global warming: Climate change: the protection and restoration of ecosystems are the essential basis for human prosperity and well-being

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to humanity in the 21st century. It was stressed that there is an urgent need to further study the direct and indirect links of climate change with natural, biological and other human-induced hazards….

Understanding the nature of interconnected systemic hazards and risks is the basis of complex and cascading hazard and risk management for better prediction, preparedness and adaptation. This requires significant advances in understanding the role of anthropogenic systems, in recognizing precursor signals and associated correlations. The interconnectedness of climate change, biodiversity, environmental pollution, wildlife habitats and human health demands that all of these issues be addressed as a whole, with their multiple interactions.

The protection and restoration of ecosystems, as well as the wise use of its limited resources, are the essential basis for human prosperity and well-being. Recognizing this, the global community needs to better understand the link between climate change and One Health. In this article, we emphasize the link between climate change and One Health, and offer recommendations for approaches and implementations of the One Health concept to action taking into account climate change. We present key messages and recommendations.

Excerpted from “From Concept to Action: A United, Holistic, One Health Approach to Responding to the Climate Change Crisis”,