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Fragile ecosystems | Mirage News

A university doctorate. the candidate studies how different shoreline types affect fish populations along Biscayne Bay. Ellery Lennon will never forget the day she spotted a young lemon shark swimming in the shade of the mangroves along Biscayne Bay. Claiming to be a “fat shark nerd”, Lennon says the surprise sighting was an important discovery […]

Global Wearable Technology Ecosystems Market Growth Strategy, delves into the current status and key drivers of the selected industry in its detailed Global Wearable Technology Ecosystems Market report. This is accomplished by analyzing existing data on some of the most important drivers, trends, untapped opportunities, risks and restrictions, challenges and places of development. This allows for a more detailed examination of […]

World experts discuss future protection of Red Sea ecosystems at Saudi conference

With Ithra’s iconic building twinkling in the night sky, the 8th annual Saudi Film Festival ended on an unusually chilly Dhahran night. Once again, as on the opening night of June 2, the red carpet took filmmakers and moviegoers to the cinema, where moviegoers had been rubbing shoulders for eight days. Much of the festival […]

Wooden shipwrecks create new micro-ecosystems for deep-sea microbes

Shipwrecks do more than cut short lucrative deals – they also alter the microbial communities of the seabed, at least in the case of wooden ships. The wreck of the New Orleans, sunk on Lake Huron on June 14, 1849. Image via Wikimedia. A new study by researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi reports […]

Personalities of wolves can change the study of ecosystems

Did you know that the personality of wolves can modify ecosystems? New research, conducted by scientists at the University of Minnesota, has shown this. The research was conducted as part of the Voyageurs Wolf Project, a project focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in Minnesota’s Grand Voyageurs ecosystem. The study has just been […]

Researchers study how human food scraps contribute to disease in ecosystems | VTX

They teamed up to explore the role of water in the transmission of bacteria responsible for diarrheal disease. Botswana differs from the United States in access to health care, particularly with access to over-the-counter antibiotics in significant parts of the country due to more limited access to doctors. If someone has a stomach ache, they […]

Unlocking Value – Managing Partner Ecosystems | Pipeline magazine

By: Angus Ward 2021 was undoubtedly the year in which the science of building a partner ecosystem became mainstream due to the demand for solutions to fuel the digital transformation journey. Fast forward to our current post-pandemic phase, which has taken us directly into a period of inflation, forcing businesses to become more cautious with […]

Research finds that tree plantations encroach on essential ecosystems

Trees can provide many benefits to animals and humans, but some trees planted in the tropics can do more harm than good. New research reveals that 92% of new tree plantations planted in the tropics between 2000 and 2012 were in biodiversity hotspots and 14% in arid biomes, where trees are unlikely to thrive and […]

Wetland Ecosystem: Conservation of wetland ecosystems key for poverty alleviation, says Assam Minister

Assam’s Minister of Environment and Forests, Parimal Suklabaidya, said the conservation of wetland goods and services and the sustainable intensification of wetland ecosystem services are of paramount importance for the reduction of poverty as well as food and livelihood security for the marginal poor segment of society”. Suklabaidya during the inauguration of the Regional Stakeholder […]

Spatial aspects of biodiversity, threat of homogenization of forest ecosystems

A study from the Missouri Ozarks highlights the importance of spatial aspects of biodiversity for the proper functioning of natural forests. Biologists at Washington University in St. Louis have determined that tree beta diversity – a measure of site-to-site variation in the composition of species present in a given area – is most important for […]

New study demonstrates coalition breakdown in microbial ecosystems

Government coalitions often dissolve when too many parties disagree on too many issues. Even if a coalition seems stable for a while, a small crisis can cause a chain reaction that eventually causes the system to collapse. A study carried out at the Department of Physics of Bar-Ilan University demonstrates that this principle also applies […]

Israeli study finds ecosystems can collapse, just like coalitions

Researchers study connectivity in ecosystems to better understand human health and the environment An Israeli study recently found evidence for an old theory: in nature, ecosystems have either few species with strong ties or many species with weak ties – just like in governing coalitions. Researchers from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University have calculated the level of […]

Marine hives set up in Weymouth harbor to establish new ecosystems

NEW reef-like structures that will establish ecosystems and support the fishing industry have been placed in Weymouth Harbour. The sea hives were set up underwater in Weymouth harbour, suspended from the pleasure jetty. They are designed to resemble the marine environment and encourage the natural behavior of fish and other marine life. It is hoped […]

Prediction of climate change in forest ecosystems

From July 1st, 2022, the German Research Foundation (DFG) will support the Collaborative Research Center CRC 1537 “ECOSENSE”. For its interdisciplinary and in-depth study of ecological processes in forests, the SFB will receive around 10.5 million euros over four years. Image Credit: Fortuner The team led by CRC spokespersons Professor Ulrike Wallrabe, Professor of […]

Learn more about cryptocurrency ecosystems – Shiba Inu (SHIB), Binance Coin (BNB) and Mushe (XMU)

Cryptocurrency is a unique sector within the financial industry that has greatly shaped the way we view money. Almost everyone has digital assets these days, right? Understanding the Cryptosphere Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that allows users to transfer currency in a digital environment and is different from ordinary digital transfer products and […]

Feature: Kenyan farmers raise stingless bees to boost income and stabilize ecosystems

NAIROBI, May 28 (Xinhua) — Mark Livaha is a middle-aged farmer from Kakamega County in western Kenya. Properties. Livaha said growing up near the dense forest of Kakamega fueled her passion for bees, given the endless supply of honey the insects generated for her community. Thanks to nudges from researchers at the Nairobi-based International Center […]

Artificial habitats to support ecosystems

Coral reef ecosystems face several global threats, including climate change and increased urbanization of coastal regions. However, a team from Bar-Ilan University, Israel, has developed a 3D printing method that could help in the conservation of coral reef systems. Image credit: (2022) Reforming coral reefs using 3D printing. [online] Available at: Published in […]

[ Forum] Humanity must step up efforts to better protect marine ecosystems, say experts

[ Forum] Humanity must step up efforts to better protect marine ecosystems, say experts Leading environmental experts step in to raise awareness and offer solutions to threatening changes Chun Seung-soo, professor emeritus of Chonnam National University, explains how marine and coastal environments have changed abruptly in response to climate change, at the Forum on […]

[ Forum] Humanity must step up efforts to better protect marine ecosystems, experts say

At this year’s Forum, experts took a moment to highlight the ongoing and expected changes to marine ecosystems due to climate change and discuss the efforts needed to protect the environment and prevent disasters and socio-economic challenges. economic. Chun Seung-soo, Professor Emeritus of Chonnam National University, started the session by talking about how marine […]

Oceanographer’s Early Career Award Targets Metals in Marine Ecosystems

Nicholas Hawco To help launch the careers of outstanding researchers in the field of marine microbial ecology and evolution, a University of Hawaii at the Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) Assistant Professor of Oceanography was selected to receive a Simons Early Career Investigator Award in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution. […]

Understand how climate, pollution and runoff combine in coastal ecosystems

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 public domain Griffith University researchers are discovering how stressors like climate change, pollution, dissolved nitrogen and sediment from runoff have combined effects on coastal ecosystems. Two studies published in Ecology Letters and Proceedings of the Royal Society B reveal that the combination of increased ocean temperatures, pollution or dissolved nitrogen with reduced light […]

SunLive – New Zealand’s warming freshwater ecosystems at risk

Nature takes with one hand and gives with the other when it comes to New Zealand’s Aotearoa freshwater ecosystems. Professor Angus McIntosh from the University of Canterbury worries about how climate change will affect native species such as this brown mudfish, from a South Westland tree rock pool. As the increasing number of severe droughts […]

Agricultural impacts endanger microorganisms and rare ecosystems of Mount Canobolas

A rise in the number of tiny endangered plant species in the country of New South Wales is putting rare ecosystems at risk, scientists say. Key points: Scientists say a decline in microorganisms is putting rare ecosystems under increased pressure Mount Canobolas is home to over 1,000 species, 18 of which are considered threatened At […]

Mega tourism project on the island of Uchchamunai: Ecosystems on the chopping block | Print edition

By Wasantha Ramanayake Views) : Activists allege lease agreement was signed without proper environmental damage studies Say an ultra-sensitive ecosystem unable to withstand the impact; livelihoods of fishers threatened What happened to Hikkaduwa and Pigeon Island will happen to Kalpitiya, they warn SLTDA denies accusation, says deal was to help Swiss investor through approval process […]

How to improve university-business ecosystems in Africa

AFRICA As African universities seek to improve graduate employability, job creation and knowledge transfer for sustainable development, they need to demonstrate entrepreneurship in teaching, increase entrepreneurial orientation in study programs and supporting start-ups – as well as innovative initiatives to promote cooperation with companies. This is what emerges from interviews with stakeholders during a workshop […]

Satellite monitoring of biodiversity advances to protect threatened ecosystems

Diversity of plant species in four different ecosystems represented as spectral variation. Credit: Anna Schweiger, Etienne Laliberté Internationally comparable biodiversity data is needed to protect threatened ecosystems, restore destroyed habitats and counter the negative effects of global biodiversity loss. However, current biodiversity monitoring is laborious and costly. In addition, many places in the world are […]

SQ Stock unveils its “Ecosystem of Ecosystems” strategy during Investor Day

square-parent To block (SQ) presented during an investor day its strategy for integrating new technologies and services into its core businesses. Whether the new outlook will give SQ stock a lift remains to be seen. X At Investor Day on Wednesday, Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said the company has an “ecosystem of ecosystems” business model. […]

Early Animals Developed Complex Ecosystems Before the Cambrian Explosion

The first animals formed complex ecological communities more than 550 million years ago, preparing the evolutionary stage of the Cambrian explosion, according to a study by Rebecca Eden, Emily Mitchell and their colleagues from the University of Cambridge, UK, publishing in the open access journal PLOS Biology. The first animals evolved towards the end of […]

Analysis of metacommunities suggests succession, not mass extinction, explains decline in Ediacaran diversity

The first animals formed complex ecological communities more than 550 million years ago, paving the way for the evolution of the Cambrian Explosion, according to a study by Rebecca Eden, Emily Mitchell and their colleagues at the University of Cambridge, UK, published May 17 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology. The first animals evolved towards […]

Climate change disrupts ‘the language of life’ in all types of ecosystems

A sign for a closed road protrudes from flood waters (Ben Birchall/PA) (PA Archive) According to new research, climate change is disrupting essential chemical communication processes in all types of Earth’s ecosystems. The opinion piece published this week is the first time researchers have demonstrated that climate change affects the interactions between organisms in different […]

Fish sounds database can help conserve underwater ecosystems •

While the sounds of many animals are already well documented (such as bird calls or whale songs), the enormous variety of sounds emitted by fish have been largely ignored by the scientific community until recently. However, an international team of researchers has now created a website called FishSounds – the first such online interactive repository, […]

Grants to Support Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Workforce Development 

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today announced more than $1,261,859 in Growth and Opportunity Scholarships for Virginia (GO Virginia) for eight projects focused on building critical talent pipelines to support growth regional economy, strengthen workforce development and support collaborative programs between localities, public entities and private companies. “GO Virginia encourages regional collaboration between business, […]

89% of Israel’s ecosystems have lost biodiversity, state comptroller says

Almost all of Israel’s ecosystems are losing their biological diversity, the state comptroller said in a report released Tuesday on preventing damage from invasive species and protecting biodiversity. “About 89% of ecosystems in Israel have declined in terms of biodiversity,” the report said. He also said the state does not have a strategic action plan […]

Dell and Snowflake Show the Importance of Partner Ecosystems

Dell Technologies Inc. recently announced that it will partner with Snowflake Inc., a cloud-based data storage and analytics service called “Data Warehouse as a Service”, to work together to connect the Dell’s storage portfolio at Snowflake Data Cloud. This collaboration will be a first of its kind, providing Dell customers with greater flexibility to manage […]

Ecosystem Effects of Pesticide Reduction

image: INRS Professor Valérie Langlois is an expert in ecotoxicogenomics. to see After Credit: INRS Pesticides affect the health of agricultural soils and waterways. But how do living organisms in our ecosystems react if we reduce the use of these contaminants? Professor Valérie Langlois of the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) is looking for […]

Effects on ecosystems of reducing pesticide use

“This knowledge, so far incomplete or absent for pesticide mixtures, is essential to support and justify the transition to sustainable agriculture that respects the environment,” says ecotoxicogenomics expert Valérie Langlois. “We need to make it clear that reducing pesticide use has significant benefits to an ecosystem’s soil and water and a limited effect on agricultural […]

Master Naturalists Advocate for Ecosystem Diversity, Program

URBANA — Diverse ecosystems are healthy ecosystems. Fauna, plants and fungi are naturally interconnected and dependent on each other. The same goes for those who defend the environment: diversity makes them stronger. The University of Illinois Extension Master Naturalist Program makes intentional efforts to diversify its volunteer workforce and program reach. Extension provides scientific training […]

Indigenous peoples have harvested huge amounts of seafood without harming ecosystems

Eroding archaeological site on the east coast of Maryland. Sites like this contain massive amounts of oysters harvested over 1,000 years ago and were key in forming the basis of this study.Photo: Torben Rick Before the arrival of European colonizers in the Americas and other parts of the world, indigenous peoples had been farming tons […]

Heat, drought, fire, hunger: studies predict ‘fierce’ conditions as ecosystems evolve

This story includes details about the impacts of climate change that may be difficult for some readers. If you feel overwhelmed by this crisis situation here is a list of resources on how to deal with fears and feelings about the scale and pace of the climate crisis. The hot weather hit India earlier than […]

Book shows how building biomass ecosystems on degraded land is gaining momentum

A nyamplung tree. Photo credit: CIFOR In recent years, a gradual transformation has taken place in parts of the Indonesian landscape. In East Kalimantan, for example, where once the land was scarred and the soil depleted of vital nutrients by fire, birds, insects, bees and butterflies are now finding habitats. They are attracted to newly […]

Dieter Bohn leaves The Verge to join Google’s Platforms & Ecosystems team

Dieter Bohn, editor of The Verge, has announced his departure from the tech news site. Bohn will join Google’s Android and Chrome development teams. He previously co-founded Android Central and iMore before co-founding The Verge in 2011. The Verge’s Dieter Bohn is starting a new chapter in his career. Bohn announced his departure from the […]

Midlands Voices: Prescribed burning plays a key role in sustaining Nebraska’s ecosystems | Columnists

Sara Simmons Ecology is a vast topic with profound implications that affect us all globally. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the impact these concepts can have on us here at the local level. Ecological interactions are at play here in our own backyard: Nebraska. A key ecological principle is that of the organization […]

Creation of a collection of soil ecosystems | Mirage News

Researchers from the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), a user facility of the Department of Energy at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, team up with collaborators to collect soil cores from various ecosystems , including urban, agricultural, grassland, forest and desert ecosystems. North America. Through the 1000 Soil Research Pilot Project, EMSL is at the […]

Adriatic ecosystems resist major climate change but die back under human impact, study finds

According to new research, human activities rather than climate change are having a more devastating effect on snail communities. An analysis of over 70,000 fossils indicates that mollusc communities were incredibly resilient to major climate changes during the last ice age. Scientists from the Florida Museum of Natural History and several European research institutes have […]

Breakthrough Properties raises $3 billion to develop next-generation life science ecosystems

Breakthrough Properties, a joint venture of Tishman Speyer and Bellco Capital, today announced the final closings of the Breakthrough Life Science Property Fund. The company has raised $3 billion in direct capital and co-investments, to develop a world-class portfolio of ecosystems for dynamic early-stage, mid-stage and late-stage life sciences companies. The $3 billion raised in […]

3D printing method could curb reef devastation plaguing coral ecosystems | JNS

The world’s coral reefs are disappearing due to many factors such as global warming and accelerated urbanization of coastal areas, which are putting enormous pressure on marine life. “The rapid decline of coral reefs has increased the need to explore interdisciplinary methods for reef restoration,” says Natalie Levy, PhD. student at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat […]

Oppenheimer’s donation fuels African Ecosystems Program

Africa-led and Africa-focused program to influence thinking and action on the continent Research partners in South Africa and the UK have launched a program to study the best ways to safeguard African ecosystems. The Future Ecosystems for Africa program is a partnership between the research and conservation charity arm of the wealthy Oppenheimer family, the […]

The importance of pollinator species diversity in wild ecosystems

According to a new study by a team of researchers, including University of Maryland entomologist Michael Roswell, a meadow’s lush array of flowers need a whole phalanx of bees to pollinate them – far more than bees and bumblebees that most people are familiar with. A postdoctoral associate in the Department of Entomology, Roswell helped […]

Global warming is altering glacier-fed stream ecosystems around the world

According to two recent studies conducted as part of the Vanishing Glaciers Project, the ecosystems of glacier-fed streams are undergoing profound changes around the world. This could have major implications for the food chain and the natural carbon cycle. Glacier-fed stream ecosystems have survived harsh, nutrient-poor environmental conditions for thousands of years, but are now […]

Know Your SBA Disaster Loans

Those affected by local catastrophes such as tornadoes, floods, and fires may apply for SBA disaster loans. The SBA provides loans to qualifying borrowers in federally designated disaster zones. You may use SBA disaster aid to repair property damage, personal property, equipment, and inventory. An SBA Disaster Loan After a declared catastrophe, the SBA funds […]

How the Pollinator Pathways Project is turning Middletown lawns into thriving ecosystems

MIDDLETOWN – A number of local, environmentally conscious groups have joined together in a common mission to educate people to rethink the idea of ​​having a lawn, the importance of keeping native plants in their yard and the reasons behind it. avoid pesticides and insecticides. The Northeast Pollinator Pathway project, launched in 2017, has expanded […]

Federal Laws Threaten Biodiversity Ecosystems

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to review the “scope limitation” of “waters of the United States” (WOTUS), which is an important part of the Clean Water Act of 1972, is likely to further threaten the biodiverse ecosystems of America. The Clean Water Act refers to WOTUS but does not clearly define it, leaving its definition […]

Costa Rica increases the protection of its ecosystems by more than 16 million hectares:

According to the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica has increased, in the last two years, the protection of its ecosystems by a total of 16,118,476 hectares. The extension of protected areas is part of the various actions undertaken by the country in the fight against climate change, including the High Ambition Coalition for […]

What are we doing to preserve the aquatic ecosystems of Colony Farm Park?

Researchers are at Colony Farm Regional Park to study the environmental impacts of massive flooding on fish – and the governments of British Columbia and Canada are getting on it. A Port Coquitlam-based project to maintain and preserve the health of a local watershed is receiving provincial and national funding to make it possible. The […]

Protecting Brazil’s Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Using Isotope Techniques

As a red tide event stretched more than 200km from Rio de Janeiro’s coastline late last year, lasting more than eight weeks, it colored the light blue waters a dark reddish-brown , which chased bathers on the coast of Arraial do Cabo. In the high tides of Praia Vermelha beach, dead jellyfish were observed, assumed […]

Latest buzz: rare bees are an integral part of diverse and resilient ecosystems

A bee of the genus Ceratina on a morning glory flower, genus Ipomoea. (Photo by Joe Zientek) Honey bees are big business. As primary pollinators for about a third of all US agricultural production, they contribute at least $15 billion a year to the US economy. Wild bees also contribute to US agricultural yields, increasing […]

Humans are disrupting a 66 million year old fundamental feature of ecosystems – ‘This has never happened before’

An illustration depicting herbivorous (green), omnivorous (purple), invertivorous (yellow), and carnivorous (red) mammals. Each column includes mammalian species extinct over the past 2.58 million years (light shade); those expected to be lost in the near future (medium shade, probability of extinction > 50%); and those likely to persist (dark tint, probability of extinction

Adriatic ecosystems resist major climate change but die back under human impact

An analysis of over 70,000 fossils indicates that mollusc communities were incredibly resilient to major climate changes during the last ice age. Scientists from the Florida Museum of Natural History and several European research institutes have tracked the history of Adriatic ecosystems through two warm periods that marked the most recent glacial expansion. Their results […]

Methane from waste should not be wasted: Exploring landfill ecosystems

April 18, 2022 Every year, humans around the world produce billions of tons of solid waste. About 70% of this waste ends up being deposited in landfills, where it slowly decomposes. Yet what may seem like an inert accumulation of useless debris is actually a complex ecosystem, teeming with microbial activity. Large communities of microorganisms […]

Field campaign in California to help scientists protect diverse ecosystems

SHIFT is a campaign orientation for the proposed Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) satellite mission, part of NASA’s Earth System Observatory, a set of future Earth-focused missions aimed at combating against climate change and its consequences for health, natural resources, risks, and food security. SHIFT researchers are also collecting and analyzing samples on the ground, […]

Warming seas could fundamentally alter marine ecosystems, study finds

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Rising global temperatures spurred by human-made greenhouse gas emissions could destabilize the marine food web and prevent fish – especially predators – from keeping up with a rapidly changing ecosystem, say researchers. The Rutgers University study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, created a model that analyzed predator and […]

Hospital systems must develop next-generation care ecosystems

Q: How can I create a healthy business ecosystem? A: The coronavirus pandemic has forced most industries to rethink their business models. For Minnesota’s healthcare systems, the need to implement new models of care has accelerated change, and those changes are now transforming them into business ecosystems. Ecosystems are a collection of disparate initiatives combined […]

Latin American Artists in Residence Create Sculptural Ecosystems in New London

NEW LONDON — Two fragile ecosystems populated by imaginary animals and shifting polygonal shapes create a small-scale but monumental world in a sculptural new installation at the Expressiones Cultural Center at 84 Bank St., on view until April 30. The collaborative show, called “Trailblazing,” is the culmination of artists Iliana Scheggia and Ramón Ostolaza’s 3-month […]

Climate change will reshuffle marine ecosystems in unexpected ways – “Like putting marine biodiversity in a blender”

Large predatory fish are expected to lag temperature changes due to food web dynamics. A sophisticated model reveals how predator-prey relationships affect species ranges. According to a new study from Rutgers, warming oceans due to climate change will mean fewer productive fish species to catch in the future. The new study, published in the journal […]

TreePeople will plant 30,000 native plants to restore ecosystems

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — TreePeople will plant 30,000 native plants in the mountains of Los Angeles County over the next few years, with the help of community volunteers who recently showed up to start the restoration project. “We don’t want to rely on the height of the container. You want to base the height on […]

How Digital Finance Ecosystems Are Evolving

Eliminating the Pain Point of Traditional Banking Neri Tollardo, chief strategy officer at Tinkoff, a branchless credit card monoliner since its inception in 2006, now looks more like a tech company with banking and brokerage licenses. It serves more than 20 million customers with a full range of financial and lifestyle services through its digital […]

Why We Know So Little About Cannabis Farm Ecosystems

This article was originally published on High Country News. Phoebe Parker-Shames is, to her knowledge, the first doctoral student. ecology student to focus only on cannabis. Since arriving at UC Berkeley six years ago, she has been collecting data on wildlife and the cannabis industry in southern Oregon, where she is from, focusing on the […]

Local awareness of subantarctic ecosystems

A Balclutha photographer hopes his recent trip to parts of the Southern Ocean will raise awareness of endangered bird species and the fragile ecosystems found there. Richard Schofield left Bluff on December 31 on board Spirit of Enderbyan expedition ship that can accommodate 50 passengers. He traveled about 660 km to Campbell Island, where he […]

Awareness of subantarctic ecosystems

A Balclutha photographer hopes his recent trip to parts of the Southern Ocean will raise awareness of endangered bird species and the fragile ecosystems found there. Richard Schofield left Bluff on December 31 on board Spirit of Enderbyan expedition ship that can accommodate 50 passengers. He traveled about 660 km to Campbell Island, where he […]

Study cities and ecosystems as complex systems

Have you ever wondered why birds, when flying in groups, flock together? Surprisingly, in such herding behavior exhibited by birds, there is no central coordination. And all individual birds follow simple rules that result in an emergent behavior called flocking. Researchers are applying a new and emerging area of ​​complexity theory, building models to mimic […]

Right Density: How Sound Planning Can Turn Neighborhoods into Ecosystems

Under difficult circumstances, Auckland is changing faster than it has ever done before. We asked local and global experts to explain how Tāmaki is progressing and what actions are still needed to make it a truly modern city. Skye Duncan is a New Zealand urban planner who spent 15 years in New York City, eight […]

Minister says natural ecosystems are being destroyed in Wicklow due to illegal burning

Patrols and aerial surveillance are being stepped up after devastating fires in the Wicklow Mountains over the past week. Illegal gorse burning has devastating effects on biodiversity. In a word The Minister responsible for the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), Malcolm Noonan, made the announcement as he toured some of the 300 hectares of […]

Tropical Sea Cucumbers in Trouble – Critics for Ocean Ecosystem Health

White teatfish in the southern Great Barrier Reef. Credit: Steve Purcell Sea cucumbers are essential to the health of ocean ecosystems. Researchers call for better protection of tropical sea cucumbers in the Great Barrier Reef whose numbers are declining due to persistent and growing overexploitation. New research reveals that overexploitation has put tropical sea cucumber […]

The Weather Network – “Wave reserves” at popular surf spots could protect ecosystems, study finds

Some of the finest surfing destinations are in areas with unique landscapes, high levels of biodiversity and are generally maintained by the local community to protect the natural beauty of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, many of these surf spots are facing stress from human activity, such as ocean acidification and seabed dredging, which could compromise the […]

Shaw Nature Preserve focuses on forest management to maintain healthy ecosystems

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. – March 21 is the International Day of Forests, a day to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests around the world for the benefit of current and future generations. At Shaw Nature Reserve, a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden, they work daily to manage their 2,400 acres […]

Tree survival strategy: New study sheds light on how forest ecosystems survive damaging winds

Forest ecosystems and their trees are known for their vital role in not only providing natural habitats and ecological refuge for animals, but they also serve as a reservoir in the event of massive flooding due to heavy rains and other storms. However, some trees are unable to escape the impact of destructive winds. A […]

Some recovery for ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef, in 2021

Recent heavy rains across New South Wales and Queensland have replenished water catchments and dams that were already full, causing flooding and dramatic damage, he said. Despite signs of recovery, the country’s biodiversity deteriorated further last year, with 12 species declared extinct and 34 others added to the endangered species list. “The two most recent […]

Analysis: War destroys ecosystems as surely as it destroys lives

As war and conflict rage in Ukraine, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya and elsewhere in the world, it is important to consider the long-term effects of military conflict, which can destroy the environment as well easily that they destroy lives. Revelator Reports. Here are 10 of the most dangerous ways war affects the animals and plants […]

Ecosystems improve the future of women’s work

– By Mamta Sharma, SVP-HR, Global Services & IndiaFor businesses to grow and prosper, the evolving future of work must be fair for all. Automation has been the great leveler of this decade, creating greater demand for talent in basic engineering and niche technologies, as well as hybrid work opportunities to advance the careers of […]

Research reveals how global ecosystems produce greenhouse gas emissions

Icelandic researchers examine cotton in the river and record decomposition data. Their findings helped identify the drivers of river pollution. Credit: Oakland University Biology researchers from Oakland University have teamed up with scientists around the world to understand the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions produced by ecosystems and environmental change. Their findings offer new methods […]

Ecosystems with Ulrike Deetjen | McKinsey & Company

March 8, 2022“Ecosystems” is probably one of the most frequently heard buzzwords in conference rooms, and for good reason. To be successful over the long term, insurers need to properly address ecosystems. McKinsey spoke with Ulrike Deetjen, partner in the Stuttgart office, to learn more about ecosystems for insurers and their benefits. McKinsey: What are […]

Doncaster’s new model for improving skills – FE News

A local Talent and Innovation Ecosystem (TIE) is key to leveling deep inequalities in cities like Doncaster A new report from the Commission on Lifelong Learning, “Learning ecosystems: a new model for improving skills in Doncaster” argues that the supply of skills needs to be organized locally if low-skills areas like Doncaster are to thrive. […]

The Verge editor joins Google’s Platforms & Ecosystems team

Google has hired The Verge editor Dieter Bohn for its Android and Chrome division. Bohn posted his final notes on The Verge’s website, saying he was joining Google to “work on the Platforms & Ecosystems team.” The exact role is still unknown. “I’m excited to help shape the future of software platforms like Android and […]

Tire particle pollution can harm freshwater and estuarine ecosystems

The tiny particles that come off tires are likely harming freshwater and coastal estuary ecosystems, according to a pair of recent studies from Oregon State University (OSU). The first study, published in Chemosphere last month found that exposure to tire particles had harmful effects on organisms in coastal estuaries, while the second, published in the […]

Bad news for Kenyan ecosystems on World Wetlands Day

Mining and agricultural activities have destroyed nearly half of Kenya’s wetlands over the past 50 years, according to two reports. Ahead of events marking World Wetlands Day on Wednesday, a report by the National Environmental Complaints Committee found that the area of ​​wetlands had shrunk by around 40% between 1970 and 2021. The decline has […]

OU Research Collaboration Reveals Drivers of Global Ecosystem Greenhouse Gas Emissions -2022 – Biological Sciences – News – OU Magazine

Biology researchers from Oakland University have teamed up with scientists around the world to understand the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions produced by ecosystems and the environment change. Their findings offer new methods and baseline information for tracking ecosystem changes as the earth warms. Microbes such as bacteria and fungi naturally break down organic matter […]

OU research collaboration reveals drivers of greenhouse gas emissions from global ecosystems

Biology researchers from Oakland University have teamed up with scientists around the world to understand the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions produced by ecosystems and the environment change. Their findings offer new methods and baseline information for tracking ecosystem changes as the earth warms. Microbes such as bacteria and fungi naturally break down organic matter […]

Transformed healthcare ecosystems | Deloitte Insights

But health financing database Rock Health noted that changes in business models, increased emphasis on direct-to-consumer and even business-to-consumer-to-business, and infrastructure and pools of talents, can have the biggest impact on the sector. moving forward.5 Venture capitalists, private equity, healthcare organizations and other investors have already started investing in startups that are called platforms. For […]

Saline pollution threatens freshwater ecosystems •

Throughout North America and Europe, human activities are responsible for introducing salt pollution into freshwater ecosystems. Sodium chloride is widely used to melt ice on roads in winter, and inorganic fertilizers contain various salts that can dissolve in rainwater and run off into local waterways. Mining operations also introduce salts into the environment, many of […]

The Italian Parliament enshrines biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems in the Constitution

WWF Italy welcomes a recent amendment to include safeguarding ecosystems and biodiversity in the Italian constitution as an “important first step” in harmonizing the country’s legal system with European and international environmental principles. The Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, described the change in law as an “epoch”, writes EuroNews.Green. “It is right that the […]

Science Moab talks to ecologist Liz Ballenger about protecting the park’s ecosystems from climate change | get out and go

Many efforts are underway with Southwest National Parks to restore degraded ecosystems. From monitoring non-native species to anticipating the effects of climate change, national parks in southeastern Utah are actively managed to maintain or restore their ecological function. Here, Science Moab talks with NPS Ecologist Liz Ballenger about what ecological restoration means for the Utah […]

Mobile ecosystems: recourse by the UK Competition and Merger Authority

In this latest installment of our summer reading series, we outline the potential remedies proposed by the UK’s Competition and Mergers Authority to address Google and Apple’s dominance in the mobile ecosystem. The CMA warns: “..any future proposed interventions to promote greater competition in this sector should not be limited to considerations within a single, […]

Reintroducing large mammals could restore global ecosystems

Explore ecoregions To assess the state of the world’s ecosystems, researchers have divided the planet into ecoregions, or areas containing distinct natural communities. The number of large mammals in each was noted and compared to historical records. The analysis revealed that only about 6% of the places surveyed had large mammal communities similar to those […]

Belize Highlights the Great Blue Hole, Belize’s Cultural and Marine Ecosystems at Taiwan Lantern Festival

Views : 37 Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2022. 10:17 p.m. CST. Photo credit: Embassy of Belize in Taiwan By Ruben Morales Iglesias: The Belize Lantern at the National Taiwan Lantern Festival highlights the Great Blue Hole, Belize’s cultural and marine ecosystems. The Belize Lantern at Taiwan’s National Lantern Festival highlights the Great Blue […]