Feeling more like summer. but the cooler weather is not far away

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – Lots of sun around for the weekend and it will carry over into the new week and it will feel more like summer at times. The first day of fall arrives for Thursday and a front is looking to make changes just in time for the end of the week.

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Crossing at night, we observe mostly clear skies with only a few passing clouds occasionally. Temperatures will cool steadily and it will make for a cool and refreshing start to Monday morning. Most regions wake up to temperatures around 60 degrees, but a few rural areas will drop back into the upper 50s. The sun will return for the afternoon and that will help us warm up quickly.

Lots of heat and humidity ahead this week(WVLT)

If you’re a fan of warmer weather, the good news is that we have plenty to look forward to as Monday afternoon features highs in the upper 80s. Allow for a little more humidity with a southwesterly wind, it will feel a few degrees warmer. Be prepared for the heat to rise during the first half of the week as temperatures will be well above average.


Normally at this time of year we sit pretty close to 83 degrees during the afternoon, but for Tuesday and Wednesday we are looking at high temperatures closer to 90 and even in the mid 90s on Wednesday afternoon. midday. A weak front appears to be moving Monday evening into Tuesday morning bringing increasing cloud cover and a few spurious showers or splashes.

A stronger front moves in on Thursday and this appears to temporarily reverse the trend as the highs fall into the upper 70s on Friday with cool mornings as the lows head into the upper 50s. Something to watch for as we head through the week.

Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures ahead
Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures ahead(WVLT)