Sea temperatures near record high, but marine ecosystems could suffer

Loading Professor Roughan said this January could cross that mark. David Booth, professor of marine ecology at the University of Technology Sydney, said several years ago corals bleached in the harbor when the ocean temperature hit 26 degrees, with all eyes now on towards the reaction of the coral this time. He said it was […]

Cover crops improve our ecosystems

The author is a senior agricultural consultant at the Noble Research Institute, Ardmore, Okla. Noble Research Institute In the fall, many southern growers implement a cover crop plan – perhaps by sowing small grains, winter peas, vetch, or clovers in their seasonal dormant perennial grass pastures. hot. These wheat pastures this winter can plan for […]

Climate change and man-made pollution devastate Florida’s ecosystems (Video)

Homepage ” Politics ” Climate change and man-made pollution devastate Florida’s ecosystems (Video) Posted By: XYZ Social News December 29, 2021 Warming waters and pollutants are destroying manatee, fish and coral habitats in and around the state of Florida. CBS News meteorologist and climate scientist Jeff Berardelli has traveled to Florida to investigate the dilemma […]

Securing Large API Ecosystems – The New Stack

Michal Trojanowski Michał is a Product Marketing Engineer at Curity. He is a developer with over 10 years of experience in web technologies. Working on different projects allowed him to learn different languages ​​and observe different approaches to design patterns – also regarding APIs. APIs are everywhere these days, there’s no doubt about it. As […]

The next big step is the integration of Web2 into the Web3 ecosystems.

Elena Sinelnikova: Metis is building a hub for the entire Web3 economy in 3 steps: Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution with transactions of seconds and pennies. Starting in Q1 2022, when we launch our new storage layer, these transactions will cost just pennies. With our code-free middleware, our DAC infrastructure and. NO-CODE integration via smart […]

King Forever announces an entertaining decentralized ecosystem

KING FOREVER is dedicated to building sustainable, user-centric and entertaining decentralized ecosystems. Cape Coral, Fla., December 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) Gaming is founded on the belief that gamification shouldn’t be just a gimmick. Motivated by creating games that are above all fun and easy to use, KING FOREVER emphasizes the importance […]

Plants and animals found living on a giant plastic island

Plants and animals found living on a giant plastic island In the North Pacific there is a giant garbage room made of plastic waste. The floating island weighs around 80,000 tons and covers an estimated area of ​​1.6 million square kilometers – that’s twice the size of texas and three times the size of France. […]

How many Minnesota plants and animals can survive in small pockets of old growth forests?

Minnesota’s great lime and sugar maple forests have been cut into smaller and smaller pockets over the past 150 years. The “Big Woods” that once ruled the state are long gone, divided into hundreds of parks and reserves. There are still vestiges of the old forest that have never been mined, or at least have […]

family life | Master Gardener: Plants and Animals Prepare for Winter |

The growing season is drawing to a close and winter is upon us. Nature prepares for winter when the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler. The metabolism of woody trees and shrubs slows down. Water absorption (necessary for photosynthesis) will not be possible when the ground freezes. The leaves of deciduous plants fall off […]

Noise pollution can negatively affect plants and animals, even after the noise stops – Manila Bulletin

It has long been proven that noise pollution has an impact on animals. They say birds sing at higher frequencies, bats have trouble finding prey, frogs have trouble finding mates, and whales speak louder to communicate with each other. The world becomes even noisier due to human activity like construction, infrastructure development, machinery, urban growth, […]