Ireland weather: Met Eireann predicts ‘mini heat wave’ before major turnaround as temperatures drop below zero

Ireland is expected to experience mixed weather this week as temperatures remain high during the day before dropping below freezing at night.

Met Eireann predicted a mini heat wave to blast Ireland this week as sunny spells spread across the country with just a few isolated showers.

However, things will get cooler as the weekend approaches and temperatures will drop slightly.

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A forecaster said on Monday: “A sunny start tomorrow but increasing clouds throughout the morning with a few scattered showers in the afternoon before becoming a sunny evening again. Light easterly breeze and 11c to 16c, the warmer in the west.

Soak up the sun in Phoenix Park Dublin

Here is a more detailed look at the Met Eireann forecast.

Mainly dry this morning with good sunny spells and just a few showers from the east.

Towards the afternoon, clouds will gather accompanied by well scattered showers, becoming more isolated towards the evening.

Highest temperatures of 11 to 16 degrees, coolest in the east and mildest in the west, in light to moderate east to southeast breezes.

This evening will be dry and cool, with only a few persistent showers.

Lowest temperatures will range between 0 and 5 degrees, with grass frost forming under long clear periods.

Wednesday April 27

A dry and sunny start on Wednesday morning. The weather will become cloudier later in the morning and in the afternoon with a few showers.

Highest temperatures of 10 to 16 degrees, coolest in the north and mildest in the west and southwest, in light to moderate easterly breezes.

Dry and mostly clear overnight except for occasional showers.

Cold too, with low temperatures of -1 to +4 degrees in light breezes. A few patches of mist and fog will develop.

Thursday April 28

A cloudier day than the previous days, but there will still be some sunny spells.

Stay mostly dry with just an occasional shower. High temperatures of 11 to 15 degrees in mostly light easterly breezes.

Dry, clear and cool overnight as fog and mist patches will form again with light breezes or near calm conditions. Lowest temperatures from -1 to +4 degrees.

friday april 30

Another dry and sunny start to the day. Again clouds will build up accompanied by a few light showers.

High temperatures of 13 to 15 degrees in mostly light easterly breezes.

During the night, the lowest temperatures will generally hover between 1 and 5 degrees, but a little milder in the northwest as clouds build up overnight.

Saturday April 31

A largely cloudy day with a few spells of light rain and drizzle. High temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees in light, variable breezes.

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