The alligator gar poses a serious threat to local ecosystems

An alligator gar. [Photo by YUAN WEI/FOR CHINA DAILY] Illegally introduced into China as an aquarium fish decades ago, the alligator gar poses a serious threat to the country’s ecosystems due to a lack of natural predators, experts have said. Gu Dang’en, a scientist with a national invasive alien species control program, said the fish […]

The wet and cool weather break does not last long

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – I’d like to think that when the sun finally broke through the lingering cloud cover on Sunday afternoon, somewhere there was a choir going, “Ahhhhhhhhh! I even received a few text messages and verbal comments “thank you for the nice weather tonight”. It doesn’t take much to brighten the spirits, at […]

Drought, floods chilling reminder of climate change

Europe is facing its worst drought in at least 500 years, China’s record drought is weighing heavily on farmers as crops wilt in fields, and the Pakistani government last Friday declared an emergency to deal with the monsoon floods that affected more than 30 million people. Above, there are only three climate change-related issues that […]

Severe weather alerts are now part of Drivewyze Safety+

Drivewyze now provides real-time weather warnings as part of its proactive Drivewyze Safety+ driver notification platform. Drivewyze has integrated its technology with trusted weather data partners to identify extreme or severe weather events in the United States, giving drivers time to slow down, change routes or stop in the event of severe weather. Severe weather […]

The Inoculation Project 28/08/2022: Ecosystems of Books and Bottles

We really did a great job with Ms. Savanna’s book project last week, almost cutting the amount needed in half! We have yet another weekend after this one to do our favorite combination of fundraising and incidental and effortless promotion (which we do simply by generating a burst of activity and getting the project to […]

Toutville: As the climate changes, players need to sharpen up | UVA

The “silver” moon is over. Oh, residents of Toutville, we used to have it so good. We knew it. Not only did legal gambling enter our borders last year, but corporations arrived with extravagant giveaways. Huge sign-up bonuses. Free bets galore. Friendly lines. These “no hassle” offers where you win as long as the team […]

Weather: Nice start to the week, rain on the way to the South Island

Sunny, dry weather is on the way for most of the country as spring approaches, according to MetService. However, it is not all good news. Heavy rain could hit the western South Island later in the week MetService forecast dry weather with few clouds for most locations through Wednesday, with isolated showers expected across the […]

Reptile evolution has heated up due to climate change

The start of The land before time sees our dinosaur – and a pterosaur – cast of characters endure a climate change that pushes them away from their current home and into the Great Valley. Similar environmental changes were not unusual during prehistory. Mass extinction events have occurred at least five times in our planet’s […]

VOLLEYBALL: Panthers start season strong – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

BEND – Understanding how tough competition will be in the South West Conference this season, South Medford volleyball coach Robin Akpan was pleased with what she saw from his team against opposition from quality at the Mountain View Friday invite. The Panthers finished the round robin with a 2-1 record, beating Thurston (22-25, 25-10, 15-9) […]

Hurricane Andrew and climatology lessons- POLITICO

NOTE ON PROGRAMMING: Power Switch will not publish from Monday August 29th to Monday September 5th. We will resume our normal schedule on Tuesday, September 6. Hurricane Harvey photographed from the International Space Station. | NASA via Getty Images The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet so far, but historically it’s a big week […]

Autumn creeps in as Sunday storms are expected

As temperatures continue to drop, fall is approaching in Chicago. A warm weekend should offer a taste of summer, although storms expected on Sunday could derail plans. Temperatures in the mid-70s are expected on Friday, the National Weather Service said. Nighttime temperatures could dip into the mid-50s. The National Weather Service has issued a warning […]

UNC Charlotte climate change expert discusses effects of extreme weather – Reuters

UNC Charlotte climate change expert discusses effects of extreme weather Posted at 12:00 a.m. on Friday, August 26, 2022 Extreme weather conditions hit the world this summer. From deadly floods in some regions to record heat waves and droughts in others, the effects of climate change are becoming more noticeable every year – or are […]

Rounding up the invaders – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

Abel Quiroz caught over 115 pounds total of invasive pike this month in the Rogue River. [Courtesy photo] Rogue River’s Pikeminnow Derby completes fourth year PASS GRANTS – Abel Quiroz takes it upon himself to personally harm encroaching Rogue River pike, even forgoing eating fried chicken skins to do so. Hide is the main bait […]

Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand will receive heavy rains today

What are showers? A downpour is a localized but intense rainfall activity. Short periods of very heavy rainfall over a small geographical area can cause widespread destruction, especially in hilly regions where this phenomenon is most common. However, not all cases of very heavy precipitation are showers. A shower has a very precise definition: rain […]

Extreme weather worsens Asia’s climate crisis

High temperatures, frequent droughts, torrential rains and other extreme weather events this summer have strangled Asia, forced industries to close, slowed global trade, disrupted food supplies and disrupted the lives of ordinary people living in some of the most populous countries in the world. and densely populated cities. For months, Asia-Pacific countries have experienced a […]

Pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, restore ecosystems

Disturbing headlines about wildlife keep popping up. Three billion fewer birds in our skies than 50 years ago; about one-third of America’s wild species are threatened with extinction; wildlife diseases threatening ecological and economic stability; crop pollinators such as birds and bees declining rapidly. However, there are many wildlife success stories to tell. White-tailed deer, […]

Students lose climate case against energy minister

The High Court found that Energy Minister Megan Woods made a legal decision in granting permits for companies to search for new fossil fuels in Taranaki. The students, whose future will be increasingly affected by extreme weather and rising sea levels, sued the minister over the decision. They argued that the Minister was obliged to […]

Tribune Notebook: Willmar impresses at scrum – West Central Tribune

WILLMAR — Willmar’s volleyball team ranked fifth in the state in Class AAA in the Coaches Association’s preseason poll.And while the Cardinals have lost a host of talent from the 2021 season, at least one coach in the region expects Willmar to be very good. It’s based on last week’s Alexandria scrimmage.“Willmar was really good,” […]

Minnesota mining push backed by new climate change law

Miners see gold in northern Minnesota, concentrations of nickel, copper, cobalt and other minerals critical to the production of batteries for electric vehicles and other equipment. The recently passed federal Inflation Reduction Act provides billions in incentives to accelerate America’s transition to a low-carbon, renewable energy-powered economy. The measure, signed into law this month by […]

WA ecosystems are changing. Conservation efforts are also

The 40-acre bog is covered in red, orange, and green sphagnum moss, giving the wetland the appearance of a dated shag carpet. The mat compresses with every step Rocchio takes, like a waterlogged memory foam mattress that springs back into place as he takes his weight off. The less decomposed, the more elastic, says Rocchio, […]

Weather Update: Extremely heavy rains to hit Rajasthan, MP; check the latest forecast

The low over northwestern Madhya Pradesh and eastern Rajasthan as well as southwestern Uttar Pradesh has moved westward over the past six hours and is centered over the northwest of Madhya Pradesh and adjacent areas of eastern Rajasthan, about 20 km south-south-east of Guna (Madhya Pradesh), 80 km northeast of Rajgarh (Madhya Pradesh), 170 km […]

Climate change: Ancient Buddhist statues emerge from China’s drought-stricken Yangtze River

A trio of ancient Buddhist statues. At As water levels along the Yangtze River recede amid China’s driest summer in six decades, historical evidence of an ancient tradition of wisdom has emerged from the depths of the normally mighty river in the form of ‘a trio of Buddhist statues, believed to date from around […]

MP weather update: Heavy rain continues, holidays declared in Narmadapuram and schools in Bhopal

Image source: PTI Bhopal: Villagers move to a safer spot in a waterlogged area after the Kaliasot River overflowed following relentless monsoon rains Strong points Heavy rains continued to hit parts of Madhya Pradesh on Monday. Schools in Bhopal and Narmadapuram will remain closed today. Cities like Jabalpur and Bundelkhand have witnessed severe waterlogging. MP […]

Are we heading towards extinction?

Mohammad Zamir | Published: August 21, 2022 9:41:52 p.m. Due to the increasingly visible consequences of climate change, governments are finding it difficult to downplay the warnings of scientists. Among the consequences of climate change are record high temperatures around the world as well as droughts, floods, forest fires, storms, hurricanes and also a severe […]

UK weather: Parts could have ‘very hot’ bank holidays as forecasters predict temperatures will rise again | UK News

Parts of the UK are set to have a ‘very hot’ bank holiday next weekend as the weather heats up again. Over the past week, some have expressed relief as temperatures have cooled following the prolonged heat wave that many regions experienced in late July and early August. This was after the UK earlier saw […]

Vaishno Devi yatra temporarily suspended again due to bad weather | Latest India News

The movement of pilgrims to the Vaishno Devi shrine in Katra town of Reasi district in Jammu and Kashmir has again been suspended until Sunday morning due to bad weather conditions in the region. A statement from the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Council on Saturday evening said, “Due to inclement weather, Yatra has been suspended […]

New climate legislation is no cause for celebration – The Oakland Press

If you are concerned about the environment and are celebrating the Schumer-Manchin “compromise” bill, which was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden on Tuesday, may I suggest you blow out the candles on the cake. I hate that it’s raining on your parade, but the bottom line is that it won’t […]

Rainie Falls Trail closed due to fires – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

Rainie Falls trail and land to the south are closed due to fire activity. [BLM file photo] Public urged to avoid Galicia Road The popular Rainie Falls Trail along the Rogue River northwest of Grants Pass is closed due to wildfires in the area, federal Office of Land Management officials said Friday afternoon. The closure […]

Increased Mosquito Spray Kills Ecosystems – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

It’s an increasingly familiar sight in American cities and suburbs: a pickup truck pulls up on the sidewalk. Workers wearing gloves, masks and other protective gear strap on backpack-like mechanisms with plastic pipes, similar to leaf blowers. Running engines, they spray trees, bushes and even house walls with pesticides targeting an age-old threat: mosquitoes. Winged, […]

Rising Mosquito Spray Kills Ecosystems – NBC Chicago

It’s an increasingly familiar sight in American cities and suburbs: a pickup truck pulls up on the sidewalk. Workers wearing gloves, masks and other protective gear strap on backpack-like mechanisms with plastic pipes, similar to leaf blowers. Running engines, they spray trees, bushes and even house walls with pesticides targeting an age-old threat: mosquitoes. Winged, […]

Wildlife thrives in Panama’s diverse ecosystems

Panama’s unique position between North and South America – and the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea – along with habitat conservation programs, provide visitors with immersive and memorable opportunities to observe wildlife, both on land and at sea. Majestic marine life Although it is an exciting year-round destination for nature and wildlife exploration, until October […]

Climate change may impair sleep and increase susceptibility to disease: study – The Hill

The story at a glance There is no doubt that regular quality sleep is good for your health. But as temperatures rise, sleep disturbances may become more common, especially for those who cannot afford air conditioning. A new review explores the implications of a changing climate on sleep-related immune outcomes. On the heels of new […]

Rise in mosquito spraying kills ecosystems – NBC New York

It’s an increasingly familiar sight in American cities and suburbs: a pickup truck pulls up on the sidewalk. Workers wearing gloves, masks and other protective gear strap on backpack-like mechanisms with plastic pipes, similar to leaf blowers. Running engines, they spray trees, bushes and even house walls with pesticides targeting an age-old threat: mosquitoes. Winged, […]

OHA Tells Schools to Plan for Monkeypox – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

Jonathan Parducho, a pharmacist, removes vials of the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine at Zuckerberg General Hospital in San Francisco in July. (Lea Suzuki/San Francisco Chronicle via AP) With the first pediatric case of monkeypox reported in Oregon on Wednesday, public health officials want families to know the new disease poses a “low risk” to schools, but […]

Climate change is a secret driver of inflation

Extreme weather worsened by climate change is a hidden cause of inflation, threatening to drive up the already high prices of everything from food and clothing to electronics. Why is this important: Heavy rains, floods, heat waves and droughts erode agriculture, infrastructure and the ability of workers to stay on the job, leading to supply […]

Adaptation Strategies of Great Lakes Coastal Ecosystems to Climate Change

Natural resource practitioners working in Great Lakes coastal ecosystems must make decisions about how to help coastal properties adapt to climate change. Courtesy of USDA Climate Centers. Adaptation Strategies of Great Lakes Coastal Ecosystems to Climate Change presents a menu of coping actions to help practitioners move from general concepts to concrete, targeted coping tactics […]

Fans rally for McComas – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

Chad McComas, founder of Rogue Retreat, hugs his longtime friend Scotty White, of Medford, at a rally in Hawthorne Park on Wednesday in support of McComas. [Jamie Lusch / Mail Tribune] Rosann Thiessen of Medford helps organize a rally in support of Chad McComas at Hawthorne Park in Medford on Wednesday. [Jamie Lusch / Mail […]

Island Conservation PRESS RELEASE: Restoring Tetiaroa will benefit several linked ecosystems

THE ISLAND-OCEAN CONNECTION CHALLENGE aims to maximize the marine conservation benefits of islands for ecosystems, including coral reefs, and climate and community resilience. We are launching a new era of island restoration and rewilding focused on scaling and deploying this “multiple tool” of whole-system conservation for maximum impact. Challenge partners commit to the holistic restoration […]

Planning Commission to review climate action plan

Tuolumne County Government Building Sonora, CA – The Tuolumne County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing tonight on the climate action plan being developed. The commission will review the current draft of the document and provide recommendations to the Supervisory Board. We reported earlier that the plan was criticized and was the subject of […]

Top 5 African cities with the most developed startup ecosystems 2022

Often, entrepreneurs have indicated that a business location plays an active role in determining whether or not it will succeed. That is, choosing the right country/city can mean the difference between success and failure, as ecosystems have been described as a major opportunity for businesses today. Startup ecosystems are emerging all over the world, as […]

UK weather – latest: orange warning for thunderstorms and floods in England and Wales

Heavy rain hammers Devon as thunderstorms roll on – Monday Large parts of Britain are at risk of flash flooding today as thunderstorms overwhelm the country’s parched landscape with heavy rain. The Met Office has put in place a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms covering much of England and South Wales, which has been upgraded […]

Climate change and its effects on ecosystems

Emerging findings on how ecosystems are responding to climate change were published this month in the journal Bioscience following the 40th anniversary of the US National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program. Charles Driscoll Charles Driscoll, a university professor of environmental systems and professor emeritus in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, is […]

CM Jagan – The New Indian Express

By Express press service VISAKHAPATNAM: Andhra Pradesh has made rapid progress in industrial development with 98 industries established in the state over the past three years with an investment of Rs 39,350 crore, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said on Tuesday. He commanded the Rs 1,250 crore manufacturing unit of ATC Tires in Achutapuram […]

Thunderstorm forecast: Rain breaks European heat wave as orange alerts are issued | Weather | New

Europe faces forest fires and drought after heat wave Five departments in the south of France were given orange thunderstorm alerts on Tuesday after last week’s sweltering heatwave gave way to wet and more aggressive weather. Throughout the evening and night, clouds from France will gradually spread over Belgium. In Spain, forecasters have also issued […]

Reviews | Climate bill subsidies keep oil and gas alive

The technology called carbon capture and storage is aptly named. It’s supposed to capture carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources and pump them deep underground. It was a big winner in the climate provisions of the Cut Inflation Act passed by Congress last week. What the technology, known as CCS, also makes it possible to […]

Heavy rain makes for pleasant weather in Rawalpindi – Latest News – The Nation

Rawalpindi-The weather in various parts of the district turned pleasant on Monday after heavy rains.The weather is expected to remain cloudy on Tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms and rain, according to the Met Office.Met Office officials said the village of Saidpur received 8mm of rain, Bokra 14mm, Golra 11mm, PMD (H-8/2) 22mm, Shamasabad 17mm […]

New Jersey LCV welcomes congressional passage of landmark climate change legislation

New Jersey LCV welcomes congressional passage of landmark climate change legislation New Jersey Conservation Voters League Executive Director, Ed Potosnak, issued the following statement in response to Congress’ passage of the Inflation Reduction Act: “The House of Representatives has taken a big step forward in the fight against climate change by sending the landmark Inflation […]

Create a modern software strategy with AI-driven platforms and their ecosystems and more Latest News Here

*Required fields First name * Last name * E-mail * Company * industry sector * —AgricultureBanking and Capital MarketsSubcontractingChemicals and lubricantsCommercial ServicesCommunicationConstructionConsumable goodsConsumer & InternetConsumer transportationDistributionEducation (K-12)Energy and MiningMaterialHigher EducationHospitalityInvestment managementLife sciencesManufacturingMonoline InsuranceMulti-branch insuranceNon-consumable goodsNon-profitOtherOther financial servicesOther technologyProfessional servicesPublic sectorDetailSoftwareSpecialty and other insuranceTechnology ServicesUtilitiesFederal governmenthealth care providersState/local government Country * —AfghanistanAlbaniaAlgeriaAmerican SamoaAndorraAngolaAnguillaAntarcticAntigua and BarbudaArgentinaArmeniaArctic oceanArubaAshmore […]

Exploring the human factor of marine and coastal ecosystems

Can you give a brief overview of what this study looked at and where? Get the Rhode Map A weekday briefing from seasoned Rhode Island reporters, focused on the things that matter most about the Ocean State. Pollnac: Losses due to climate change in the tropics are expected to impact both agriculture and fisheries, but […]

Worst drought ever devastates Europe amid capitalism’s climate crisis

From Britain to the Balkans, a record drought is devastating Europe. More than 60% of the European Union and Britain are facing drought conditions, according to the European Drought Observatory, in what a European Commission scientist has called Europe’s worst drought since 500 years. Major rivers and lakes are drying up, farmers are facing unprecedented […]

UK weather: Flood warning from thundery showers after drought | Weather United Kingdom

After the driest period for nearly 50 years, the UK is now being warned to expect flooding from thundery showers which will offer little relief from the drought. The flood alert follows days of extreme heat warnings and the official declaration of a drought after the longest nine-month dry spell since 1976. Meteorologists have warned […]

The Cut Inflation Act invests in a key element of the fight against climate change: nature

Placeholder while loading article actions Tax benefits for electric vehicles. Huge incentives to accelerate carbon capture facilities, encourage green hydrogen production and boost US manufacturing of next-generation solar panels, wind turbines and batteries. The historic Cut Inflation Act that passed Friday includes $369 billion in climate and energy-related funding, much of it aimed at high-tech […]

Weather: Heavy rain, warmer temperatures expected from Tuesday

A wet week is on the way after much of the country finally enjoyed some sunshine this weekend. Rain will hit the west of the country on Tuesday and could continue through Friday, with heavy rain warnings in place for some areas, according to the MetService. MetService meteorologist Peter Little said we currently have a […]

Activists point to the need for much more climate action after the IRA’s run through the House

While welcoming U.S. lawmakers’ passage of the Cut Inflation Act on Friday, climate activists and some progressive lawmakers said the $740 billion bill didn’t do enough to cope. to the worsening climate emergency. “Today we celebrate the power of organization,” said Varshini Prakash, executive director of the youth-led Sunrise movement, after House lawmakers voted 220-207 […]

BBC Weather: Latest forecast shows heavy rain to follow extreme heat amid flood warning | Weather | New

According to the latest BBC weather forecast, heavy rain and thunderstorms will sweep across parched parts of England and Wales early next week. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings of intense thunderstorms and possible flooding following this weekend’s extreme heat wave. It comes just a day after an official drought was declared due […]

How UC Davis research could save farmers money while fighting climate change

Long-lasting drought and rising production costs have tested Californian farmers this year. Fertilizer is one of the biggest expenses for a farmer. In the past year alone, the price of nitrogen-based fertilizers has doubled due to supply issues. Despite their high cost, fertilizers are a necessary expense for farmers to ensure their crops produce enough […]

Dive Cool Into Summer Cucumbers – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

A cucumber confession started my last food section column. Despite my lifelong fondness for pickles, I’ve only discovered fresh cucumbers — even garden-grown ones — in the last few years. Consuming cucumbers within an hour of a quick pickle as an easy summer side dish has a lot to do with my acceptance. Seasonal preparation […]

The House will vote on Friday to pass Democrats’ sweeping health care and climate bill

By Clare Foran and Kristin Wilson, CNN The House of Representatives is set to vote on Friday to pass a $750 billion health care, energy and climate bill from Democrats, in a significant victory for President Joe Biden and his party. Once the Democratic-controlled House approves the bill, it would then go to Biden to […]

The ‘major obstacles’ to restoring Australia’s degraded coastal ecosystems as scientists push for a national plan

Wedged between tropical wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef, the Mungalla resort wetlands should be a colorful and vibrant haven. Key points: Many Australian coastal ecosystems, such as oyster reefs and kelp forests, are heavily degraded New research has identified a range of barriers to critical restoration work, including a lack of funding Scientists have […]

global warming: Climate change: the protection and restoration of ecosystems are the essential basis for human prosperity and well-being

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to humanity in the 21st century. It was stressed that there is an urgent need to further study the direct and indirect links of climate change with natural, biological and other human-induced hazards…. Understanding the nature of interconnected systemic hazards and risks is the basis of complex […]

Oregon gubernatorial candidates debate chip industry and business climate: ‘How do we stop the next Intel from moving?’

Intel’s decision to build a multi-billion dollar manufacturing campus in Ohio set off alarm bells in Oregon earlier this year. Now, that decision is expected to be an issue in November’s gubernatorial election. The state has one of the densest concentrations of semiconductor jobs in the country, but Oregon is set to miss out on […]

Coke’s latest bizarre flavor has arrived – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

(CNN) – Coca-Cola’s latest limited-time experimental flavor has arrived. It’s called… wait… Dreamworld. And it tastes like…dreams? “We wanted to create a drink inspired by dreams that was recognizable as Coca-Cola but with added cues that bring the playfulness and brightness of dreams to life,” a company spokesperson said in an email. email about the […]

Quick pickles inspire faster consumption – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

Easy fridge dill pickles start with fresh cucumbers, which are widely available at farmers markets in late summer. [Gretchen McKay/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] The old fashioned bread and butter pickles are flavored with brown sugar and onion, with the turmeric adding a nice golden hue. [Gretchen McKay/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] Marinated peaches are easy to prepare and will add […]

You want to create ecosystems across the state, not just in subways: President of StartupTN

Speaking to TNM, StartupTN Chairman Arun Roy, IAS said Tamil Nadu has all the necessary components to build an ecosystem that can compete with other mature startup ecosystems in a short period of time. In a bid to achieve the ambitious goal of “creating 10,000 startups in the next four years”, StartupTN, an agency of […]

Mountain events could improve safety with ultra-high resolution weather models

At the end of May 2021, 172 runners embarked on a 100 kilometer (62 mile) ultramarathon in northwest China. At noon, as runners made their way through a rugged, high-altitude portion of the course, temperatures plunged, high winds whipped the slopes, and freezing rain and hail battered runners. By the next day, the death toll […]

US Senator Bob Casey visits Erie and explains his support for the climate bill

U.S. Senator Bob Casey, during a visit to Erie on Tuesday, called the Cut Inflation Act — passed by the Senate after a marathon weekend debate by lawmakers — one of the most in US history with respect to health care, climate change and deficit reduction strategies. “We had a time when we could actually […]

Foggy, hot and humid again with an irregular thunderstorm in the afternoon | Time

SHORT TERM FORECAST TODAY: Foggy, hot and humid with an afternoon thunderstorm in places. High: 94 TONIGHT: An irregular thunderstorm; rather cloudy and heavy. Low: 70 TOMORROW: Rather cloudy, less hot, but still humid with a few showers and thunderstorms. Top: 86 Bottom: 68 FORECAST SUMMARY Well, it’s another foggy, hot and humid day with […]

Grotesque Greed, Burning Planet and Climate Justice – Two Scenarios

Shit if we do and shit if we don’t. That pretty much sums up the situation the human race finds itself in as Earth’s environment spirals out of control largely due to the pollution created when fossil fuels are burned to power our machines and create electricity. There are calls everywhere for climate justice as […]

How Pollinator Decline Impacts Entire Ecosystems

As pollinators like bees and butterflies decline around the world, their loss reverberates across entire ecosystems, a Princeton-led team of researchers report in the journal Nature. They found that when plants have to compete to court pollinators, it poses a significant threat to biodiversity. “Our study identifies an unexpected and insidious way in which the […]

Heavy rain and extreme weather close some rides at Water World

Some Water World attractions will be closed or delayed on Monday while repairs are being made. FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colorado — Colorado’s largest water park is cleaning up Monday after heavy rains hit the park Sunday night. water world said that due to inclement weather and precipitation, many of its attractions are closed on Monday. The […]

Strengthening Innovation Ecosystems: USAID Opens Applications to Competition

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has opened applications for a new competition aimed at strengthening the innovation ecosystem for humanitarian challenges and community resilience in Bangladesh. The challenge will create stronger support structures for innovators and humanitarian actors to develop, test and scale innovations that complement traditional humanitarian response and build long-term […]

Climate change has just erased the past in Kentucky. Where will it be next?

by Tina A. Irvine Tina A. Irvine is a 2022 ACLS Fellow and Visiting Scholar at the Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society at Indiana University. Hindman Settlement School Grounds and Troublesome Creek, Knott County, KY, ca. 1950 In the early morning hours of Thursday, July 28, rising floodwaters from Troublesome Creek […]

The hidden chaos lurking in ecosystems

By the early 1990s, ecologists had amassed enough time series datasets of species populations and enough computing power to test these ideas. There was just one problem: the chaos didn’t seem to be there. Only about 10% of the populations examined seemed to change chaotically; the rest cycled stably or fluctuated randomly. Ecosystem chaos theories […]

First weather alert from Sunday evening to Monday morning

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – A first day weather warning was declared Sunday evening through Monday morning for central Wisconsin, particularly from Highway 10 south where some of the heaviest rainfall has occurred since Saturday night. More rain of 1-3″+ could occur later Sunday through Monday morning. Parts of central Wisconsin received 1 to 3 inches […]

A little cooler this weekend with a chance of thunderstorms

A day after record heat, Denver weather will be cooler on Saturday, but temperatures will continue to climb to the low to mid-90s along the urban corridor. In Denver, there’s a 50 percent chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms, mostly after 3 p.m., according to National Weather Service forecasts. The sky will be mostly sunny […]

Flash floods close roads and strand 1,000 people in Death Valley National Park

DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (KVVU/Gray News) – The National Park Service said rains caused extensive flooding Friday in Death Valley National Park. KVVU reports that approximately 60 cars were buried in the debris at the Inn at Death Valley. Buildings have also been flooded with around 1,000 people currently trapped in the park due […]

What the Senate inflation bill will mean for climate initiatives

After months and months of failure on a climate and tax bill from Senate Democrats, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) last week announced a surprise deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) which addresses climate change, cutting prescription drug costs, tax loops used by corporations and the wealthy, and cutting the $300 billion […]

As American Chokers, Some Look to Buffalo for Weather: ‘You Can Actually Go Outside’ | Local News

LaRoy Mack leaned back in his lawn chair, surveying a shady, grassy area in Niagara Falls State Park where the Chicago resident was visiting family. Mack was there to show off the natural wonder he’d experienced once before, but for now he was basking in the region’s glorious weather this Saturday: 80 degrees and a […]

Coping with climate loss: advice from an environmental psychologist

This story was originally published by Greenpeace Australia Pacific The crisis in Ukraine, the floods on one side of the country and the record heat on the other, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little stressed or sad. When you feel helpless in the face of threats, everything gets worse. We release stress hormones in […]

Rogue Valley Live Stream, Virtual Events: August 5 – Medford News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

Hear Liz Moore talk about her bestselling novel “Long Bright River” and other works on Tuesday, August 9. See listings. Photo of Maggie Casey Recurring events Ashland Senior Activities A variety of virtual and in-person activities and services are available for adults 50 and older Monday through Friday through the Ashland Senior Center, 1699 Homes […]

Herrell defends New Mexico oil and gas against climate change concerns

Yvette Herrell has quickly risen through the ranks of the Republican Party in Congress since being elected in 2020 to represent New Mexico’s oil-rich second congressional district in the United States House of Representatives and hopes to translate two years of defense of fossil fuels in re-election in November. The Herrell District encompasses large swathes […]

Catholic Environment Bishop: It’s time to rush to climate action

Bishops John Arnold, William Nolan, Martin Hayes and Catholic climate activists The Episcopal Head of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales for the Environment, Bishop John Arnold of Salford, has called for more urgent action on the climate crisis. In a statement on his diocesan website on July 23, following a record breaking heat […]

Froma Harrop: The climate bill should appeal to all who can be satisfied | Winchester star

What? Good news in the fight to save the planet from rising temperatures? Yes. It comes in the form of a bill that pleases both Senator Joe Manchin and the Natural Resources Defense Council. That gives the West Virginia senator political tokens — essentially, money for West Virginians and a slightly looser leash on fossil […]

How’s downtown, everyone? – Medford news, weather, sports, breaking news

Downtown Medford Association Launches “Census” to Cultivate Relationships and Improve the Area in Various Ways The Downtown Medford Association sent out a “census” to assess downtown priorities. [Jamie Lusch / Mail Tribune] Just as most people have an opinion on Medford’s triple-digit heat wave, it’s also not hard to gauge their opinion on another topic: […]

Greenwashing is driving our descent into climate catastrophe. But we can stop it | Emma Thompson

gTrips to Ondola are an integral part of visiting Venice for those who can afford the high tourist prices, but I went a bit off-script on a recent visit and chose a different but equally iconic. We Are Here Venice, an NGO that promotes the preservation of a city deeply affected by climate change and […]

Partly overcast, light rain, drizzle expected in Delhi today | Latest Delhi News

The minimum temperature is expected to hover around 25 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and the maximum temperature of 33 degrees Celsius Delhi is expected to have partly overcast with light rain or drizzle although air quality was in the fair category on Tuesday morning. According to the Central Pollution Control Board, the hourly air quality […]

Chronicle: Funds shave bullish CBOT bets as weather-related rally begins

Grains of wheat are seen at the Farmers Cooperative Exchange during harvest in Bessie, Oklahoma, U.S., June 12, 2019. REUTERS/Nick Oxford Join now for FREE unlimited access to Register NAPERVILLE, Ill., July 31 (Reuters) – Chicago grain and oilseed futures rallied in historic fashion last week as hot and dry August forecasts threaten to […]

Green Pulse Podcast: How Humans Exploit Wild Plants and Animals – IPBES Report

The report by the UN Scientific Advisory Group on Biodiversity, known as IPBES, which was released in early July, found that 70% of the world’s poor depend directly on wildlife. And one in five people depend on wild plants, algae and fungi for their food and income. Yet overexploitation, including the illegal trade in animals […]

Ominous weather forecast as crews battle McKinney Fire

Hazardous weather conditions continued to exacerbate the McKinney Fire over the weekend, with moderate to severe thunderstorms, record heat and wind gusts of up to 60 mph inhibiting fire crews as they were trying to fight the rapidly growing fire. The wildfire broke out Friday afternoon in the Klamath National Forest near Yreka, about 15 […]

Ryan Tedder says climate crisis stress is ‘costing me sleep’

One Republic star Ryan Tedder has said the climate crisis is one of the things keeping him up at night. In a recent interview on the Australian Podcast Smallzy Surgery, the prolific songwriter and producer spoke about “I Ain’t Worried,” the hit single he wrote for Top Gun: Maverick. After discussing topics like independent sensibilities […]