King Forever Announces Entertaining Decentralized Ecosystem

KING FOREVER is dedicated to building sustainable, user-centric and entertaining decentralized ecosystems.

The game is founded on the belief that gamification shouldn’t just be a gimmick. Driven by creating games that are above all else fun and easy to use, KING FOREVER emphasizes the importance of generating value through fun to attract players beyond the pure crypto trading industry and hard.

An RPG-style game on the Binance Smart Chain, KING FOREVER is a self-contained and innovative platform that offers top-notch gaming experience and interfaces that allow players to have fun while earning profits.

A hyper-deflationary token generated automatically by the community and created on the Binance smart chain, do not confuse kingforever with other shit-coins/meme coins just because it is a hyper-deflationary token, the team behind the token loves the idea of ​​massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and cryptocurrency, as they both have the ability to break down barriers and create global communities. Kingforever implements several state-of-the-art cryptocurrency mechanisms such as reflection transparent yield generation, automatic liquidity pool, deflationary tokenomics, etc.


Kingforever strives to be the greatest adventure RPG ever built on the Binance Smart Chain, to play the game you will need the $KFR token, kingforever – a solid utility token with highlights and manual burns. $KFR has been carefully designed to be an ideal investment that will grow exponentially in the years to come with new utilities over time due to continuous development to make $KFR the perfect coin.


After much extensive research, kingforever has identified several issues with existing yield generating tokens and found a solution for the same,

Centralized control?

The King believes in decentralized governance: most tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain are controlled by a small team of people. Investing in such projects requires trusting the team and most of the time you don’t even know what they sound like, you only hear their voices on the Voice sessions they host, on the whole, their identities are anonymous to the public. Even if they leak their identities to the public, they hold the keys to the contract and can manipulate certain parameters or even drain cash in turn by undermining the project, leaving investors at the mercy of developers just doesn’t sound right, so what is different with $KFR? First and foremost the team behind kingforever are doxxed meaning their identities are public knowledge and secondly they have already released a roadmap which outlines how they plan to fully decentralize their protocol, they have developed their smart contract in such a way that it is fully ready for decentralized governance.

Security threats are the least of your worries: given that most tokens launched in the Binance Smart Chain space require investors to be satisfied that contract holders pose no malicious intent, BSC being known for most scams happening in the crypto space.


With a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, $KFR is subject to a total tax of 13% which breaks down into 3% holder rewards, which means that 3% of each transaction is redistributed to the holder of the token. This means that you can earn more KFR$ just by keeping it in your wallet, 2% percent will be used for manual redemptions, 4% will go to marketing and the rest of the 4% will be used to stabilize the liquidity pool, Plus, the initial liquidity is locked in for 3 years.


The team behind $KFR envisioned from the start that the kingforever will be undertaken by decentralized governance once the token is self-sustaining and fully developed. The team has multiple guarantees in place, the contract owner that is the team is publicly doxxed, there are no pre-launch sales, and half of the liquidity is locked in. The second half of liquidity is not permanently locked due to upcoming developments in the near future, such as a new decentralized exchange (DEX). The timed lock will allow the team to reassess the landscape at regular intervals to see if any changes are needed, any scheduled changes will be voted on for investor approval. If no changes are required, the wallets will be locked again immediately. Other than that, $KFR will be audited by Certik or Tech rate.