Kaiti and Sarah answer questions from listeners on the Whatever the weather podcast

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Your weather questions were a big part of the Whatever the Weather podcast.

Each episode we meet a couple to start the show. Last season we did an entire episode based on your questions.

So we do it again in season two.

We’ve got a good bank of questions from listeners and viewers near and far and it’s time we brought you some answers.

Everything from dust and Saharan tornadoes to tips for anyone interested in studying meteorology.

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About the podcast

Whatever the weather, meteorologists Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey covered it on the local news – for about three minutes, between commercial breaks.

A d

However, they rarely have time to explain weather phenomena in depth. On “Whatever the Weather,” Kaiti and Sarah dig deeper and tell you everything you want to know about Mother Nature – from tornadoes, to freezing rain, to climate change. They also discuss what it’s like to be radio weather forecasters and the challenges they sometimes face in daily life on television.

So put on your cheesiest glasses, put on your best headphones and enjoy… whatever the weather!

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