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A regional council is working on a climate change adaptation plan, with more frequent storms, bushfires and heat waves expected to impact the community. Golden Plains Shire is asking for community input to shape the new Climate Emergency Plan for the next 10 years to mitigate, adapt and respond to climate change. Mayor Cr Gavin Gamble said the plan was the next step after the council declared a climate emergency in July 2021. “Local governments play a crucial role in helping communities and the environment thrive in a safe climate. , now and for future generations. he said. The Golden Plains Climate Emergency Plan 2022-2032 will examine climate change in the county, including the impact of increased extreme weather events on infrastructure, the environment and community health. A community inquiry was opened last week and will run until April 6 online or via a printed copy of the council’s customer service centres. The Council will also host an online workshop and three in-person workshops on climate emergencies with community members encouraged to share their ideas and visions for the plan. RELATED COVERAGE: Climate change heightens threat of bushfires as Australia records fourth hottest year ‘Council has opportunity to be innovative, collaborative, and take direct action to tackle change at the local level,” said Cr Gamble. “We are committed to doing our part in addressing the climate emergency. The plan is an important step in our mitigation and adaptation response in Golden Plains County.” The board looks forward to listen to community members.” Other Area councils have made commitments to climate action, including the City of Ballarat’s plan for 100% renewable energy by 2025 and roadmap from Hepburn Shire to a zero emissions roadmap RELATED COVERAGE: Ballarat’s climate is changing, how will we adapt Mornington Peninsula, Yarra and Brimbank have already adopted climate emergency plans. The Grampians Region Climate Adaptation 2021-2025 was released in December, one of six strategies being developed for the state. CSIRO projections show Ballarat’s climate could be more like Hamilton’s by 2050 , dreamed read the report. Daily maximum and minimum temperatures will continue to rise, with expectations of 0.9 to 1.7 degrees Celsius rise by the 2030s in the central highlands. The Grampians’ plan highlights the need for councils to integrate heatwave planning into municipal health and wellbeing plans. It also reveals a need to increase the fire resistance of the “built environment” and retrofit existing buildings for thermal efficiency to cope with rising temperatures. More information on community engagement opportunities can be found on the council’s website, Have you subscribed to The Courier’s variety of informational emails? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date with everything happening in Ballarat.