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Guest Opinion: To restore California’s ecosystems, we need to embrace smarter permits | News

California’s ecosystems underpin the state’s economy: they nurture and protect the state’s water supply, shorelines, agriculture, fisheries and wildlife. But many of these ecosystems are in very poor health, and climate change is now accelerating the loss of biodiversity already underway. Ecosystem degradation is having ripple effects across the state. Serious water supply problems, dwindling […]

How light pollution disorients ecosystems

Living things depend on the daily cycle of light and dark which governs behaviors such as reproduction, sleep and migration Looking at the night sky, stars and other astronomical objects is an absolute delight. Who can forget the synchronized movement of fireflies on a dark night? While these phenomena can still be observed in rural […]

What could the disappearance of insects mean for the ecosystems that sustain us?

A few days ago, I opened a jar of honey that I hadn’t touched in months. The thick golden molasses was strewn with black spots – ants that had died after gorging on nectar. It was something I hadn’t seen in years. It now seems far away that a forgotten candy bar, a piece of […]

Plastic foam pellets threaten Thousand Islands ecosystems

August 20, 2021 — Walking along the shore of the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River, the beaches can seem picturesque and pristine. However, on closer inspection, a barely perceptible form of pollution is encroaching on the natural ecosystem. Small blue and white plastic foam particles accumulate along the sand, become entangled in plant […]

How Hurricanes Actually Help Florida’s Ecosystems Thrive

In the middle of hurricane season, most people dread hearing of an oncoming storm, but Kelly Kibler, an associate professor of water resources engineering at UCF, says storms actually benefit people. our state in some respects. Kibler spoke to News 6 anchors Matt Austin and Ginger Gadsden on Florida’s Fourth Estate podcast about the positive […]

Research shows flying birds, schools of fish and other collective movements can stabilize ecosystems | News

In addition to being visually stunning, schools of herring, herds of wildebeest and countless other groups of organisms acting in concert can help complex ecosystems maintain their diversity and stability, according to new research from the Oregon State University. Published today in Nature Ecology and Evolution, the study demonstrates that when individuals come together to […]

Both a research entity and a tourist attraction, Biosphere 2 is home to unique ecosystems

Biosphere 2 rises from the desert in Arizona. (Glen Rosales/For the Albuquerque Journal) ORACLE, Ariz. — Decades ago, the thought of a group of humans locked in a life-cycle experiment was pure science fiction — until a group of visionaries realized this on a pristine 40-acre slice of the Sonoran Desert north of Tucson. For […]

The behavior of organisms can stabilize and diversify ecosystems

August 13, 2021Reviewed by Alex Smith Herds of wildebeest, schools of herring and various other groups of organisms that live together are not only visually stunning, but capable of supporting complex ecosystems for life, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University. maintain diversity and stability. Blue rockfish. Image credit: Oregon State […]

Analyze the impact of agricultural activity on ecosystems

How a multi-stakeholder project, MOCUPP, is moving Costa Rica towards sustainable practices to protect the country’s biodiversity Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, containing nearly 6 percent of global biodiversity. As a result, its ecosystem provides a range of services, including wood and timber, plants and fruits, among many […]

Study finds kelp is key to California’s coastal ecosystems

A lush canopy is a defining characteristic of most forests on the planet. But canopy-forming species can be particularly vulnerable to disturbance and environmental change – even forests that lie under the sea. But what is a forest without its trees? Researchers from the University of Virginia and the University of California, Santa Barbara are […]

Tyrannosaurs dominated their Cretaceous ecosystems | Science

Paleontologist François Therrien measures the jaws of a Gorgosaurus. Royal Tyrrell Museum tyrannosaurus rex may be the most perfect dinosaur name ever invented. What else would you call a carnivorous, bipedal reptile that could grow to over 40 feet in length and weigh over nine tons? The size and apparent ferocity of T. rex was […]

Researcher focuses on restoring disturbed ecosystems

Bob Shriver, assistant professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, focuses his teaching and research on understanding and predicting how local plant population demographics, such as survival and growth, respond to climate, disturbance and human management. As part of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources, Shriver’s work centers on restoration […]

Goldfish Thrown Into Lakes Reaching Over 1 Foot, Threatening Ecosystems | Invasive species

Minnesota authorities have called on aquarium owners to stop releasing pet fish into waterways, after several huge goldfish were pulled from a local lake. Officials in Burnsville, about 15 miles south of Minneapolis, said released goldfish can grow several times their normal size and wreak havoc on native species. “Please don’t release your goldfish into […]

We can still save the planet’s fragile ecosystems

It’s “our last chance to avert climate catastrophe, reverse the deadly tide of pollution, and halt species loss.” The planet’s ecosystems, from forests to grasslands to coral reefs, are in a precarious state. If we continue to cut down trees, turn grasslands into farmland and decimate coral reefs, many ecosystems will soon reach a point […]

Mending the broken relationship with nature: tackling the nexus between biodiversity, ecosystems, health and climate change after COVID-19 – World

Summary This policy brief highlights how human health is directly linked to the state of biodiversity and climate change in the Asia-Pacific region. Improving human health and mitigating future health disasters requires addressing these causal factors simultaneously in an integrated manner. The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus is a zoonotic disease, transmitted from animals to humans. Zoonotic […]

Climate change could cause ‘irreversible impacts’ on lake ecosystems

By Ayesha Tandon New research shows that lake “stratification periods” – a seasonal separation of water into layers – will last longer in a warmer climate. These longer stratification periods could have “far-reaching implications” for lake ecosystems, according to the article, and can lead to toxic algal blooms, fish kills and increased methane emissions. The […]

Only 3% of the world’s ecosystems remain intact, study finds | Wildlife

According to a study, only 3% of the world’s land remains ecologically intact with healthy populations of all its native animals and undisturbed habitat. These fragments of wilderness undamaged by human activities are mainly found in parts of the rainforests of the Amazon and Congo, the forests and tundra of eastern Siberia and northern Canada […]

The coronavirus pandemic linked to the destruction of the world’s wildlife and ecosystems

By Charlie Shield After the novel coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China in late December 2019, it didn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to claim it was made in a nearby lab. The scientific consensus, on the other hand, is that the virus – SARS-CoV-2 – is a zoonotic disease that jumped from animals to humans. […]

Runaway global warming could collapse entire ecosystems, perhaps within 10 years

Global warming is about to tear big holes in Earth’s delicate web of life, pushing temperatures beyond the tolerance of thousands of animals at once. As some key species disappear, entire ecosystems like coral reefs and forests will collapse, and some will collapse abruptly, starting this decade, a new study in the journal Nature warns. […]

Oil-coated water droplets are mini-ecosystems for microbes

Oil-coated water droplets are mini-ecosystems for microbes by Timothy Oleson Tuesday December 9th, 2014 Oil rising from underground is solidifying into asphalt over much of Pitch Lake on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. In places, it also reaches the surface in liquid form. Credit: Rainer Meckenstock. Dark, muddy oil may not seem like a suitable […]