Joe’s Weather Blog: Not Finished With Cold Fronts (WED-6/22) | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Some areas experienced heavy storms overnight with another tree-thrashing wind knocking out power in areas, particularly parts of JOCO and Leavenworth Co. At one point, nearly 30,000 customers were without electricity. This seems to be a growing problem lately. The storms had winds of 40 to 60 MPH, mostly in the initial flow generated as they moved through eastern KS. For many years it wouldn’t have done this much damage… for some reason it seems like this year they are doing more damage than usual.

The strongest gust of wind I saw was a 64 MPH wind near downtown Lenexa. There were possibly stronger winds towards Leavenworth and Jefferson Co on the KS side.

Areas that saw rain had a good hit…between 1-2″…many though, especially on the south side of the metro, had little to no rain at all. There will be additional opportunities over the next few days as we sit on the edge of very warm weather and some relief.

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Today: Clouds with diminishing showers this morning… highs in the low to mid 80s

Tonight: Variable and mild clouds with lows near 70°

Tomorrow: There could be at least a few scattered showers/thunderstorms, the timing is in the afternoon. Peaks in the mid-80s

Friday: Another chance for early morning thunderstorms…then we might get warmer if warmer air spreads over the area. The highs could return to the 90-95° range.

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There weren’t a ton of severe weather reports in the immediate subway…

The W’s are strong gusts of wind

Again, but in some cases enough to knock down trees and tree branches which then hit the power lines… which then knocked out the power.

Rain did what I thought it would do…winners and a bunch of little to nothing, mostly SE of I-35

Once you get south of I-435 on the south side and US 50 from Lees Summit east….lean to next to nothing which is a shame as those areas haven’t seen much over the past two weeks.

There will be other opportunities. The storm front/flow that caused this was pushed south from the metro.

In fairness, the 8 a.m. surface map is a little chaotic this morning. There is a storm front/exit south of here.

Our next chances will be tied to one or two potential disturbances from the monsoon flow which brings rain to parts of the NM and CO. Another disturbance could be generated tomorrow and move across the plains later in the afternoon into a potentially more unstable air mass environment to the west of here.

SPC is monitoring this area for the potential for stronger to severe storms.

Serious risk is level 2/5 for areas west of the metro

Then depending on how that combines…there could be additional thunderstorms Friday morning as warmer air, the same air mass that was with us yesterday, tries to move up the I-35 corridor on the subway . So there may be two chances of rain tomorrow…one in the morning and one in the evening. Again, don’t rely on either wave to give you the moisture you need.

Friday’s pattern is a bit murkier…again, IF something could happen tomorrow…and IF the heat could hold up Friday as we transition…there could be some storms Friday morning.

Then for the weekend… the best chance may be later Saturday tied to a stronger front. We should be heating again in the 90s…the difference however from last night is that we may be more capped with the next front entering the area and the front may pass a little faster…reducing the heating somewhat, especially on the north side.

IF things slow down a bit, which is possible… then we would have more heat and instability to work with, but the cap will be a problem to overcome.

We should see a somewhat more substantial break in the heat and humidity by the end of the weekend.

Other treats… Today is that birthday…

Holt, MO…12″ of rain in about 42 minutes!

and today marks this one in the history of weather records.

Background photo is from Rylee Elizabeth Reeter in Chillicothe, MO