Severe weather alerts are now part of Drivewyze Safety+

Drivewyze now provides real-time weather warnings as part of its proactive Drivewyze Safety+ driver notification platform. Drivewyze has integrated its technology with trusted weather data partners to identify extreme or severe weather events in the United States, giving drivers time to slow down, change routes or stop in the event of severe weather. Severe weather alerts begin up to 50 miles from the severe weather event. Alerts are only delivered when and where drivers need them and are interrupted when the weather threat passes. Safety+ is a permanent service and does not require 3rd party navigation services to perform.

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“Providing early warning of extreme and severe weather conditions helps protect truckers and others on our roads,” said Brian Heath, CEO of Drivewyze. “The latest FMCSA data showed that weather was a factor in 20% of truck crashes resulting in death and 12% resulting in injury. It also created 13% property damage. It’s very clear that early warning can help prevent accidents involving trucks – we now have a tool that can provide vehicle-specific weather alerts based on location and bearing.

Because Drivewyze Safety+ runs in the background on supported ELD devices, alerts are always enabled. Currently, the Severe Weather Alerts feature is rolling out to all compatible ELD devices.

Severe weather alerts are one of many proactive alerts in the Drivewyze Safety+ platform. It also provides drivers with alerts for high rollover areas, low bridges, mountain couloirs (steep inclines/runaway ramps), real-time congestion, speed (areas known for high quotes), cargo theft (high alert areas) and rest areas (parking availability). Drivewyze Safety+ also allows fleets to create their own custom geolocation and alert notifications. A web portal allows fleets to track the impact of alerts for driver coaching.

Prior to Drivewyze’s launch of Severe Weather Alerts, CR England and Western Express used the “custom” geolocation feature on Drivewyze Safety+ to create their own manually created weather alerts using the existing geolocation capabilities of the Drivewyze platform. Both companies spoke with Drivewyze about their experiences, which prompted Drivewyze to develop the new severe weather alert warnings across the United States.