Staff Changes Approved at Nevis School – Park Rapids Enterprise

Elementary school teacher Paul Schroeder, who has worked in the district for 36 years, plans to retire on March 17, 2023. The board approved his “intent to retire” application at Monday’s meeting.

“Paul has been a valued member of our Tiger community since May 1986,” Superintendent Gregg Parks said. “His contributions to the district are immeasurable. We wish him a happy retirement. »

In preparation for the new school year, the board also approved several personnel changes.

The board approved a freelance contract with Stacey Offerdahl for the position of Assistant School Readiness Teacher.

In the transport department, the board approved a freelance contract with Joel Kopkie of Red Shed Repairs in Nevis for mechanic services at $60 an hour. He will perform maintenance and preventative maintenance on buses, Type III vehicles and small engine equipment. The contract is to be renewed annually.

The board also approved working agreements with Transportation Coordinator Dan Stacey and Deputy Transportation Coordinator Dacle Schmid. Stacey will share part of her mission with Schmid, who will be in charge of finding sub-bus drivers and assigning drivers for extracurricular trips. As a result, $3,000 will be subtracted from Stacey’s employment contract and Schmid will receive an additional $3,000 annual salary.

Since Megan Henry was hired as a level 2 speech therapist, the district canceled her online speech therapist and assistant contracts. Henry has five years of experience as a speech therapist assistant. She will operate under a tiered license while she completes her course to become a speech-language pathologist.

The board accepted the resignation of assistant cook Dale Kosmacek, who worked for the district during the 2021-22 school year, and endorsed Bonnie Barr for the position.

The board-approved educational assistants were Caroline Koch, Kathryn Gorecki, and Ashley Prendiz.

Janet-Golden Landquist will be returning for a short-term supply teaching assignment for a faculty member who is on leave for the month of September.

During the guest comments section of the reunion, Jim Lien said he would like to promote recycling awareness at school sporting events.

“Less than 10% of recyclable materials in the United States are recycled each year,” he said. “That means 90% of them are either incinerated or buried in a landfill. People don’t recycle because they think it’s too hard or doesn’t make a difference. However, if one plastic bottle per US citizen is not recycled every four months, that means four billion bottles.

He said that although the school has placed recycling bins near each of the gymnasium doors, their use has been somewhat limited.

Lien suggested that students design large, colorful posters indicating which items can be recycled (plastic, metal, paper and glass) and place them above the recycling containers. Also, programs at sporting events could add “please recycle”. Announcers at games could also encourage people to use the recycling containers.

“It would benefit the district and reduce waste,” he said.

In other actions, the council:

  • Enrollments heard have increased from 583 last spring to 603 now, primarily due to the arrival of new families in the district.
  • I heard that the air quality monitoring project is almost complete.
  • Approval of a student teaching contract with Suki Peterson of Southwest Minnesota State University.
  • I heard reunion week will be September 18-23.
  • I learned that the student council will be supporting Liam Gustafson’s Tiger Skate Park.
  • I heard the district cash balance at the end of July was $2,214,041.
  • Heard members of the school board were invited to share information about student council involvement in the district at the Minnesota School Board Association meeting.
  • Review of the return to learning plan and approval of the learning model for the start of the year. The last major change to the plan came in March, when the masking requirement on buses was scrapped.
  • Heard that the student trip to Costa Rica has been postponed from 2023 to 2024 due to a travel overlap with the group/choir trip to Texas, scheduled for spring 2023, which involves many of the same students who planned to go to Costa Rica.

The next school board meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 26 at the school media center. A listening session with a council member present will take place in the school cafeteria from 6:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.