Cooler and more seasonal week, cloudy Tuesday, according to the weather service

Cooler, the weather is back more seasonal on Monday after an unusually warm weekend that felt more like summer than late spring.

The National Weather Service says temperatures this past weekend were in the 80s and 90s, but are expected to return to what’s much more normal for this time of year — the 60s and 70s this week — with nighttime temperatures in the 50s.

The Monday sun arrives with a high of around 72 degrees with light breezes and a low of 56.

The weather service said we can expect cloud filled skies and a high of just 68 on Tuesday and partly sunny Wednesday with a high of 67. There is a small chance of showers on Thursday, but that chance is rising as the day continues and the showers are probably Friday.

There’s a good chance of plenty of sunshine for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, at least for Saturday and Sunday, the weather service said. Temperatures are expected to be the most modest of the mid-70s, milder than the scorching hot of the past weekend.

The weather service reminds that with the holiday weekend – and the gateway to summer – looming, this week is National Boating Safety Week.

This means it’s time to review all safety protocols if you’re using a boat, including making sure you wear a life jacket, make sure life jackets fit properly and are Coast Guard approved. American, and that you are familiar with the state navigation laws. Make sure you have taken a boating safety course or have had a refresher course, that your boat is prepared following a safety check and that you know the capacity of your boat so as not to overload it.

Also, always have a float plan, be aware of carbon monoxide hazards, follow boating guidelines, and don’t drink and drive your boat. For more information, visit the National Safe Boating Council webpage at