Met Office snow is latest as cold temperatures and fog are forecast in weather update

Met Office weather experts predict the country is heading for a stable period of weather with high pressures in mid-January.

Later in the week dry and stable conditions will mean fog and frost are likely to develop in Nottinghamshire, with fog possibly lingering throughout the day in places later in the week.

Temperatures will drop to highs of 3C and 4C on Friday and Saturday (January 14.15), but snow is unlikely this week.

Here’s the latest Met Office for the East Midlands this week:


Chilly at first with patches of local fog, but otherwise bright, maybe with a little hazy sun to the east. However, clouds usually thicken over time as light rain and drizzle make inroads from the west, gradually introducing milder conditions. Maximum temperature 9 ° C.

Monday evening:

Mainly cloudy and humid, with a significant development of low cloud. As a result, milder than Sunday evening, with unexpected frosts. Rain becoming heavier in places at dawn. Minimum temperature 3 ° C.


Cloudy and humid in the morning, with many low clouds. Becoming progressively brighter but colder in the northwest until the afternoon, with some clearings. Maximum temperature 9 ° C.

Outlook from Wednesday to Friday:

Dry and stabilized during this time, but with light winds, fog and frost are likely to form easily, with fog being able to linger all day in places later in the week.

Giving its long-term forecast for Jan. 14-23, the Met Office added: “A continuation of broadly settled conditions is very likely as we head into mid-January with high pressure loading in the south of the country.

“Most areas will be dry with episodes of rain and stronger winds likely to be limited to the north of the country.

“The calm weather will bring widespread nighttime frost as well as patches of fog, sometimes freezing. Sunshine levels are uncertain with areas of fog and low cloud that may persist throughout the day in places, particularly in the south. .

“The duration of the persistence of predominantly sedentary conditions is uncertain, with an increasing likelihood of some unstable periods returning in many areas as we move towards the end of the period.”

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