Creative Ecosystems is a digital garden serving common black creativity

That’s right :class=”without”> Are there other platforms or spaces like Creative Ecosystems, and what sets yours apart?class=”without”>

Annika Hansteen-Izora: Black Creative Ecosystems is part of a long line of black artists and writers who have come together in collectives. The Black Arts Movement and The Dark Room Collective were critical spaces for black poets and literature, and Where We At Black Women Artists was a collective that formed in response to the lack of space for black women in the movement feminist art. With the emergence of the Internet, there are more and more opportunities to expand our reach. What sets Creative Ecosystems apart is that we are an online space, and also that we are dedicated to radical dark imagination. Our definition of radical black imagination is one that is rooted in stories and futures of black trans people with disabilities who call for realities where all have access to agency and prosperity. We are interested in thinking that comes from perspectives outside the nonprofit industrial complex and takes a grassroots approach. We also distinguish ourselves by the fact that we focus on collective rather than individual creativity. Creative Ecosystems believes that community creativity is a tool to support agency, community, care, and the future of Black people.

That’s right :class=”without”> What are the major challenges you face? Likewise, what are the strengths of the work on creative ecosystems so far?class=”without”>

Annika Hansteen-Izora: Holding the limit of moving slowly is one of the biggest challenges. One of the values ​​that is close to my heart is to evolve at the pace of sustainability. The general energy around digital spaces is growing rapidly, to “move fast and break things up”. What interests me is growing at a pace that allows for centered care. Creative ecosystems are added to the repertoire slowly and continuously.

I would also say that expanding Black Creative Ecosystems to locations outside of the US is a challenge I’m happy to take on. We welcome submissions from Black creative ecosystems that support community creativity grounded in radical Black thought as a method to both imagine and create worlds that depart from practices of global domination.

The greatest strength of working on creative ecosystems is seeing the wide range of ways in which black community creative work is created. These are spaces that work outside of institutions, that build our own tables. It’s inspiring, to say the least. What’s been even more impactful is seeing artists connecting with each other using creative ecosystems, and moving from being connected online to being connected to more community-based learning and collaboration. thorough.

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Annika Hansteen-Izora: Share Creative Ecosystems with your circles to help us connect with other common black creative spaces so we can continue to grow. Follow Black Creative Ecosystems on Instagram at @creativeecosystems. Investment is also the best way to grow, those interested in supporting can contact [email protected]