Kim Rubenstein scores 100% for climate action

Independent Kim Rubenstein received a perfect score as the ACT’s top Senate candidate for action on the climate crisis – which she said was the top priority for Canberra voters.

Vote Earth Now, a climate change nonprofit, analyzed the climate policies of election candidates across Australia.

This gave Professor Rubenstein a mark of 100%.

That compares with a rating of 89% for Greens candidate Tjanara Goreng Goreng, 63% for independent David Pocock and 44% for Labour.

Vote Earth Now’s rating of ACT Senate candidates.

The odds came after the Greens announced they would direct their second preferences to Professor Rubenstein on the party’s Senate ‘How to Vote’ cards.

Polls have shown that climate action is the most important issue for Canberrans in determining how they will vote in the May 21 election, Professor Rubenstein observed.

Professor Rubenstein released a detailed policy last week outlining plans for a climate pact – inspired by the groundbreaking 1983 prices and incomes agreement – to break partisan political stalemate and accelerate a national consensus on climate change. climate action before the end of the year.

She said there was growing recognition that she had the best policies and professional skills to deliver results for Canberrans in the Senate, where Independents would hold the balance of power in the new Parliament.

“There is no doubt that the number one issue for Canberrans is to see a breakthrough on the climate crisis after decades of partisan political games,” Prof Rubenstein said.

She said she would start working immediately after the elections to bring together all stakeholders to negotiate a climate pact.

“My plan… is about action, not words,” Professor Rubenstein said.