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Strong winds, heavy rain to pound the area

WESH 2’s First Warning Weather team is tracking a powerful storm system that is expected to move through central Florida on Tuesday evening. watch the radar Incoming storms carry a level 2 out of 5 risk, which means they will be isolated, strong to violent. These storms will bring strong gusty winds that can exceed […]

Council will create a climate emergency plan | The mail

news, local news, A regional council is working on a climate change adaptation plan, with more frequent storms, bushfires and heat waves expected to impact the community. Golden Plains Shire is asking for community input to shape the new Climate Emergency Plan for the next 10 years to mitigate, adapt and respond to climate change. […]

New South Wales and Queensland were flooded the same week a major climate report was released. We need to talk about it

As rain fell 10 days ago, residents of a neighboring house in our neighborhood on the outskirts of Brisbane were awakened by a loud creak. Their newly built house had started rolling down the hill. The phenomenal amount of rain that had already fallen had caused a landslide that had destabilized the foundations, forcing them […]

The Missing Conversation on Disability Leadership in Climate Justice

Áine Kelly-Costello is a blind and chronically ill storyteller, and an activist for disability and climate justice. OPINION: I caught Covid-19 in March 2020. It was not unexpected. I was studying in Sweden at the time, no one was wearing masks and the virus was everywhere. I can still remember the shocking, sickening feeling in […]

Honolulu’s climate change lawsuit against oil companies will continue, under judge’s rules

A lawsuit filed by Honolulu and the Board of Water Supply against fossil fuel companies has been granted permission to proceed to trial after a ruling Monday by Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Crabtree. The county government is seeking to hold oil companies accountable for climate change impacts threatening Oahu, including flooding, extreme weather and […]

Everything you need to know about floods and climate change | Explanatory

How does climate change affect flood risk? How does climate change affect flooding? Well, climate change – driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas – means that all of today’s weather is happening in an atmosphere that has been rendered warmer, more humid and more energetic. Consider heating water in a saucepan: as […]

Heat wave an overview of the impact of climate change in North America

PORTLAND, Oregon. – The US Pacific Northwest was in the throes of a record-breaking heat wave last summer when a woman in her 60s was rushed to the emergency room with symptoms of life-threatening heatstroke. Desperate to cool her down, Dr. Alexander St. John grabbed a body bag, filled it with ice from the hospital […]

Brisbane mayor says latest severe weather in southeast Queensland different from 2011 floods

Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schrinner told residents fearing the city was on the brink of major flooding that the situation this weekend was “different” from the devastation of 2011. Key points: Conditions are ‘different’ to those that caused 2011 floods, says Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schrinner He said government authorities had ‘learned a lot from the past’ […]

158-point action plan to protect heritage from climate change to provide additional security measures for the built and natural landscape

Plans to protect national monuments and historic buildings from extreme weather conditions caused by climate change are to be developed as part of a new strategy to safeguard the country’s heritage. Other measures include finding ways to modernize protected buildings and negotiating affordable insurance for private owners. A dedicated fund will be set up to […]

States also need the climate change index

India’s groundbreaking announcements on climate change at COP-26 were welcomed by most nations. Among Prime Minister Modi’s verbal pledges as part of a five-fold “Panchamrit” strategy to save the planet is the most prominent commitment that India will reach Net Zero by 2070. In Glasgow, recognizing the urgency of the challenge, ministers from around the […]

Storm Eunice: Was climate change responsible?

The Met Office has issued a red weather warning due to Storm Eunice, which is hitting southern England and Wales and bringing extremely strong winds, rainfall and flooding. Exposed coastal areas will experience the worst gusts of the extreme weather event, with a 196 km/h (122 mph) wind speed recorded on the Isle of Wight […]

UK Weather: Latest Storm Dudley Updates & Forecast

UK weather: the latest Met Office forecast Two storms are expected to hit swaths of the UK this week, bringing 90mph winds that could be ‘life threatening’. Storm Dudley is expected to hit northern areas Wednesday and Thursday before Storm Eunice lands on Friday. Orange and yellow wind warnings are in place for the north […]

UK weather forecast: Latest snow updates as Met Office issues warning

UK weather: the latest Met Office forecast The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning as up to four inches of snow is expected to hit parts of the UK this week. Northern parts of Scotland are expected to see snow from Wednesday evening to Thursday and commuters have been warned that road and […]

Policy makers must recognize the causes of climate change rather than limit the damage

College students have grown up in a time when climate change is at the forefront of public debate. Symptoms of climate change have been normalized, especially for those of us who live in the capricious conditions of South Florida. We adjust our plans when extreme weather systems cancel classes and force us inland for days. […]

DWSD investigates over 200 weather complaints, 79 active water main breaks – CBS Detroit

(CBS DETROIT) – Many streets in Detroit are more like rivers. An example is on Glastonbury and Chalfonte on the west side of the city. READ MORE: Michigan reports 9,898 new cases of COVID-19, 38 deaths “In fact, it was around 3 p.m., the water pressure in the house dropped, went out for a second […]

Boulder sued Big Oil for weather damage, then the Marshall fire happened

Marshall Fire from Broomfield, Colorado, 6:00 p.m. MST on 12/30/2021. Credit: NOAA/NWS Boulder By Elliott Negin Four years ago, Boulder, Colorado sued ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy — owner of the state’s only oil refinery — for climate change damages and adaptation expenses. Boulder and its co-plaintiffs, Boulder County and San Miguel County, where Telluride is […]

The climate of the Grampians is changing, how will we adapt? | Bendigo Advertiser

news, local news, Community-led action will be essential for the Grampians region to adapt to climate change, a new five-year strategy reveals. The Grampians Region Climate Adaptation Strategy 2021-2025 was released in December, one of six strategies developed for the state. “Community cohesion and behavior change are necessary for successful adaptation in the region,” the […]

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: economy, energy and jobs | News, Sports, Jobs

There are certain demographic and economic trends that have been evident for decades in this region of Appalachia that can be addressed given the opportunities presented by the investment of federal funds now available. Included in these issues are: * The continuing and inexorable trend of population decline and aging (due to the departure of […]

In Tajikistan, a new type of deadly climate crisis has already arrived

Bakhton Doniyor, 50, lights a fire with pieces of charcoal and dried manure in the wood-burning stove of his home in Bulunkul, a village in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in eastern Tajikistan. Her husband Bulbulov Doniyor, 55, pours instant coffee into a glass cup and kneels at the end of a colorful mop, covered in plates […]

Human-caused climate change is affecting the sound of our ecosystems, says ecologist

The effects of climate change are often captured in photos and videos, but Bernie Krause is listening. As a soundscape ecologist and founder of Wild Sanctuary, an organization that archives the sounds of the natural world, Krause has been recording the sounds of habitats around the world for decades. His recordings capture the sound of […]

What Netflix Don’t Look Up tells us about the climate crisis

WHEN I first thought of writing about Don’t Look Up, Netflix’s big Christmas Eve release – a climate change allegory that trades global warming for the threat of a “killer comet” planets “heading towards Earth – I thought of this as a relatively light topic for my Christmas week environmental column. But, of course, this […]

5 things to know for January 7: Extreme weather, Capitol Riot, Kazakhstan, Covid, India

CNN By AJ Willingham, CNN Here’s a tip if you’re one of the millions of people leaving your job: don’t cash your 401 (k)! As tempting as it may sound, there is other options that will give you better returns long-term. Here’s what you need to know to Get operational and get on with your […]

Climate change to hit west coast power grid, 2 NCSU studies warn

RALEIGH – Two new studies by a researcher at North Carolina State University offer insight into what West Coast electricity consumers might experience in two different future scenarios: one where excessive heat from climate change is straining the power supply, and one where the grid shifts to renewables. energy while the climate follows historical trends. […]

How do extreme weather conditions affect marine ecosystems? • Earth.com

Extreme weather events created by human-induced climate change have been on the rise around the world. Droughts, floods and storms often occur in combinations that intensify impacts. Research on extreme weather events has primarily focused on land-based impacts, and few studies have looked closely at the changes occurring in the largest part of the Earth […]

Protect ecosystems first for maximum carbon storage, study finds

When it comes to slowing down climate change, there is a natural solution that has recently taken hold of the world: large-scale tree planting and reforestation. But a new study warns that other natural climate solutions should be considered first. By comparing different natural climate solutions according to four criteria, the study proposes a hierarchy: […]

5 Ways Climate Change Will Affect Plants and Animals • The Revealer

Warming temperatures, stronger storms and rising seas present a cascade of challenges that researchers are working to understand. Scientists have reminded us once again that when it comes to climate change, we are all in this together. A to study published last month in Natural climate change concluded that at least 85% of the world’s […]

Move or Change: How Plants and Animals Try to Survive in a Warming World

Image credit: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals Media When it comes to climate change, nature hasn’t had the luxury of waiting for dragging politicians, evasive corporations or science deniers. Countless species are already on the move. “Just as the planet is changing faster than expected, so are the plants and animals that inhabit it,” writes the biologist […]