High Winds and Severe Weather Wednesday

Grant’s Tuesday Night Forecast

The fire danger continues Wednesday with windier weather but a chance of storms moving into eastern New Mexico. A few thunderstorms will be strong and violent.

Windier weather returns again Wednesday afternoon with south-southwesterly winds blowing at over 50 mph in parts of western and northern New Mexico. This will once again create a very high fire danger across the entire western half of New Mexico with extremely dry air also in place.

Meanwhile, in eastern New Mexico, southerly winds will suck in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, setting a dry line across that part of the state. In the afternoon, this dry line will be home to showers and scattered thunderstorms, some of which will be violent. Strong winds, damaging hail and heavy rain will be possible. Once again, the storms leave New Mexico at sunset, as the winds will also die down.

Calmer weather begins to set in from Thursday. Winds will still be gusty across much of the state on Thursday as dry air replaces the moisture that set in Wednesday. Red flag warnings will continue Thursday afternoon. On Friday however and through the weekend, an area of ​​high pressure is moving into the state. This will finally give us a well-deserved break from the windy weather. It will also bring even warmer temperatures and keep dry air in place at least early next week.