Summer weekend starts wet, but ends wonderfully

The essential

Friday is looking pretty good. Friday night gets wet. Saturday will be uncertain, especially in South Jersey. (This represents an unfortunate later shift in the rain’s start time by a few hours.)

But the reward will come on Sunday, with the return of sunny, dry, hot, not humid weather.


The shortened work week ends with solid summer weather.

We start the day with temps in the 60s – that’s pretty comfortable for midsummer. High temperatures will soar into the mid-80s across most of New Jersey today. The beaches should benefit from a sea breeze, limiting temperatures to around the upper 70s.

On average, the sky will be partly sunny. Winds will be light. And only moderate humidity levels.

The only weather nuisance for the day is a very weak disturbance drifting slowly north into central New Jersey. That might be enough to trigger an isolated shower at some point. (That was the case in Pennsylvania early Friday.) But I definitely think most of the Garden State will stay dry during the daytime hours on Friday.

Our next storm system will roll in Friday evening, with the first raindrops in New Jersey between 6 p.m. and midnight. It looks like everyone in the state will get wet from this one. Nighttime low temperatures will only drop to around 70 degrees.


So we start the weekend with rain. This shouldn’t be incredibly surprising – July is, on average, our wettest month of the year.

I don’t see anything extreme here. Just wet. There could be rumbles of thunder and large puddles, but the chance of severe weather is low. Total precipitation for the most part, apart from a localized downpour, will be between a half inch and an inch.

For the northern half of New Jersey – roughly north of Interstate 195 – I’m still confident that the rain will dissipate by noon/noon.

However, for southern New Jersey, rain showers may persist for part of Saturday afternoon.

Skies will be fairly cloudy for the entire duration, although I expect at least partial clearing by the end of the day. High temperatures will be maintained due to raindrops and cloud cover, limited to the mid-70s at best. (Soggy parts of South Jersey may not get out of the lower 70s.)


Easily the best day of the weekend.

Skies will become mostly sunny, although some clouds may linger in the south and east at first. Sunday will be a rainless day. And not only will it be hot, but the humidity levels will drop. Make for yet another comfortable summer day. Look for high temperatures around 80.


We will keep the sun and the air dry for one more day. Monday will be a few degrees warmer than Sunday, with high temperatures reaching the mid 80s. Very beautiful.

The long term forecast

The heat is rising until the middle of next week. My latest forecast has widespread 90s (away from the coast) for Tuesday and Wednesday. Either day could feature irregular strong thunderstorms.

A cold front is expected to bring temperatures back into the near-normal 80s by Thursday.

Dan Zarrow is chief meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook Where Twitter for the latest real-time weather forecasts and updates.

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