Delhi Weather Update Latest IMD Monsoon Orange Alert Monsoon will hit Delhi Thursday Friday

New Delhi: With Delhi reeling from high humidity and sweltering humidity for a week, the meteorological service predicted that the monsoon would hit the nation’s capital on Thursday or Friday. From Wednesday evening, thunderstorms and light rain would hit Delhi, PTI reported.

On Wednesday morning, Safdarjung Observatory recorded a minimum temperature of 28.8 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature is expected to be 41 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday, the Safdarjung observatory had recorded a maximum temperature of 41.5 degrees Celsius but the heat index (HI) or “real feel” was recorded at 53 degrees.

The Heat Index (HI) is what the temperature “feels like” to the human body when relative humidity is combined with air temperature.

The wet bulb temperature also jumped to 33.7 degrees, the highest so far this year. Humans can withstand a wet bulb temperature of 35 degrees. Beyond that, the human body can no longer cool itself effectively through perspiration.

The wet bulb temperature is the lowest possible temperature that can be reached by evaporation of water in any given air condition. It takes into account temperature, humidity, wind speed, sun angle, cloud cover, etc. and is considered the best metric for calculating and monitoring heat stress on the human body.

The IMD issued an orange alert, warning of moderate rainfall in the city on June 30. The maximum temperature will drop to 33-34 degrees Celsius by July 1. The southwest monsoon usually arrives in the nation’s capital on June 27.

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IMD Senior Scientist RK Jenamani told PTI that there is a forecast of good rainfall in the city on June 30 and the arrival of the monsoon could be declared on Thursday or Friday.

“Pre-monsoon convection could bring light precipitation to the nation’s capital on Wednesday evening and relieve the heat,” Jenamani said as quoted by PTI.

Last year, the monsoon reached the nation’s capital on July 13, making it the most delayed in 19 years. The monsoon had entered a “pause” phase and there was virtually no progress from June 20 to July 8.

Asked about the delay in the arrival of the monsoon in Delhi, the senior scientist said a gap of about five days was considered normal.

“However, we have not seen any major weather systems developing in the Bay of Bengal (which could have pushed the monsoon forward). This year it is mainly a wind driven monsoon,” said Jenamani, quoted by PTI.

Meteorological experts said the monsoon is expected to produce good rainfall in Delhi in the first 10 days and help cover the rain deficit.

Since June 1, Delhi has received just 24.5mm of rainfall against a normal of 66.7mm. Everything took place between June 16 and June 20.