Cooler and drier Wednesday with rain in the afternoon

INDIANAPOLIS — Clouds rolled out Tuesday afternoon after a quick series of showers across much of central Indiana. Skies will clear with drier air and temperatures will cool rapidly throughout the evening. Despite the more comfortable feel however, an increase in our chances of seeing rain is within 24 hours…

Strong storms arrive on Wednesday

As this gradual weather pattern continues, a clear early morning will become mostly cloudy in the afternoon. A front that will have bowed to the south of the state will jump north in front of an invigorated southerly wind. This will destabilize the atmosphere enough that central Indiana faces an afternoon storm threat with general shower activity in the northern part of the state. Rain is most likely to fall in the 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. window. A few strong to severe thunderstorms posing a threat of wind and hail are possible in those areas south of the front. Our skies will begin to clear rapidly overnight.

Cooler on weekends and weekends

Temperatures will drop as we head into Thursday as the aforementioned front comes out for the last time and carries Canadian air across the state. Mostly to partly sunny skies will be with us all day with temperatures ranging from the mid 50s to the upper 70s. However, the break in active weather will once again be brief with the return of showers on Friday. Although there may still be sunshine, a few periods of rain at midday are also expected.

Saturday and Sunday can be near perfect weather days in the majority of Hoosier State. The high will return just in time for the weekend and its presence will preclude any possibility of significant rain. Mild weather will persist with highs in the mid to above 70s as well. Make those outdoor plans!