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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There are many “rules” about food, but implementing simple eating guidelines can help you eat mindfully and feel better.

Kaitlyn Wong, registered dietitian with the Community Health Network, says your goal shouldn’t always be What you eat, but How? ‘Or’ What you eat it. She breaks down her two guidelines to make eating more mindful.

“So there are a lot of ‘food rules,’ but we want to break them down to just use our common sense, and often that means just slowing down and adjusting to your body to eat the right things,” Wong said.

Her tip for eating more slowly: set a timer.

“I just want you to start by seeing how long it takes you to eat breakfast and then can we extend that for a few minutes because it takes your body a while to register if it’s full “Wong said.

She says your meals should take at least 20 minutes to consume.

Mindful eating doesn’t just involve how long it takes to eat your meal, but actually rewiring what you think about digestion.

“So digestion really starts the moment we think about food,” Wong said. “So when we slow down and smell the food, we look at the food, we smell the food, that digestion process is already starting. Your body is already working on this food before it even hits your mouth.

Taking these suggestions and making eating more mindful has three main benefits, according to Wong:

  • More fun to eat
  • Decreased consumption of less desirable choices
  • Increased body awareness

For more information on mindful eating, visit Community Health Website.