Climate change activist blocks Sydney Harbor Tunnel causing major traffic delays

A number of streets across Sydney, including the Sydney Harbor Tunnel, were blocked off by climate activists this morning.

Police have been forced to respond to reports that a climate activist blocked the southbound lane of the Sydney Harbor Tunnel this morning.

The 22-year-old Lismore woman blocked the road with her white car around 8am this morning, causing major disruption to morning commuters.

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The woman broadcast the incident live, telling viewers she couldn’t “keep quiet” anymore.

“I saw a lot of devastation with two century-old floods. It’s climate change. I can no longer be silent. I can’t be complacent anymore. The colony of Australia, this destructive colonial system landed here determined to spread exploitative practices all over the earth,” she said.

“To people who are really angry right now, I get it, and that’s not a good thing to experience. You know what? Climate change is not a good thing to experience.

The protester named Mali went on to say that she had seen friends and family “lose everything” to the Lismore floods.

“There are a lot of people screaming, it’s quite overwhelming, but it’s been an overwhelming year. I was lucky in Lismore but saw people I love lost and places I love destroyed,” she said.

Police were forced to divert all Harbor Tunnel traffic to the Sydney Harbor Bridge as authorities apprehended the protester involved.

The Sydney Harbor Tunnel protest is one of many to take place in the city this morning, with at least 100 ‘lockdown Australia’ protesters blocking the busy streets of the CBD.

Protesters were seen blocking streets with wheelie bins, crates, road signs and other items.

The group says it is trying to draw attention to inaction on climate change.

Police believe more protests are likely to occur over the next few days.

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