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It Was Warm Enough Monday To Bake Cookies On The Dashboard, And They Proved It

Cookies bake on the dashboard of a hot car Monday outside Ashley Furniture in Medford. [Photo courtesy of Jason Petsthe]

The finished product, fresh from the dashboard. [Photo courtesy of Jason Petsthe]

Although largely indifferent to the forecast for a week of triple-digit temperatures, workers at the Ashley Furniture store in Medford found a way to smile despite their suffering on Monday afternoon.

Store workers Tricia Bradford and Jason Petsthe decided to bake chocolate cookies – on the dashboard of a hot car.

Petsthe said it was “kind of a slow day at the store.”

Adding insult to injury, electricity was out at the Ashley Furniture warehouse, as well as other parts of Medford, and computers were down inside the store.

Petsthe brought the cookie dough to work, thinking about the shenanigans. Bradford immediately boarded.

“It took four hours in total,” Bradford said with a laugh.

“We just got the pre-made Nestlé stuff, and we put it on in the morning, around 11 a.m., and we kept checking it. At 3 p.m. it was 106 or 107 degrees, so probably 167 on the car dashboard.

Bradford said the cookies were a hit – for entertainment and snacking purposes.

“It’s outrageous that it’s so hot in Medford that you can bake cookies in a hot car. It’s like those Easy-Bake ovens we had when we were kids. We were all laughing when we realized it worked and they were actually crispy on the outside,” Bradford said.

“We were kidding, we should start putting our breakfast burritos on in the morning or maybe bring a cast iron skillet and cook some fried eggs.”

While it’s not exactly comfort food time, store workers had no concerns about the type of “appliance” used to cook their delicious treats.

“Everyone loved them,” Bradford said. “Warm cookies – fresh out of the car!”

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