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The following news was taken from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

April 21, 1922


State Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector JJ McMahon has issued a second official warning that all violators of the headlight law from this date onwards can expect to face a court.

The law requires that the lights be dimmed when approaching another car, regardless of the road or street the cars are on, within the city limits or outside. It’s advisable, McMahon says, that the lights be left on when driving at night on the city’s most congested streets. All law breakers will be arrested and fined.

Drivers are also warned to obey the speed limit when passing schools, which under state law is specified at 12 miles per hour and under city ordinance at 19 miles per hour. Fourteen violators of state school law were arrested and fined last week in Ashland.


Next Wednesday, April 26, will be the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Order of Odd Fellows in America. To commemorate the occasion, the local lodge will hold a special meeting that evening. A program of excellent reporting has been arranged which will particularly appeal and interest all members of the order. The Rebekahs and Canton will participate in the services.

A march will take place on Principale Street starting at 7:30 a.m., led by the Patriarch Militant in uniform. In the line will be members of the various branches of the order, including all staying and visiting members. The hall program will begin at the end of the walk. Senator CM Thomas will speak on Off Fellowship and Ms. John A. Perl will review the Rebekah branch. Other elements of the program will be music for quartet and orchestra, readings, specialties, solos, etc.

As part of the occasion, a homecoming and reunion will also take place, and special invitations have been sent to all members and visitors to attend or write.

The whole affair will undoubtedly be a momentous occasion.


Following the report that the ice had broken up on Upper Klamath Lake, received here a few days ago by AC Allen of this town who recently purchased the Rocky Point Resort, the announcement has been made that the daily service of passengers, freight and mail was inaugurated yesterday by Arthur Leavitt, who recently took over the three motorboats once operated on the lake by Captain Calkins.

—Alissa Corman; [email protected]