Large herbivores must be restored to balance ecosystems •

Ecosystems structured around the relationship between animals and the plants they eat are becoming unbalanced with the disappearance of large herbivores. A new study has found that there are not enough large wild herbivores left on our planet for these ecosystems to function properly. “Large herbivores provide key ecosystem processes, but have suffered massive historical […]

Whales are more important ecosystem engineers than previously thought

From 1910 to 1970, humans killed an estimated 1.5 million baleen whales in the freezing waters surrounding Antarctica. They were hunted for their fat, their baleen – the filtering fringe they have in place of their teeth – and their meat. One would assume that from the standpoint of krill – the tiny shrimp-like creatures […]

5 ways climate change will affect plants and animals

By Tara Lohan Scientists have reminded us once again that when it comes to climate change, we are all in this together. A study published last month in Natural climate change concluded that at least 85% of the world’s population has already been affected by climate change. “It is likely that almost everyone in the […]

Plankton eaters play a key role in transferring offshore resources to coral reef ecosystems

A new analysis suggests that the movement of plankton and plankton-eating fish plays a central role in driving local peaks of extreme biological productivity in tropical coral reefs, creating ‘sweet spots’ of abundant fish. Renato Morais of James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, and colleagues present these findings in a study published November 2n/a in […]

5 Ways Climate Change Will Affect Plants and Animals • The Revealer

Warming temperatures, stronger storms and rising seas present a cascade of challenges that researchers are working to understand. Scientists have reminded us once again that when it comes to climate change, we are all in this together. A to study published last month in Natural climate change concluded that at least 85% of the world’s […]

Animal Personalities Can Shape Ecosystems •

A new study published in the journal Borders of ecology and environment discovered that individual organisms have different personalities that shape their ecological roles and therefore their contributions to ecosystem services. Understanding how animal personality affects processes such as pollination, seed dispersal, pest species regulation, or ecotourism can provide management guidance for ecologists to maximize […]

Elisa Loncon Antileo wants Chile to prioritize its ecosystems

AAlong with our thirst for fossil fuels, the destruction of nature by man has triggered the climatic and ecological crises that today threaten our life on this planet. A major goal for COP26 delegates is to improve the relationship of humans with nature: restore forests and wetlands to absorb more carbon; slow the loss of […]

Alongside climate change, COP26 must respond to the crisis of ecosystems

Photo: Pixabay/Nordseher The upcoming COP26, which is due to take place from October 31 to November 12, will focus on global carbon emissions and the daunting challenges of keeping the global temperature rise to a manageable level. It’s already a lofty goal, but delegates gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, and their British hosts are also expected […]

Amazon ecosystems and peoples on the brink – time for a new vision (commentary)

Mercedes Bustamante – professor at the University of Brasilia, member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and lead scientist of the Scientific Panel for the Amazon – says the world must announce a “red code” for the Amazon due to growing threats against the largest rainforest in the world. Bustamante cites evidence gathered in a […]

Environmental justice discourse stresses importance of equity ecosystems The Badger Herald

The intersection of equitable ecosystems and social justice takes on increasing importance as the climate crisis deepens. Jalonne L. White-Newsome, CEO and Founder of Empowering A Green Environment and Economy, understands the importance of these intersections as a strong advocate for environmental justice. White-Newsome brought his perspective to the University of Wisconsin Arboretum Virtual Conference […]

Pre-COVID noise levels can be harmful to plants and animals

At the end of September, 22 animals and one plant officially joined the growing list of extinct species – with most extinctions due to human interference in their lives. And as a biologist specializing in sound and hearing, I wondered if the noise that we humans add to the planet plays a role in the […]

A dive in time to study the evolution of ecosystems

Editor’s note: Arizona State University photographer and videographer Deanna Dent recently joined researchers from the Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center on a trip to southern Arizona, where they collected insects after a heavy monsoon. Here’s what she learned. This year may well be one of the wettest southern Arizona monsoons in recorded history, and that has […]

‘Double standards’: Australia fails to protect ecosystems while supporting global diversity goal | Biodiversity

According to new research, more than 1,500 of Australia’s unique terrestrial and marine ecosystems are not represented in any of the country’s protected areas. The study, by WWF-Australia, comes as countries gather this week for the first leg of the UN biodiversity conference, hosted by China in Kunming. The talks aim to set new goals […]

A new method for predicting the response of ecosystems to marine heat waves developed by an international collaboration — ScienceDaily

Marine heat waves, driven by climate change, are becoming more frequent and intense around the world. Although we know that heat waves kill marine organisms and have devastating effects on ecosystems, there is currently no way to predict these effects or to help ecosystems adapt. An international team of marine scientists from Hong Kong, Japan […]

Parasites may gross us out, but they hold ecosystems together

Many people are completely repelled by parasites, and few would intentionally share their bodies with one. The word “parasite” alone – which comes from the Greek for “to feed on the side” – is enough to give you goosebumps. But parasitism deserves more respect as an “exceptionally successful form of life,” says Jimmy Bernot, an […]

Study suggests ways to determine ecosystem health

An international research group led by Bev Law, a researcher from Oregon State University, discovers three variables that determine the health of an earth’s ecosystem. Variables include the ability of vegetation to absorb carbon and its efficiency in using carbon and water. Metolius Stream Tower. Image credit: Oregon State University The study is important because […]

BioBlitz: On the Hunt for Plants and Animals

Walking around the NJIT and Rutgers-Newark campuses, looking for animals and plants of all kinds and reporting them to the organizers, that is the “BioBlitz” event in a nutshell. During this year’s BioBlitz, 719 sightings of 220 species were made by 132 observers and identified by 87 identifiers as of Saturday, September 25. According to […]

Pressure mounts to exploit international waters amid questions over ecosystems and benefit sharing

Greenpeace International activists painted the word “RISK! on the starboard side of the Normand Energy, a ship chartered by the Belgian company Global Sea Mineral Resources, on April 21, 2021. Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior was in the Pacific Ocean to “testify”, according to the organization, of the equipment tests carried out by the company to “commercially […]

US declares 23 extinct plants and animals

The Poʻouli (Melamprosops phaeosoma) is one of 8 Hawaiian birds to be declared extinct this week. In … [+] 2004, 2 females and a male remained; the male died in captivity and females were last seen during this same period. US Fish and Wildlife Service (photographer Paul E. Baker?) In a rare case, the US […]

Impact of human settlements on island ecosystems — ScienceDaily

The research has shed new light on the impact of humans on the biodiversity of the islands. The results show how human colonization has altered the forest across the islands of Macaronesia, including the loss of landscape authenticity. Ocean island ecosystems are unique and often contain species restricted to specific islands or groups of islands. […]

UofSC Professor: Human-induced climate change is devastating ocean ecosystems – UofSC News & Events

Erin Meyer-Gutbrod studies the movement of right whales, reef fish in response to climate change Published on: September 28, 2021; Updated on: September 28, 2021By Rose Cisneros and Bryan Gentry, [email protected], 803-576-7239 Warming oceans are pushing some marine populations out of their habitats and putting them at risk, according to a new study by Professor […]

Move or Change: How Plants and Animals Try to Survive in a Warming World

Image credit: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals Media When it comes to climate change, nature hasn’t had the luxury of waiting for dragging politicians, evasive corporations or science deniers. Countless species are already on the move. “Just as the planet is changing faster than expected, so are the plants and animals that inhabit it,” writes the biologist […]

Species richness keeps ecosystems functioning

Sunbirds are very important in an ecosystem because they pollinate flowers. Credit: Maximilian Vollstädt Micro-organisms, plants and animals perform great feats every day. For example, by breaking down materials, producing plant biomass or pollinating flowers, they keep nature “in working order”, thereby ensuring human sustenance. Many studies have shown that high biodiversity can have a […]

Noise pollution can negatively affect plants and animals, even after the noise stops – Manila Bulletin

It has long been proven that noise pollution has an impact on animals. They say birds sing at higher frequencies, bats have trouble finding prey, frogs have trouble finding mates, and whales speak louder to communicate with each other. The world becomes even noisier due to human activity like construction, infrastructure development, machinery, urban growth, […]

Government commits to make it easier to edit genes in plants and animals

The government has confirmed that it will introduce legislation in the near future to speed up the use of gene editing as a way to improve both crops and livestock. While a full government response to the consultation it conducted earlier in the year is still awaited, a statement from Cabinet Minister Lord Frost said […]

UGA to co-lead NSF center to study ocean ecosystems

The center will be devoted to the study of the microscopic world of the oceans The University of Georgia, along with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, will co-lead a new National Science Foundation science and technology center that will pursue and foster a deeper understanding of the microbial worlds and chemical processes that swirl through […]

Freshwater Jellyfish – News and Stories

S impl and complex are antonyms, but not with jellyfish. Jellyfish lack brains, bones, hearts, and lungs. Over 95% of their body is made up of water. Early scientists wondered if jellyfish were even animals, generally calling them “zoophytes”, intermediaries between animals and plants. Jellyfish meet modern biology criteria for classification as animals, but despite […]

How can counting amberjack fish help protect coastal ecosystems?

To find out what’s happening below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico, Steven Scyphers often begins by turning to those who know it best: the fishermen. An assistant professor of marine and environmental science at Northeastern, he helps conduct studies rooted in what he calls “collaborative science,” or the process of partnering with people […]

How Wind Power Could Affect Marine Ecosystems

Many researchers argue that it is essential to reduce emissions from fossil fuels and that renewable energy is the future. Offshore wind is a leading clean energy option in Europe, the US coast and many other parts of the world. Installing turbines is one of the first steps in implementing wind power, but monitoring these […]

Success of Past Reseeding Projects Point the Way to Restoring Damaged Ecosystems | Wildlife

The news that scientists plan to bring woolly mammoths back to the arctic tundra, by fusing the DNA of Asian elephants with that of their extinct ancestors, has raised some eyebrows in the world of conservation science. However, the basic idea of ​​reintroducing large mammals into a vulnerable ecosystem in order to restore and rebalance […]

“Unsuitable dams” and their impact on cold-water ecosystems — High Country News – Know the West

As California ponders water storage, a new study adds nuance to cold water conservation. As drought-stricken California considers construction of new damsa new study reveals that many existing state structures— despite efforts to prioritize healthy water temperatures— are lacking in the cold-water ecosystems that depend on them. The study, Posted in PLOS A, analyzed data […]

Grim warning for Australia’s most endangered plants and animals

Aerial view of deforestation in Daly River, Northern Territory in 2008. Credit: Julian Murphy / WWF-Aus The first comprehensive list of threats to Australia’s most endangered plants and animals reveals brutal news about the future of some of the country’s favorite species. The study led by the University of Queensland compiled a dataset, listing threats […]

Action needed to save Australia’s plants and animals •

A new study, conducted with the support of eight universities and seven Australian environmental organizations, has identified the continent’s most endangered plants and animals. This is the most comprehensive nationwide dataset describing threats to Australia’s flora and fauna. Researchers have identified 1,339 species of plants and 456 species of animals that are listed as threatened […]

Opinion: To restore California’s ecosystems, we need to adopt smarter permits | News

California’s ecosystems underpin the state’s economy: they nurture and protect the state’s water supply, shorelines, agriculture, fisheries and wildlife. But many of these ecosystems are in very poor health, and climate change is now accelerating the loss of biodiversity already underway. Ecosystem degradation is having ripple effects across the state. Serious water supply problems, dwindling […]

Guest Opinion: To restore California’s ecosystems, we need to embrace smarter permits | News

California’s ecosystems underpin the state’s economy: they nurture and protect the state’s water supply, shorelines, agriculture, fisheries and wildlife. But many of these ecosystems are in very poor health, and climate change is now accelerating the loss of biodiversity already underway. Ecosystem degradation is having ripple effects across the state. Serious water supply problems, dwindling […]

Plants and animals depend on the same chemicals for their growth •

A new study published in the journal Science discovered that plant roots and animal embryos depend on the same chemicals for successful development. Although the animal tissue-generating abilities of a group of chemical compounds called retinoids are already well known, it was only recently that scientists discovered that they also regulate the development of lateral […]

Pond life: facts about pond habitats, plants and animals

Large ramshorn snails (Planorbarius corneus) eat algae, scratching it off rocks with a tongue that has sunken teeth. The red tint of their shell is caused by hemoglobin – the same substance that colors our blood. © Stuart Jackson Carter Many species of aquatic plants provide micro-habitats for invertebrates, amphibians, birds and mammals. For example, […]

How light pollution disorients ecosystems

Living things depend on the daily cycle of light and dark which governs behaviors such as reproduction, sleep and migration Looking at the night sky, stars and other astronomical objects is an absolute delight. Who can forget the synchronized movement of fireflies on a dark night? While these phenomena can still be observed in rural […]

Racism hides in the names given to plants and animals. It’s starting to change

With its lemon and black plumage, Scott’s oriole shines like a flame in the desert. But the name of the bird carries a violent history that Stephen Hampton cannot forget. He used to see the orioles often, living in California. Now that he lives out of the bird’s reach, “I’m a little relieved,” he says. […]

What could the disappearance of insects mean for the ecosystems that sustain us?

A few days ago, I opened a jar of honey that I hadn’t touched in months. The thick golden molasses was strewn with black spots – ants that had died after gorging on nectar. It was something I hadn’t seen in years. It now seems far away that a forgotten candy bar, a piece of […]

How Hurricanes Actually Help Florida’s Ecosystems Thrive

In the middle of hurricane season, most people dread hearing of an oncoming storm, but Kelly Kibler, an associate professor of water resources engineering at UCF, says storms actually benefit people. our state in some respects. Kibler spoke to News 6 anchors Matt Austin and Ginger Gadsden on Florida’s Fourth Estate podcast about the positive […]

Plastic foam pellets threaten Thousand Islands ecosystems

August 20, 2021 — Walking along the shore of the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River, the beaches can seem picturesque and pristine. However, on closer inspection, a barely perceptible form of pollution is encroaching on the natural ecosystem. Small blue and white plastic foam particles accumulate along the sand, become entangled in plant […]

Reconnecting the People, Plants, and Animals of UC San Diego’s Kendall-Frost Swamp

The Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh Reservation at the University of California, San Diego received an $85,000 grant from Honda to create an integrated research and public engagement program focused on integrating Native American perspectives and cutting-edge science in the management and access decisions needed to secure the marsh. survival as a community good. The significance […]

Research shows flying birds, schools of fish and other collective movements can stabilize ecosystems | News

In addition to being visually stunning, schools of herring, herds of wildebeest and countless other groups of organisms acting in concert can help complex ecosystems maintain their diversity and stability, according to new research from the Oregon State University. Published today in Nature Ecology and Evolution, the study demonstrates that when individuals come together to […]

Both a research entity and a tourist attraction, Biosphere 2 is home to unique ecosystems

Biosphere 2 rises from the desert in Arizona. (Glen Rosales/For the Albuquerque Journal) ORACLE, Ariz. — Decades ago, the thought of a group of humans locked in a life-cycle experiment was pure science fiction — until a group of visionaries realized this on a pristine 40-acre slice of the Sonoran Desert north of Tucson. For […]

The behavior of organisms can stabilize and diversify ecosystems

August 13, 2021Reviewed by Alex Smith Herds of wildebeest, schools of herring and various other groups of organisms that live together are not only visually stunning, but capable of supporting complex ecosystems for life, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University. maintain diversity and stability. Blue rockfish. Image credit: Oregon State […]

How Plants and Animals Are Organized – Living Organisms – KS3 Biology – BBC Bitesize

VOICE OFF: Multicellular organisms are organized into increasingly complex parts… Cells. Fabrics. Organs. organ systems. And the organism itself. Cells are the building blocks of life. Tissues are made when specialized cells with the same function come together. For example, millions of muscle cells make up muscle tissue. An organ is made up of two […]

Reconnecting the People, Plants and Animals of the Kendall-Frost Marsh

The new grant will help improve ecosystem resilience and fortify wildlife habitats in the marsh. Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh Reservation at the University of California, San Diego received an $85,000 grant from Honda to create an integrated research and public engagement program focused on integrating Native American perspectives and cutting-edge science in the management and […]

Tyrannosaurs dominated their Cretaceous ecosystems | Science

Paleontologist François Therrien measures the jaws of a Gorgosaurus. Royal Tyrrell Museum tyrannosaurus rex may be the most perfect dinosaur name ever invented. What else would you call a carnivorous, bipedal reptile that could grow to over 40 feet in length and weigh over nine tons? The size and apparent ferocity of T. rex was […]

Study finds kelp is key to California’s coastal ecosystems

A lush canopy is a defining characteristic of most forests on the planet. But canopy-forming species can be particularly vulnerable to disturbance and environmental change – even forests that lie under the sea. But what is a forest without its trees? Researchers from the University of Virginia and the University of California, Santa Barbara are […]

Analyze the impact of agricultural activity on ecosystems

How a multi-stakeholder project, MOCUPP, is moving Costa Rica towards sustainable practices to protect the country’s biodiversity Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, containing nearly 6 percent of global biodiversity. As a result, its ecosystem provides a range of services, including wood and timber, plants and fruits, among many […]

Pest plants and animals cost Australia around $25bn a year – and it’s going to get worse

Unfortunately, Australia has one of the highest extinction rates in the world. And the number one threat to our species is invasive or “alien” plants and animals. But invasive species not only cause extinctions and loss of biodiversity, they also create a heavy economic burden. Our to research, published today, reveals that invasive species have […]

The fires ravaged not only plants and animals, but the soil beneath them

Over 80 percent of the Great Blue Mountains World Heritage area, including much of the watershed around the Warragamba Dam.Credit:James brickwood A separate study showed that the Warrambungle fire in 2013 resulted in annual soil losses of about 25 tonnes per hectare, which matches the government’s projected national park losses of 19.4 tonnes per hectare […]

Researcher focuses on restoring disturbed ecosystems

Bob Shriver, assistant professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, focuses his teaching and research on understanding and predicting how local plant population demographics, such as survival and growth, respond to climate, disturbance and human management. As part of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources, Shriver’s work centers on restoration […]

Goldfish Thrown Into Lakes Reaching Over 1 Foot, Threatening Ecosystems | Invasive species

Minnesota authorities have called on aquarium owners to stop releasing pet fish into waterways, after several huge goldfish were pulled from a local lake. Officials in Burnsville, about 15 miles south of Minneapolis, said released goldfish can grow several times their normal size and wreak havoc on native species. “Please don’t release your goldfish into […]

How to Avoid Harming New Zealand’s Various Native Plants and Animals

Credit: Snappy Goat/Flickr New Zealand’s native biodiversity is unique and complex, and it is in decline and under threat. Individuals and businesses are often unsure of what they should or should not do to help maintain it. A new paper in the New Zealand Journal of Ecology sets out comprehensive and concise criteria to provide […]

Silk Road also brought plants and animals

The Ancient Silk Road was an important route for transporting Chinese silk, tea, and porcelain to other countries around 2,000 years ago. An abundance of animals and plants were also introduced from the West, enriching the lives of the Chinese people in ancient times. Foreign envoys brought their local animals and plants as gifts to […]

Leading Scientists Support Need To Consider Biomechanics – ScienceDaily

A team of scientists have developed a more accurate way to predict the effects of climate change on plants and animals, and whether some will survive. Frequently, environmentalists assess an organism’s fitness for climate by quantifying its functional traits. “These are physical properties that you can measure – the height, the diameter, the thickness of […]

Better predict how plants and animals

image: Trees and other organisms facing air or water flow will experience forces that could bend, break, or dislodge them. By understanding the variables that help resist these forces, as well as air or water speeds, scientists can use an ecomechanical model to make predictions about survival. see Following Credit: (Tim Higham / UCR) A […]

Better predict how plants and animals will withstand climatic extremes

A team of scientists have developed a more accurate way to predict the effects of climate change on plants and animals, and whether some will survive. Frequently, environmentalists assess an organism’s fitness for climate by quantifying its functional traits. Trees and other organisms facing the flow of air or water will experience forces that could […]

American Eel – News & Stories

American eels can reach five feet in length during the fourth stage, which lasts up to 40 years. In this phase, they are nocturnal bottom predators that rely on their keen sense of smell. “American eels are opportunistic hunters,” explained Reuben Goforth, lecturer in aquatic ecosystems. “Their flexibility gives them plenty of options when looking […]

We can still save the planet’s fragile ecosystems

It’s “our last chance to avert climate catastrophe, reverse the deadly tide of pollution, and halt species loss.” The planet’s ecosystems, from forests to grasslands to coral reefs, are in a precarious state. If we continue to cut down trees, turn grasslands into farmland and decimate coral reefs, many ecosystems will soon reach a point […]

New research shows Neanderthals in Siberia ate both plants and animals

Domingo Carlos Salazar and partner. Credit: RUVID Association Neanderthals, extinct cousins ​​of modern humans, occupied Western Eurasia before becoming extinct and although they were once thought to travel as far east as Uzbekistan, in recent years a team international research with the participation of the University of Valencia found that they reach two thousand kilometers. […]

Mending the broken relationship with nature: tackling the nexus between biodiversity, ecosystems, health and climate change after COVID-19 – World

Summary This policy brief highlights how human health is directly linked to the state of biodiversity and climate change in the Asia-Pacific region. Improving human health and mitigating future health disasters requires addressing these causal factors simultaneously in an integrated manner. The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus is a zoonotic disease, transmitted from animals to humans. Zoonotic […]

Pest plants and animals leave a chilling $1.7 trillion bill

These species can threaten the health of plants and animals, including humans. And they cause enormous economic damage. They are one of the most harmful environmental forces on earth. They have colonized just about every place humans have set foot on the planet. Yet you may not even know they exist. We are talking about […]

How plants and animals steal genes from other species to speed up evolution

Grassland in Uganda. Credit: Luke Dunning, author provided little did biologist Gregor Mendel know that his experiments with sweet peas in the garden of a monastery in Brno, Czech Republic, will lay the foundation for our understanding of modern genetics and heredity. His work in the 19th century helped scientists establish that parents transmit their […]

David Suzuki: Are we being too hard on newly arrived plants and animals?

Thanks to warming climates and habitat destruction, ‘invasive species’ narratives have begun to shift JMrocek/iStock/Getty Images Plus Feral pigs are considered an invasive species in Ontario. As human activity continues to heat the planet and destroy wildlife habitat, plants and animals are responding based on their genetic makeup and ability to adapt to changed environments. […]

Climate change could cause ‘irreversible impacts’ on lake ecosystems

By Ayesha Tandon New research shows that lake “stratification periods” – a seasonal separation of water into layers – will last longer in a warmer climate. These longer stratification periods could have “far-reaching implications” for lake ecosystems, according to the article, and can lead to toxic algal blooms, fish kills and increased methane emissions. The […]

Pest plants and animals leave a $1.7 trillion bill

Credit: Shutterstock They are one of the most harmful environmental forces on earth. They have colonized just about every place humans have set foot on the planet. Yet you may not even know they exist. We are talking about exotic species. Not little green aliens, but invasive plants and animals not native to an ecosystem […]

Humans have destroyed 97% of Earth’s ecosystems

Smoke rises from an illegally lit fire in the Amazon rainforest reserve, south of Novo Progresso in Para state, Brazil, August 15, 2020. Photo: Carl De Souza (Getty Images) Only 3% of land on Earth still qualifies as ‘ecologically intact’, with undisturbed habitats and healthy populations of its native animal species, according to grim new […]

Only 3% of the world’s ecosystems remain intact, study finds | Wildlife

According to a study, only 3% of the world’s land remains ecologically intact with healthy populations of all its native animals and undisturbed habitat. These fragments of wilderness undamaged by human activities are mainly found in parts of the rainforests of the Amazon and Congo, the forests and tundra of eastern Siberia and northern Canada […]

As the planet warms, tropical plants and animals are moving north

As the Earth’s climate changes, a significant number of plant and animal species are moving to new places, which is equivalent to what researchers in 2017 called “a universal redistribution of life on Earth.” A new review article in the journal Biology of global change looks at the northward march of a variety of tropical […]

“Wind, Sun, Plants and Animals”: ​​The Spiritual Life of Richard Riseling

By Lauren Yanks ’19 M.Div. Born in 1940 in a rural town in Illinois, Richard Riseling spent much of his youth gardening, playing sports and making music. “My parents loved all kinds of music,” the Yale College and YDS alum recalled. “Our house was filled with instruments. My five siblings and I all learned to […]

Eastern Prickly Pear – News & Stories

“The calls I get about prickly pears usually come during drought years from the northwest part of Indiana,” Johnson said. “They have sandy soil near Lake Michigan. We also get questions from the sandy areas of southern Indiana. “Horse pastures tend to be under-managed, so I sometimes hear of someone who has moved their animals […]

To save endangered plants and animals, restore habitat on farms, ranches and other working lands

The research summary is a brief overview of interesting scholarly work. The big idea According to a recently published study conducted by a team of environmental scientists including us. Our analysis revealed that this can be done in a way that minimize trade-offs and might even make farms more productive helping to control pests, improving […]

Elasticity is the key to the ability of plants and animals to sting – sciencedaily

Kaare Hartvig Jensen and his colleagues at DTU Physics have had repeated experiences where the small glass pipettes they use to extract fluid from plant cells have broken upon contact with the cell wall. This annoyed researchers and sparked their interest in similar sharp objects in nature that do not break when used. This includes […]

The coronavirus pandemic linked to the destruction of the world’s wildlife and ecosystems

By Charlie Shield After the novel coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China in late December 2019, it didn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to claim it was made in a nearby lab. The scientific consensus, on the other hand, is that the virus – SARS-CoV-2 – is a zoonotic disease that jumped from animals to humans. […]

Runaway global warming could collapse entire ecosystems, perhaps within 10 years

Global warming is about to tear big holes in Earth’s delicate web of life, pushing temperatures beyond the tolerance of thousands of animals at once. As some key species disappear, entire ecosystems like coral reefs and forests will collapse, and some will collapse abruptly, starting this decade, a new study in the journal Nature warns. […]

When it comes to climate, plants and animals are not so different | Beta site for NSF

Despite fundamental differences in their biology, plants and animals are strikingly similar in how they have evolved in response to climate, according to a new study. national science foundation-funded study published this week in Nature ecology and evolution. “When it’s sunny and warm where the animals are at any given time, most can just move […]

When it comes to climate, plants and animals are not so different | NSF

Research News When it comes to climate, plants and animals are not that different Plants, animals remarkably similar in their responses to changing environmental conditions Tropical plants, animal species, like this leaf frog, live in a narrower range than temperate species March 26, 2020 Despite fundamental differences in their biology, plants and animals are strikingly […]

Plants and animals are not so different when it comes to climate

By Daniel Stolte, University Communications March 24, 2020 A Mexican leaf frog, photographed near Alamos, Mexico. Plant and animal species from the tropics, like this frog, have been found to occur in a narrower temperature range than temperate species, which may make tropical species much more vulnerable to climate change. (Photo: John J. Wiens) Despite […]

Oil-coated water droplets are mini-ecosystems for microbes

Oil-coated water droplets are mini-ecosystems for microbes by Timothy Oleson Tuesday December 9th, 2014 Oil rising from underground is solidifying into asphalt over much of Pitch Lake on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. In places, it also reaches the surface in liquid form. Credit: Rainer Meckenstock. Dark, muddy oil may not seem like a suitable […]