Meteorological Authority | Exclusive 9-day forecast

We had some very special visitors at KTSM today… our Weather Watchers (pictures below). We gave them a tour of the resort, goody bags, and a great presentation from Jason Laney, the National Weather Service Severe Storm Coordinator. Weather Watchers do more than take great pictures: they keep us informed of important weather events wherever they live. Thank you all! Here are your predictions…

TONIGHT: The sky will be partly cloudy with scattered showers and showers until late in the evening. Occasional gusts will be likely as the storms separate. The low will drop to 70 and general winds will be northerly at 10-20 mph.
FORECAST: Sunday will start just with a few clouds. With a high of 94, the afternoon clouds will build up and we will see showers and showers widely scattered late in the day. SE winds will fluctuate between 15 and 30 mph. Some storms can produce brief heavy rains. Monday will be partly to mostly cloudy and cooler with a high of just 89. Again, expect showers and showers widely scattered. Tuesday will be partly cloudy and 90 with showers late in the day. Wednesday will be partly cloudy and 91 with showers late in the day. Thursday will be partly cloudy and 93 with isolated thunderstorms. Thunderstorms will be much stronger with the threat of heavy rain on Friday. Friday high: 97. Saturday will also bring the potential for heavy storms and heavy rain. Saturday’s high: 96.