example, where once the land was scarred and the soil depleted of vital nutrients by fire, birds, insects, bees and butterflies are now finding habitats. They are attracted to newly […]

Dieter Bohn leaves The Verge to join Google’s Platforms & Ecosystems team

Dieter Bohn, editor of The Verge, has announced his departure from the tech news site. Bohn will join Google’s Android and Chrome development teams. He previously co-founded Android Central and iMore before co-founding The Verge in 2011. The Verge’s Dieter Bohn is starting a new chapter in his career. Bohn announced his departure from the […]

Creation of a collection of soil ecosystems | Mirage News

Researchers from the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), a user facility of the Department of Energy at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, team up with collaborators to collect soil cores from various ecosystems , including urban, agricultural, grassland, forest and desert ecosystems. North America. Through the 1000 Soil Research Pilot Project, EMSL is at the […]

Adriatic ecosystems resist major climate change but die back under human impact, study finds

According to new research, human activities rather than climate change are having a more devastating effect on snail communities. An analysis of over 70,000 fossils indicates that mollusc communities were incredibly resilient to major climate changes during the last ice age. Scientists from the Florida Museum of Natural History and several European research institutes have […]

Breakthrough Properties raises $3 billion to develop next-generation life science ecosystems

Breakthrough Properties, a joint venture of Tishman Speyer and Bellco Capital, today announced the final closings of the Breakthrough Life Science Property Fund. The company has raised $3 billion in direct capital and co-investments, to develop a world-class portfolio of ecosystems for dynamic early-stage, mid-stage and late-stage life sciences companies. The $3 billion raised in […]

3D printing method could curb reef devastation plaguing coral ecosystems | JNS

The world’s coral reefs are disappearing due to many factors such as global warming and accelerated urbanization of coastal areas, which are putting enormous pressure on marine life. “The rapid decline of coral reefs has increased the need to explore interdisciplinary methods for reef restoration,” says Natalie Levy, PhD. student at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat […]

Oppenheimer’s donation fuels African Ecosystems Program

Africa-led and Africa-focused program to influence thinking and action on the continent Research partners in South Africa and the UK have launched a program to study the best ways to safeguard African ecosystems. The Future Ecosystems for Africa program is a partnership between the research and conservation charity arm of the wealthy Oppenheimer family, the […]

The importance of pollinator species diversity in wild ecosystems

According to a new study by a team of researchers, including University of Maryland entomologist Michael Roswell, a meadow’s lush array of flowers need a whole phalanx of bees to pollinate them – far more than bees and bumblebees that most people are familiar with. A postdoctoral associate in the Department of Entomology, Roswell helped […]

Global warming is altering glacier-fed stream ecosystems around the world

According to two recent studies conducted as part of the Vanishing Glaciers Project, the ecosystems of glacier-fed streams are undergoing profound changes around the world. This could have major implications for the food chain and the natural carbon cycle. Glacier-fed stream ecosystems have survived harsh, nutrient-poor environmental conditions for thousands of years, but are now […]

Know Your SBA Disaster Loans

Those affected by local catastrophes such as tornadoes, floods, and fires may apply for SBA disaster loans. The SBA provides loans to qualifying borrowers in federally designated disaster zones. You may use SBA disaster aid to repair property damage, personal property, equipment, and inventory. An SBA Disaster Loan After a declared catastrophe, the SBA funds […]

How the Pollinator Pathways Project is turning Middletown lawns into thriving ecosystems

MIDDLETOWN – A number of local, environmentally conscious groups have joined together in a common mission to educate people to rethink the idea of ​​having a lawn, the importance of keeping native plants in their yard and the reasons behind it. avoid pesticides and insecticides. The Northeast Pollinator Pathway project, launched in 2017, has expanded […]

Federal Laws Threaten Biodiversity Ecosystems

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to review the “scope limitation” of “waters of the United States” (WOTUS), which is an important part of the Clean Water Act of 1972, is likely to further threaten the biodiverse ecosystems of America. The Clean Water Act refers to WOTUS but does not clearly define it, leaving its definition […]

Costa Rica increases the protection of its ecosystems by more than 16 million hectares:

According to the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica has increased, in the last two years, the protection of its ecosystems by a total of 16,118,476 hectares. The extension of protected areas is part of the various actions undertaken by the country in the fight against climate change, including the High Ambition Coalition for […]

What are we doing to preserve the aquatic ecosystems of Colony Farm Park?

Researchers are at Colony Farm Regional Park to study the environmental impacts of massive flooding on fish – and the governments of British Columbia and Canada are getting on it. A Port Coquitlam-based project to maintain and preserve the health of a local watershed is receiving provincial and national funding to make it possible. The […]

Protecting Brazil’s Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Using Isotope Techniques

As a red tide event stretched more than 200km from Rio de Janeiro’s coastline late last year, lasting more than eight weeks, it colored the light blue waters a dark reddish-brown , which chased bathers on the coast of Arraial do Cabo. In the high tides of Praia Vermelha beach, dead jellyfish were observed, assumed […]

Adriatic ecosystems resist major climate change but die back under human impact

An analysis of over 70,000 fossils indicates that mollusc communities were incredibly resilient to major climate changes during the last ice age. Scientists from the Florida Museum of Natural History and several European research institutes have tracked the history of Adriatic ecosystems through two warm periods that marked the most recent glacial expansion. Their results […]

Methane from waste should not be wasted: Exploring landfill ecosystems

April 18, 2022 Every year, humans around the world produce billions of tons of solid waste. About 70% of this waste ends up being deposited in landfills, where it slowly decomposes. Yet what may seem like an inert accumulation of useless debris is actually a complex ecosystem, teeming with microbial activity. Large communities of microorganisms […]

Field campaign in California to help scientists protect diverse ecosystems

SHIFT is a campaign orientation for the proposed Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) satellite mission, part of NASA’s Earth System Observatory, a set of future Earth-focused missions aimed at combating against climate change and its consequences for health, natural resources, risks, and food security. SHIFT researchers are also collecting and analyzing samples on the ground, […]

Warming seas could fundamentally alter marine ecosystems, study finds

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Rising global temperatures spurred by human-made greenhouse gas emissions could destabilize the marine food web and prevent fish – especially predators – from keeping up with a rapidly changing ecosystem, say researchers. The Rutgers University study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, created a model that analyzed predator and […]

Hospital systems must develop next-generation care ecosystems

Q: How can I create a healthy business ecosystem? A: The coronavirus pandemic has forced most industries to rethink their business models. For Minnesota’s healthcare systems, the need to implement new models of care has accelerated change, and those changes are now transforming them into business ecosystems. Ecosystems are a collection of disparate initiatives combined […]

Latin American Artists in Residence Create Sculptural Ecosystems in New London

NEW LONDON — Two fragile ecosystems populated by imaginary animals and shifting polygonal shapes create a small-scale but monumental world in a sculptural new installation at the Expressiones Cultural Center at 84 Bank St., on view until April 30. The collaborative show, called “Trailblazing,” is the culmination of artists Iliana Scheggia and Ramón Ostolaza’s 3-month […]

Climate change will reshuffle marine ecosystems in unexpected ways – “Like putting marine biodiversity in a blender”

Large predatory fish are expected to lag temperature changes due to food web dynamics. A sophisticated model reveals how predator-prey relationships affect species ranges. According to a new study from Rutgers, warming oceans due to climate change will mean fewer productive fish species to catch in the future. The new study, published in the journal […]

Why We Know So Little About Cannabis Farm Ecosystems

This article was originally published on High Country News. Phoebe Parker-Shames is, to her knowledge, the first doctoral student. ecology student to focus only on cannabis. Since arriving at UC Berkeley six years ago, she has been collecting data on wildlife and the cannabis industry in southern Oregon, where she is from, focusing on the […]

Local awareness of subantarctic ecosystems

A Balclutha photographer hopes his recent trip to parts of the Southern Ocean will raise awareness of endangered bird species and the fragile ecosystems found there. Richard Schofield left Bluff on December 31 on board Spirit of Enderbyan expedition ship that can accommodate 50 passengers. He traveled about 660 km to Campbell Island, where he […]

Awareness of subantarctic ecosystems

A Balclutha photographer hopes his recent trip to parts of the Southern Ocean will raise awareness of endangered bird species and the fragile ecosystems found there. Richard Schofield left Bluff on December 31 on board Spirit of Enderbyan expedition ship that can accommodate 50 passengers. He traveled about 660 km to Campbell Island, where he […]

Study cities and ecosystems as complex systems

Have you ever wondered why birds, when flying in groups, flock together? Surprisingly, in such herding behavior exhibited by birds, there is no central coordination. And all individual birds follow simple rules that result in an emergent behavior called flocking. Researchers are applying a new and emerging area of ​​complexity theory, building models to mimic […]

Right Density: How Sound Planning Can Turn Neighborhoods into Ecosystems

Under difficult circumstances, Auckland is changing faster than it has ever done before. We asked local and global experts to explain how Tāmaki is progressing and what actions are still needed to make it a truly modern city. Skye Duncan is a New Zealand urban planner who spent 15 years in New York City, eight […]

Minister says natural ecosystems are being destroyed in Wicklow due to illegal burning

Patrols and aerial surveillance are being stepped up after devastating fires in the Wicklow Mountains over the past week. Illegal gorse burning has devastating effects on biodiversity. In a word The Minister responsible for the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), Malcolm Noonan, made the announcement as he toured some of the 300 hectares of […]

Shaw Nature Preserve focuses on forest management to maintain healthy ecosystems

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. – March 21 is the International Day of Forests, a day to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests around the world for the benefit of current and future generations. At Shaw Nature Reserve, a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden, they work daily to manage their 2,400 acres […]

Tree survival strategy: New study sheds light on how forest ecosystems survive damaging winds

Forest ecosystems and their trees are known for their vital role in not only providing natural habitats and ecological refuge for animals, but they also serve as a reservoir in the event of massive flooding due to heavy rains and other storms. However, some trees are unable to escape the impact of destructive winds. A […]

Some recovery for ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef, in 2021

Recent heavy rains across New South Wales and Queensland have replenished water catchments and dams that were already full, causing flooding and dramatic damage, he said. Despite signs of recovery, the country’s biodiversity deteriorated further last year, with 12 species declared extinct and 34 others added to the endangered species list. “The two most recent […]

Analysis: War destroys ecosystems as surely as it destroys lives

As war and conflict rage in Ukraine, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya and elsewhere in the world, it is important to consider the long-term effects of military conflict, which can destroy the environment as well easily that they destroy lives. Revelator Reports. Here are 10 of the most dangerous ways war affects the animals and plants […]

Ecosystems improve the future of women’s work

– By Mamta Sharma, SVP-HR, Global Services & IndiaFor businesses to grow and prosper, the evolving future of work must be fair for all. Automation has been the great leveler of this decade, creating greater demand for talent in basic engineering and niche technologies, as well as hybrid work opportunities to advance the careers of […]

Research reveals how global ecosystems produce greenhouse gas emissions

Icelandic researchers examine cotton in the river and record decomposition data. Their findings helped identify the drivers of river pollution. Credit: Oakland University Biology researchers from Oakland University have teamed up with scientists around the world to understand the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions produced by ecosystems and environmental change. Their findings offer new methods […]

Ecosystems with Ulrike Deetjen | McKinsey & Company

March 8, 2022“Ecosystems” is probably one of the most frequently heard buzzwords in conference rooms, and for good reason. To be successful over the long term, insurers need to properly address ecosystems. McKinsey spoke with Ulrike Deetjen, partner in the Stuttgart office, to learn more about ecosystems for insurers and their benefits. McKinsey: What are […]

Doncaster’s new model for improving skills – FE News

A local Talent and Innovation Ecosystem (TIE) is key to leveling deep inequalities in cities like Doncaster A new report from the Commission on Lifelong Learning, “Learning ecosystems: a new model for improving skills in Doncaster” argues that the supply of skills needs to be organized locally if low-skills areas like Doncaster are to thrive. […]

The Verge editor joins Google’s Platforms & Ecosystems team

Google has hired The Verge editor Dieter Bohn for its Android and Chrome division. Bohn posted his final notes on The Verge’s website, saying he was joining Google to “work on the Platforms & Ecosystems team.” The exact role is still unknown. “I’m excited to help shape the future of software platforms like Android and […]

Tire particle pollution can harm freshwater and estuarine ecosystems

The tiny particles that come off tires are likely harming freshwater and coastal estuary ecosystems, according to a pair of recent studies from Oregon State University (OSU). The first study, published in Chemosphere last month found that exposure to tire particles had harmful effects on organisms in coastal estuaries, while the second, published in the […]

Bad news for Kenyan ecosystems on World Wetlands Day

Mining and agricultural activities have destroyed nearly half of Kenya’s wetlands over the past 50 years, according to two reports. Ahead of events marking World Wetlands Day on Wednesday, a report by the National Environmental Complaints Committee found that the area of ​​wetlands had shrunk by around 40% between 1970 and 2021. The decline has […]

OU Research Collaboration Reveals Drivers of Global Ecosystem Greenhouse Gas Emissions -2022 – Biological Sciences – News – OU Magazine

Biology researchers from Oakland University have teamed up with scientists around the world to understand the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions produced by ecosystems and the environment change. Their findings offer new methods and baseline information for tracking ecosystem changes as the earth warms. Microbes such as bacteria and fungi naturally break down organic matter […]

Evmos enables cross-chain applications spanning Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems with mainnet launch

Developers can now easily deploy smart contracts in both ecosystems through the Evmos Gateway COSMOS, Minn., March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Evmosthe entry port of Ethereum to Cosmos, today announces the launch of its mainnet. Evmos, built using the Cosmos SDK, serves as an IBC-enabled, EVM-based primary chain that brings composability, interoperability, and rapid finality […]

OU research collaboration reveals drivers of greenhouse gas emissions from global ecosystems

Biology researchers from Oakland University have teamed up with scientists around the world to understand the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions produced by ecosystems and the environment change. Their findings offer new methods and baseline information for tracking ecosystem changes as the earth warms. Microbes such as bacteria and fungi naturally break down organic matter […]

Transformed healthcare ecosystems | Deloitte Insights

But health financing database Rock Health noted that changes in business models, increased emphasis on direct-to-consumer and even business-to-consumer-to-business, and infrastructure and pools of talents, can have the biggest impact on the sector. moving forward.5 Venture capitalists, private equity, healthcare organizations and other investors have already started investing in startups that are called platforms. For […]

Saline pollution threatens freshwater ecosystems •

Throughout North America and Europe, human activities are responsible for introducing salt pollution into freshwater ecosystems. Sodium chloride is widely used to melt ice on roads in winter, and inorganic fertilizers contain various salts that can dissolve in rainwater and run off into local waterways. Mining operations also introduce salts into the environment, many of […]

The Italian Parliament enshrines biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems in the Constitution

WWF Italy welcomes a recent amendment to include safeguarding ecosystems and biodiversity in the Italian constitution as an “important first step” in harmonizing the country’s legal system with European and international environmental principles. The Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, described the change in law as an “epoch”, writes EuroNews.Green. “It is right that the […]

Science Moab talks to ecologist Liz Ballenger about protecting the park’s ecosystems from climate change | get out and go

Many efforts are underway with Southwest National Parks to restore degraded ecosystems. From monitoring non-native species to anticipating the effects of climate change, national parks in southeastern Utah are actively managed to maintain or restore their ecological function. Here, Science Moab talks with NPS Ecologist Liz Ballenger about what ecological restoration means for the Utah […]

Mobile ecosystems: recourse by the UK Competition and Merger Authority

In this latest installment of our summer reading series, we outline the potential remedies proposed by the UK’s Competition and Mergers Authority to address Google and Apple’s dominance in the mobile ecosystem. The CMA warns: “..any future proposed interventions to promote greater competition in this sector should not be limited to considerations within a single, […]

Reintroducing large mammals could restore global ecosystems

Explore ecoregions To assess the state of the world’s ecosystems, researchers have divided the planet into ecoregions, or areas containing distinct natural communities. The number of large mammals in each was noted and compared to historical records. The analysis revealed that only about 6% of the places surveyed had large mammal communities similar to those […]

Belize Highlights the Great Blue Hole, Belize’s Cultural and Marine Ecosystems at Taiwan Lantern Festival

Views : 37 Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2022. 10:17 p.m. CST. Photo credit: Embassy of Belize in Taiwan By Ruben Morales Iglesias: The Belize Lantern at the National Taiwan Lantern Festival highlights the Great Blue Hole, Belize’s cultural and marine ecosystems. The Belize Lantern at Taiwan’s National Lantern Festival highlights the Great Blue […]

Feeding human communities and natural ecosystems | MIT News

When she was in 7th grade, Heidi Li and the five other members of the Oyster Gardening Club grew hundreds of oysters to help repopulate the Chesapeake Bay. The day they released the oysters into the bay, the event drew television reporters and local officials, including the governor. The attention opened young Li’s eyes to […]

The new levers of business growth: Employee experience, ecosystems, education and data

The Wipro spirit: be passionate about customer success, be global and accountable, treat everyone with respect and unwavering integrity in everything we do. When it comes to designing the future of work, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Discovering success isn’t about a hybrid model or offering remote work options. Individuals and organizations are looking for […]

Owen focuses on UAE’s reef-friendly approach to ecosystem protection

Sharjah 24: “Coral is like an ecosystem architect – it creates habitat,” said Darryl Owen, a UAE-based marine conservationist who leads an “underwater city” project at through artificial reefs to support the growth of biodiversity in the marine ecosystem, along the coast of Dibba, Fujairah in the UAE. Speaking at the Conservation Summit held as […]

How Index Tokens Simplify Exposure to High Growth Crypto Ecosystems

Bitcoin still tends to grab the headlines, but in truth, it no longer dominates the crypto market to the same extent it once did. Two years ago, Bitcoin accounted for 70% of the market, but currently, with the total crypto market valued at over $2 trillion, that share has fallen to less than 40%. It’s […]

The fastest population growth in the western wild fringes is in the ecosystems most vulnerable to wildfires – YubaNet

The houses overlook a forest at the interface between nature and the urban in Arizona. Marius of Essen Krishna Rao, Stanford University; Alexandra Konings, Stanford University; Marta Yebra, Australian National University; Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford Universityand Park Williams, University of California, Los Angeles The view from the Sierra Nevada foothills in Southern California can be stunning […]

Giant Arctic sponges feed on extinct ecosystems

Last year, scientists announced the discovery of giant sponges deep beneath the permanently ice-covered Arctic Ocean – growing on the tops of extinct underwater volcanoes. Now they have discovered that these arctic sponges (of the order Geodia) survive nutrient-poor conditions by feeding on the fossilized remains of extinct animals. “It’s a unique ecosystem,” says Antje […]

Charting a sustainable growth path for Europe’s innovation ecosystems: an update on the Summit

We are delighted to announce the first 16 confirmed speakers for our upcoming Summit, where we will bring together 1,800 thinkers and doers (in person) to the beautiful venue of Brussels Expo to help shape the best possible future for ecosystems. European innovation. If you’d like to join this conversation, we have more good […]

The fastest population growth in the western wild fringes is in the ecosystems most vulnerable to wildfires

The view from the Sierra Nevada foothills in Southern California can be stunning – pine forests and chaparral spread across an often rugged landscape. But as more people build homes in this region, where development is entering wild land, they face some of the highest wildfire risks in the country. The type of trees, plants, […]

Metaverse Open and Closed Ecosystems Explained and Compared

Players already play in the metaverse when using platforms like Roblox (RBLX) – Get Roblox Corp Class A Report. or Fortnite. 3D virtual worlds can be persistently experienced by an unlimited number of users. Each user has a very unique experience, story and identity, Roblox and Fortnite, for example, are built on what’s called a […]

3 ways classroom ecosystems are changing

One of the definitions in the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ecosystem as “something (such as a network of enterprises) considered to resemble an ecological ecosystem, particularly in view of its complex interdependent parts”. When you look at a classroom, several interdependent parts work together to create a successful classroom. Students, teachers, technology, curriculum, physical space and […]

The surprising way sea otters improve ecosystems and other scientific breakthroughs

Snuggled up in the thickest fur in the animal kingdom, sea otters can live their entire lives in the ocean, feeding heavily on seabed animals. In British Columbia, they often dig clams in eelgrass fields (Marina Zostera), leaving divots in otherwise dense mats of aquatic vegetation. In the meadows that otters inhabit compared to those […]

Ecosystems Announces 2022 Innovations and Grows Customer Value Management Community After Record Fiscal Year

146% increase in ARR year-over-year and a community of 600 members highlight the growing need for customer value management WASHINGTON, February 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ecosystems, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader in collaborative customer value management, announces a record financial year in 2021 and highlights a new innovation for 2022. As a cloud platform for he […]

Ecosystems announces innovations for 2022 and grows customer value management community after record financial year

WASHINGTON, February 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ecosystems, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader in collaborative customer value management, announces a record financial year in 2021 and highlights a new innovation for 2022. As a cloud platform for he company enabling B2B suppliers to quantify and communicate their unique value, Ecosystems is founded on the universal need for […]

New Texas mussel discovery may impact ecosystems

The new mussel discovery may have an effect on lake ecosystems in Texas. AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) reports a new species of mold that was first detected in Texas. According to a TPWD press release, quagga mussels were discovered by National Park Service (NPS) personnel at the Amistad International […]

Heather Drake: Preserving Maine’s Biodiversity, Keeping Ecosystems Intact

My son has a book – “At One: In a Place Called Maine” – which is described as a love letter to Maine, describing experiences author Lynn Plourde has encountered across the state. It takes readers to a yard with fawns, Mount Katahdin, cross-country skiing and camping. If people haven’t had a chance to read […]

The Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Tribal Consortium: Protecting Tundra and Sea Ecosystems – The Delta Discovery, Inc.

by the 118 tribes of western and interior Alaska The Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Tribal Consortium (AYK TC) calls on the Department of the Interior (DOI) and the Department of Commerce (DOC) to work with us in the management and conservation of our salmon fisheries and the ecosystems whose they depend. . The AYK TC, comprised of the […]

Reconnecting ecosystems in Australia to restore biodiversity

In the southwestern corner of Australia, there is an ecological hotspot rich in endemic species. The diverse area includes savannas, scrubs, shrubs, woodlands and forests. There are pockets of fragile and ecologically important habitats that are under increased pressure in their isolation from each other. The Gondwana Link organization helps build networks of connectivity to […]

British Columbia develops plan to protect drinking water and ecosystems

VICTORIA – Severe drought, wildfires, floods and landslides in British Columbia last year show that responding to climate change requires focusing on water and strengthening the natural defenses provided by healthy watersheds, expert says. “We’ve all learned that the climate crisis is a water crisis,” said Oliver Brandes, co-director of the University of Victoria’s POLIS […]

When two ecosystems collided, ichthyosaurs re-evolved the ability to consume large prey

Land contact between North America and South America has long been a source of research. The Isthmus of Panama – the narrow strip of land between the two continents – fully emerged about 3.5 million years ago. It enabled contact between terrestrial mammals of North and South America and led to large-scale invasions of placental […]

Tigers ensure the well-being of forest ecosystems: Bhupender Yadav | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: Community dependent on natural resources is an important aspect of tiger conservation, and ‘people’s agenda’ is high on India’s ‘tiger agenda’, says environment minister Bhupender Yadav. “Tigers, the main predators of the ecosystem, are essential for regulating and perpetuating ecological processes. Ensuring the conservation of this large carnivore guarantees the well-being of forest ecosystems, […]

‘We are basically starting from scratch’: Restoring Finnish river ecosystems | Re-wild

VSjumping into trees isn’t how most people would expect a river restoration project to begin, but Janne Raassina – who deftly uses a chainsaw to cut down four or five designated logs around the Särkkäjoki river in the most remote east of Finland – explains that rotting wood is going to be extremely useful to […]

Report: Key fishmeal ecosystems could collapse by 2100

melvinlee | Climate change and fishmeal overfishing put the East and South China Seas on the brink of collapse Climate change, coupled with overfishing driven by growing demand for fishmeal, could collapse fish populations in the East and South China Seas, which could put further pressure on already tight fishmeal markets. Combined, catches from […]

Extinct megafauna were “engineers” who shaped the ecosystems of Central and South America

The megafauna includes large animals that are often charismatic. It’s usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of wildlife conservation. Think elephants, rhinos, giant pandas and tigers. There is also an abundance of extinct megafauna in the fossil record, such as mammoths, saber-toothed cats and giant wolves. Extinct megafauna aren’t just […]

EU demand threatens key ecosystems worldwide (WWF)

VSConsumption by the European Union threatens to devastate carbon-rich ecosystems that are not included in measures to combat climate change and biodiversity loss outside the region’s borders, according to WWF. More than half of South America’s Cerrado, the world’s most biodiverse savannah, has been cleared largely because of soybean and beef production, with the EU […]

EIT Hub Israel boosts innovation ecosystems

Jan 14, 2022 The State of Israel has officially partnered with Horizon Europe to foster breakthrough innovation. The program offers significant scientific and economic benefits to both Europe and Israel, and harbors immense potential for learning, exchange and collaboration. An example of such an exchange is the Ecosystem Summit organized by the EIT Hub in […]

Human-caused climate change is affecting the sound of our ecosystems, says ecologist

The effects of climate change are often captured in photos and videos, but Bernie Krause is listening. As a soundscape ecologist and founder of Wild Sanctuary, an organization that archives the sounds of the natural world, Krause has been recording the sounds of habitats around the world for decades. His recordings capture the sound of […]

David Attenborough’s new show will aim to change public understanding of ecosystems

Sir David Attenborough has said he hopes his latest documentary series, The Green Planet, will “bring back” the importance of plants to the public. The veteran broadcaster, 95, said people’s understanding of plants and their ecosystems hadn’t “keep up” and he was aiming to change that. The new series from the BBC’s Natural History Unit […]

STEM learning ecosystems are shifting to self-governance; Initiative demonstrates the global power of collaboration

Leaders plan for the future of 100 communities engaged in STEM learning for all NEW YORK, January 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice (SLECoP), launched as a philanthropy-backed initiative, moves towards sustainability with the appointment of 16 leaders from around the world to serve as members of the […]

The fires have doubled Australia’s carbon emissions – ecosystems may never absorb them

The bushfire season is once again underway in Australia, where summer has just started. Yet the country is still recovering from the record-breaking wildfires of two years ago that killed at least 33 people, destroyed thousands of homes and burned more than 65,000 square miles of land. How quickly the natural landscape recovers depends on […]

Upper ocean temperatures break records for sixth year, disrupting marine ecosystems

The extent of arctic sea ice has decreased in all seasons (Shaoqing Wang) (CN) – Ocean temperatures around the world have risen for the sixth year in a row. According to a study published Tuesday in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, scientists from 14 institutes around the world have found that 2021 has broken […]

Predicting the effects of pollutants on river ecosystems •

It is usually not possible to test the impacts of different types of pollutants on biological populations in river systems because these substances can damage the entire ecosystem. Instead, the effects of insecticides, plastic debris, pathogens, chemicals and other toxic substances are tested on individual species under controlled laboratory conditions. Although this approach helps to […]

ZTAGE partners with WWF to protect threatened ecosystems around the world

Sponsored article featured on aBlogtoWatch by the advertiser While most brands create a watch and then make up a story around the design, ZTAGE takes the exact opposite approach. ZTAGE embraces the stories, people and organizations that change the world, using these stories to inspire watch design. Hong Kong-based ZTAGE was so inspired by the […]

Maritime traffic connects Antarctic fragile coasts with ecosystems around the world

Importance The movements of vessels related to fishing, tourism, research and supply expose the Antarctic continent to human impacts. Until now, only rough estimates or industry-specific information have been available to inform evidence-based policies aimed at mitigating the introduction of non-native marine species. The Southern Ocean of Antarctica is home to a unique biota and […]

Invasive species ‘hitchhiking’ on tourist and research vessels threaten Antarctica’s unique ecosystems

Marine life hitching a ride on ships crossing the ocean poses a threat to pristine Antarctic ecosystems, with the potential for invasive species to arrive from almost anywhere across the globe, according to the authors of a new study. New research by the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey has traced the global […]

New study shows ecosystem protection takes priority over planting trees for carbon storage

Planting trees is a necessity to help remove carbon from the atmosphere. However, this is not enough. Yes, there has been a lot of awareness around tree planting. Even Elon Musk advocated for tree planting. However, a new study has found that protecting ecosystems should be the top priority. The study, published in Nature, stressed […]

Terra and Solana are the fastest growing crypto ecosystems

Jhe 2021 crypto market bull run has seen a number of developers flock to cryptocurrency ecosystems, with platforms like Terra and Solana leading the way. This data was compiled by venture capital firm Electric Capital which focuses on crypto-related projects. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum still dominate when it comes to attracting developers, it also forces […]

Global warming is causing a change in shallow aquatic ecosystems

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have demonstrated that increasing temperatures in shallow lakes induce a change from clear water conditions dominated by macrophytes to cloudy (cloudy or disturbed) conditions. This leads to the loss of important ecosystem functions. Image Credit: This change in diet is due to behavioral changes in juvenile common […]

United States Praises for Protecting Marine Ecosystems in …

(MENAFN- Costa Rica News) Latin American countries form a huge wildlife corridor in the Pacific Ocean, ”says ShareAmerica, a US State Department platform. Money Costa Rica breaks record for merchandise exports through November 2021 with US $ 13,316 million TCRN STAFF – January 4, 2022 World News New York editorial publishes poems by Tica Carolina […]

The United States praises the protection of marine ecosystems in…

(MENAFN-Costa Rica News) Latin American countries form a huge wildlife protection corridor in the Pacific Ocean,” says ShareAmerica, a platform of the US State Department. Money Costa Rica breaks merchandise export record through November 2021 with US$13,316 million TCRN STAFF – January 4, 2022 World News New York Editorial publishes poems by Tica Carolina Campos […]