Eastern Washington football battles weather as new programs set up at spring camp

Now a little over halfway through spring training, Eastern Washington is focused on digesting newly changed patterns and new terminology, sprinkled over a similar base defense from a season ago.

With new coordinators on both sides of the ball, attacking and defensive players can spend more time perusing playbooks and focusing on cinema study.

“I feel like this pattern that we’re learning as a defense, it’s more related to our last pattern,” said redshirt junior Ely Doyle. “And, you know, me and us as a defense as a whole, we’re picking it up pretty well.”

Even with the new play calls coming to the field, head coach Aaron Best said not to expect the changes to be earth-shattering, using the adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Or this case, just modify it.

“We’re not going to stray too far from the success that we’ve had for a long time,” Best said.

Even so, the changes will need to be ironed out this spring, before players go on hiatus for the summer.

It didn’t help that on Friday the Eagles found four inches of snow burying Roos Field.

Spring football training at its best.

“You’re going to run into some of these situations, issues, problems, challenges and turbulence,” Best said.

Other weather conditions at Cheney didn’t create perfect conditions on the Inferno, but Monday’s weather was the best they’ve experienced on the field.

The practice schedule has been one day on the field, one day off as the roster enters its assignments and determines appropriate lineups in the new playbooks.

While this allowed the team to familiarize itself with its coordinators and their expectations, it limits the ability to thoroughly dissect specific positions, like who the 2022 Eagles quarterback will be.

That doesn’t mean the Eagles don’t have ratings on the five potential starters, they just haven’t been able to put them in specific situations or see them run full workouts longer than six games — all essential in deciding the most impactful position. in the field.

“Spring is always a bit pragmatic with different combinations,” Best said. “We try to go practice, film, practice, film, for reasons other than just breaking the monotony.”

Doyle, one of the Eags’ starting corners, said the team had spent a lot of time getting to know new coaches and players while plans were being put in place.

“I feel like as a whole team, we’re coming together and the camaraderie, the chemistry (increases),” Doyle said. “Right now, almost halfway through Spring Prom, we’re getting along great, getting to know some new patterns and just figuring out who we are as a team.”

Right now, Doyle said the team is working to be in a position where they don’t have to think, just to play with their instincts. The hardest part of spring training is replicating what the guys will experience on game day.

The fractions of a second the team can cut into their breaks and their decisions will decide football games this fall.

No matter how loud the music gets or how hard they hit each other, nothing can imitate Fall Saturdays.

“It doesn’t happen until Labor Day,” Best said. “While we want to simulate as much as possible, I think that’s kind of where we are. We’ve done a good job so far.”

“These guys are hungry and ready to be the best version of 2022 they can be,” Best said.