New climate protest group vandalizes university research centers

It wasn’t a drill that smashed the glass entrance to the BP Institute with hammersThis is not an exercise

A new climate protest group damaged three Cambridge University research centers last week, blaming “the failure of governments and businesses to bring about change”.

The new group, called “This is not a drill”, smashed glass windows and doors and threw black paint on three university-owned research buildings.

Vandals smashed ten Cambridge Arctic Shelf Program windows. The group says the facility is ‘funded by 11 global oil companies whose goal is to locate new fossil fuel deposits for them so they can make even more money’

They also threw black paint over the entrance to Aveva, on university land in West Cambridge, a software company that “enables 19 of the top 20 oil companies”.

It’s Not a Drill also smashed the entrance window to Cambridge’s BP Institute, and spray-painted messages on all three sites including “Cam Uni: Drop BP”.

A spokesperson for the group said they went beyond general disruption tactics because “fossil fuel companies are killing us” and “[the University of Cambridge] works hand in hand with these companies as they claim to follow climate science and take action.

The spokesperson continued: “It is not hyperbole to call these companies murderers… we have been driven to this point by inaction – the failure of governments and companies to make changes following protests from groups like Extinction Rebellion show that we need to take matters into our own hands. »

It is not an exercise he says will focus on Cambridge as he accuses the University of abusing its global reputation for a green image by having public relations with oil companies like Schlumberger, Shell and BP.

The group’s website says “fossil fuel companies will not be tolerated”, and that these protests are their first but “probably won’t be their last”.