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June 10 192.2 continued


Central Point, June 9.—Another of these most successful baby clinics was held here Thursday afternoon in the high school lab room under the direction of the Central Point Committee of the Jackson County Health Association … This is the second clinic to be held here, following on from the first, which had babies under two years old, and was one of the most interesting and rewarding clinics ever held in the State. The success was such that it was decided to organize another one which would welcome all babies from two to four years old, and that would be the one on Thursday afternoon.

It’s been a loud and stormy day, just like at the previous clinic, but a little thing like wind and weather can’t keep the young center pointers sturdy, and no matter the threatening sky, happy company of more than about twenty mothers and young were there. The doctors present, Drs. Stearns, Holt, and Heckman, found the cubs, in most cases, in good physical condition, nearly perfect, and just as dear and attractive as the younger ones would be from the first clinic’s toddlers. Chubby, dimpled, curly and handsome in their cute formal wear, the group of lovely babies made a pretty picture and delighted the eye of all the onlookers, of whom there were many.

A little older than their predecessors, these babies were a bit more self-aware, more shy and in some cases reluctant to take the tests, resentful, just a little, of being bothered looking behind the skirts of their mother, what happened to the rest. However, all this added to the fun and interest of the meeting and ensured a great, great success for which all present warmly thanked the committee and the tireless and faithful young nurse.


There was an old public market this morning with a multitude of fresh vegetables and strawberries on sale, and soon every market day the public market will be doing its usual big spring and early summer business.

—Alissa Corman; [email protected]