Ireland weather: Met Éireann says record summer saw highest temperatures on record for July and August

The summer of 2022 in Ireland saw record temperatures set in July and August, with 10 weather stations breaking their all-time maximum daily temperature records.

Summer 2022 was the fifth season in a row where all weather stations across the country recorded above-average average temperatures, according to Met Éireann’s statement for the season.

After a wetter and colder than average June, Ireland saw an “unusually warm” continental air mass move over the country from the Azores on July 17-19, resulting in temperatures record at nine stations, including a new all-time daily temperature record. for July – 33c at Phoenix Park on July 18th.

This is the second highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland.

There were also heatwave conditions from August 9-14, which saw another record breaking period. Eleven weather stations broke their August daily temperature records, including a new all-time high temperature for the month – 32.1c in Durrow, Co Laois, on August 13.

Below average rainfall was recorded at all weather stations across the country this summer despite the rainy start to June, with Cork Airport recording less than half (49%) of the average rainfall for the season.

Newport, Co Mayo had the most rain throughout the summer with 311mm, close to the season’s average. It was nearly three times the amount of rain at Dublin Airport with 108mm for the summer – the lowest value recorded in Ireland.

The driest county this summer was Carlow, as Oak Park station had just 19 days this summer classified as wet days, while Newport had more than double that with 40.

Some weather stations reported dry spells of up to 21 days and at least six stations experienced a 17-day dry spell.

Heat waves were reported at seven synoptic stations in August and lasted between five and six days.

All parts of the country had above average sunshine levels, while Johnstown Castle in County Wexford had the most with 629 hours this summer. The lowest was Belmullet, Co Mayo, with 405 hours.