Manulife IM brings outperforming climate action fund to Europe

Manulife Investment Management has launched its Global Climate Action fund in Europe to help meet growing demand for sustainable investment solutions that tackle climate risk.

The fund, which is officially called Manulife Global Fund – Global Climate Action, is aimed primarily at European institutional investors.

It invests in companies and organizations that contribute to global net zero ambitions and is recognized as Section 9 of the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Commenting on the launch, Citywire+ noted Patrick Blais, who is also Head of Fundamental Equities for the group, said: “European investors are very aware of how their actions affect the environment and are demanding innovative investment solutions that focus on and measure climate action. ‘

Blais added that companies that are flexible in their ability to align policies and practices to reduce carbon emissions, while creating strong financial returns, will become increasingly attractive to investors.

Manulife IM launched its Global Climate Action strategy in Canada early last year and it is now available to European investors.

Blais added: “While some funds focus on passive investing in companies with low greenhouse gas emissions.”

“We are also looking to invest in companies with the potential to significantly reduce emissions, looking for companies that have built science-based goals into their business to ensure measurable long-term impact, which should help accelerate the achievement of net goals. . zero goals.

Expansion in Europe

The launch of the Global Climate Action fund in the European market coincides with the wider availability of a trio of other funds. These are the Manulife Sustainable Asia Equity, Asian High Yield and US Small Cap Equity funds.

The Sustainable Asia Equity fund, which is an Article 8 fund, follows the launch of Manulife Investment Management’s Sustainable Asia Bond fund in 2020, which is managed by Murray Collis. This new fund seeks to take advantage of current global trends in sustainable and responsible investing.

Meanwhile, the Asian high-yield equity and US small-cap equity funds are designed to bring Manulife’s long-standing expertise in Asian and US markets to a European investor base.

According to the Citywire database, the existing US Small Cap Equity fund, which has a more limited investor base, is co-led by duo Joseph Nowinski rated A by Citywire and Bill Talbot rated AA by Citywire.

The Manulife Global Fund – Global Climate Action Fund and the three other funds mentioned in this document are available to institutional investors in the following European countries: United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland .