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The project would affect traffic

The war waged by Pacific Retirement Services against the residents and property owners of the neighborhoods around La Loma and Juanipero is once again under way.

The PRS plan calls for the construction of more than 900 multi-story apartments along the south side of Juanipero and curving south along the fence behind Orchard Hill Elementary to Honor Drive. Second, Golf View Drive would be extended south to a new South Stage road and effectively serve as a shortcut for traffic coming from Pacific Highway.

The “new” Golf View would also open onto Honor Drive, creating a direct path to La Loma Drive, an all-residential area. The road design alone would create an impact on the neighborhoods around La Loma, and in particular on traffic entering and leaving Orchard Hill Elementary School.

A hearing of the planning commission has been set for June 23 in the council chambers (agenda and staff report hidden until June 16).

Due to Medford’s unfair notification rules, most affected people are unaware of this project and the negative impact it will have on our neighborhoods. The city is only giving notice to landowners within 200 feet of the project boundary. So do your homework before your neighborhood is ruined.

Ted Krempa


The law protects kratom users

Governor Kate Brown recently signed into law the Oregon Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which went into effect this month. This is vital legislation for Oregon and paves the way for federal regulation of kratom, a popular herbal remedy, to ensure the safety of all consumers.

As a member of Governor Brown’s Opioid Task Force, I learned how harmful opioids can be to individuals and their families. After years of scientific research showing that kratom is significantly safer than opioids and other drugs, many of us are relieved that Governor Brown has decided to take this step to protect Oregonians who depend on kratom. This passage marks a shift in understanding of why the protection and regulation of kratom is so important.

One of my closest friends uses kratom for pain relief after discovering that opioids impacted her ability to be a mother. Thousands of Oregonians use kratom for many health and wellness purposes, including reducing opioid medications.

Kratom is a $1.3 billion industry nationwide and countless Oregon business owners will benefit from additional regulations to ensure their products are safe and their customers have continued access to safe products.

State Representative David Brock Smith (R)

Port Orford