Latest London weather LIVE: Heatwave hits capital as commuters told to stay home

The Met Office has predicted the capital could hit highs of 38C when the heat wave sweeps across England, with its chief executive saying ‘we could well see the hottest day in UK history’ at nationwide on Monday.

However, Professor Penelope Endersby said Tuesday is expected to be even warmer, with temperatures as high as 41C “not off the cards”.

Rising temperatures forced the UK Health Security Agency to issue a Level 4 health alert – dubbed an ’emergency’ – while the Met Office issued the UK’s first extreme heat red warning, both operating Monday through Wednesday.

Britons are advised to stay indoors during the hottest times of the day, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., and wear sunscreen, a hat, stay in the shade and hydrate with water. ‘water.

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The Queen’s Guards wear traditional bearskin hats

Among those feeling the heat in London are the Queen’s Guard who are stationed outside Buckingham Palace wearing traditional bearskin hats.

The temperature outside Buckingham Palace is estimated to be around 34C at midday.


Water supplier urges avoid use of ‘non-essential’ low pressure water

A water supplier who supplies some customers in London has urged people to avoid ‘non-essential’ water use.

Affinity Water said ‘urgent action’ was needed in parts of Essex and Hertfordshire to ‘keep reservoirs supplied for everyone’.

Areas of north London are also affected, as are parts of Buckinghamshire and Surrey.

Thames Water has also urged customers to be “very, very careful” about their water use amid the heatwave.


Temperatures above 30C recorded at 10 a.m.

The heat wave caused a rapid rise in temperatures across the country, with temperatures above 30C recorded as of 10am this morning.

The highest temperature was recorded at Wisley in Surrey of 30.2C, with temperatures expected to rise further.

At Heathrow in west London, the thermometer hit 29.4C at 10 a.m.


Police search for missing 13-year-old boy and find body in river

Officers searching for a missing 13-year-old who got into trouble in a river near Ovingham, Northumberland have found a body, police said.

Northumbria Police said: “Unfortunately a body has since been found in the water. Formal identification has not yet taken place but we believe it is the missing boy.

“This is a tragic update that we hoped would never have to be given. His family is being supported by officers and our thoughts are with them at this terrible time.”


Some London schools close due to heatwave

Some schools in London have rejected government advice to stay open during the heatwave and told pupils to stay home.

Some headteachers have said it would be ‘unsafe’ for students to travel for lessons. Among them was the Connaught School for Girls in Leytonstone, which moved lessons online for two days.

Manager Avani Higgins said: ‘The temperature would now be 35 degrees at lunchtime. This means that students and staff will have to travel in extreme heat, which is potentially dangerous. »

The Cygnus Academies Trust has closed its eight schools in Bexley, Brent and Kent for two days in a decision it says was not “taken lightly”.

Government ministers said they expected schools to remain open during the heatwave, but it was up to headteachers to make a call depending on the specific circumstances of the school.

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Subway lines hit by suspensions and major delays due to heat

Several Tube lines are experiencing severe delays amid the heatwave, with TfL urging customers to only travel if necessary.

The Bakerloo has serious delays between Queen’s Park and Harrow & Wealdstone due to the heat, while the Central and the District are both severely delayed across the whole line.

The Hammersmith and City is suspended on the whole line due to the heat, while the Metropolitan line is also partly suspended between Baker Street and Aldgate for the same reason and is experiencing severe delays.

The Jubilee, Elizabeth, Piccadilly and London Overground are all operating with minor delays, although the Overground is partially suspended between Romford and Upminster and between Willesden Junction and Richmond.

All other lines provide good service.


Pictured: Swimmers take a dip to beat the heat as temperatures soar

Some residents of the capital have taken to bathing to beat the heat.

Inez (left) and Scarlett pictured cooling off after a swim at Beckenham Place Park

/ Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd

Three swimmers pictured cooling off while swimming at Beckenham Place Park

/ Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd

Lara Arrizabalaga, lifeguard with PTP Coaching at Beckenham Place Park

/ Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd

Public must take heat warning seriously – Met Office chief

The public should take the Met Office’s heat warnings as seriously as those for snow or wind because extreme heat could cause thousands of excess deaths, its chief executive has said.

Professor Penelope Endersby told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Our warnings are always impact-based, so when we issue warnings, if they are red it means there is danger. for life and we expect major infrastructure impacts, and that’s true, whether it’s snow, wind, rain, and that’s true of this heat warning.

“We’re definitely seeing people reacting to heat warnings a little differently, like they think maybe we shouldn’t be telling them to worry about the heat like we’re telling them to worry about the storm or the wind.”

She added: “These temperatures are unprecedented in the UK and we are not used to dealing with them.”


We could see the hottest day in UK history today, according to the Met Office

The Met Office chief executive confirmed “we could well see the hottest day in UK history” on Monday, but Tuesday is set to be even hotter, with some forecasts estimating highs of 43C.

Professor Penelope Endersby told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘We believe today could well see the hottest day in UK history, with the hottest temperatures in the southeast, but actually the highest temperatures we’re expecting tomorrow, and those temperatures will be further north as that warm air pushes north.

“So tomorrow is when we really see the greatest chance of 40 degrees and temperatures above that.

“Even maybe above that… 41 is not off the cards. We even have a few 43s in the model, but hopefully it won’t be that high.”

She added that such extreme temperatures are not expected beyond Tuesday, but the Met Office will then monitor the possibility of drought in the coming months.

“Well, we certainly don’t see those very hot temperatures persisting past Tuesday, so we’re expecting a big drop in temperature, thankfully, on Wednesday night – down 10 or 12 degrees from what it is. was the previous days,” she said. said.


What are the hottest days recorded?

Nine of the ten hottest days on record in the UK have occurred since 1990.

Here are the records so far:

Britain’s hottest days on record

/ office met