Keep Politics Out of Climate Change – Chico Enterprise-Record

The latest UN report on climate change would have more impact if it weren’t so overtly political and one-sided, for example focusing on “societal equity and justice”.

Redistribution is a political process, not based on science, common sense or intellect for that matter. In it, Director Michael Mann cited research that if emissions were reduced to “zero”, temperatures would quickly stop rising. Amazing statement considering it took 100 years of fossil fuels to get to this point, but maybe he’s not willing to define zero or fast. Recent widely reported articles lament the use and storage of carbon credits, ironically pitting environmental planet-saving groups against the “zero emissions” global warming crowd. Even to the point of rendering meaningless the contracts of the credit program. (No more politics and broken promises.)

IMO climate change would be best welcomed by preparing for change (which is a natural process) and making proposals that benefit all people. If the proponents of man-made climate change want to make their case before the commoners and gain broad support, they must end the elitist attitude and make it less about the politics of “fairness and social justice”.

They should learn a lesson from the COVID crisis. When politics rears its ugly head and the message becomes politics/equity and not science/security, it loses its effectiveness and becomes a subject of misinformation.

—James Jenkins, Oroville