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The following news was taken from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

June 24, 1922 continued


Fight fans in southern Oregon and northern California will enjoy a real treat in Ashland on July 3 when World Middleweight Wrestling Champion and Police Gazette belt holder Walter Miller meets Ralph Hand, a skilled Gold Hill mat exponent and title contender in what could honestly be called a championship match at the Armory.

It will be remembered that Ralph gave the Los Angeles grappler a run for his money when they last met at the Gold Hill Pavilion arena and since then the Southern Oregon man has developed skill and class which lead local wrestling fans to believe he is an upcoming champion.

It was a bit of luck that Southern Oregon was able to get Miller for the holiday game and no doubt a capacity house will witness the game.


One hundred and fifty boys in various communities across the county are receiving final instructions in the form of a circular letter, outlining exactly what action is needed before YMCA Camp opening day on July 6. Any boy twelve or older not receiving such can obtain the information by contacting the YMCA office or Cash Wood secretary. In order for the invoice for supplies to be given on time, it is necessary that everyone is registered and that their camp fees are paid before Saturday July 1st. Five dollars per boy pays the bill for ten days from leaving camp. Medford until his return. This very low figure is made possible by the courtesy and kindness of many friends of the association who offer their services in various ways. Obviously, there is a very narrow margin allowed in the expense account, so camp fees must be paid in cash, as previously stated.

A trip to the campsite will be made by those in charge at the beginning of the week to better prepare for the arrival of the camp.

With the experiences of many years running YMCA and Scout camps, officials confidently announce that all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety and good care of the boys at the camp. As far as possible, all eventualities are planned for and campers will be as safe as at home. A discussion with the parents on the details of the camp program is invited by the management.

—Alissa Corman; [email protected]