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Club members will show off their business savvy at a competition in Atlanta

Now that they’ve shown their business acumen at the state level, 11 students from Central Point’s Crater School of Business, Innovation and Science will compete against peers from around the world in an Atlanta-based competition later this month. .

The students, including senior Lillian Young, will attend the International Career Development Conference, scheduled for April 23-26, fresh from a similar event held in Portland for students from across Oregon.

“I’m really excited and proud of my teammates,” said Young, a two-time state champion in marketing communications. “We had such a great time at State in February, and just seeing them so well, I’m really looking forward to going to ICDC with them. (We’re) going to experience something new and hopefully -le, bring home some DECA glass together.

Mike Rogan, an instructor at the Crater School of Business, Innovation and Science who organized Crater’s Distributive Education Clubs of America nearly 25 years ago, applauded his students as they qualified for the international competition.

“I’m incredibly proud of this group of students,” Rogan said. “This group really worked harder, trained more often and spent more time on their success than any group I’ve had.”

According to a conference program booklet provided online by DECA, the annual international conference brings together 20,000 people, including 14,000 college students.

“It’s going to be crowded and it’s going to be intimidating,” Young said, “but we’re working and we know we can compete well.”

The conference includes competitions in marketing, finance, hospitality, management and entrepreneurship. Specific types of competitions on which students may be judged include marketing campaign events; professional sales and commercial operation

Young thinks students competing at their “personal best” don’t come without plenty of practice in the Central Point School District 6 classroom.

“We learn real-world job skills. We are challenged to become more creative (and) confident problem solvers,” she said.

Win or lose, Young said, the conference will be an opportunity to compete in person, which she and her teammates have been unable to do due to the pandemic.

“Getting along is a real gift,” Young said.

She added that while in Atlanta, serious as the conference is, team members will encourage each other “not to be too serious.”

“Just having the mindset of enjoying each other’s company is also very, very important,” Young said.

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